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Monday, June 3, 2013

[Video] Crazy Catlady

It was my last day back at home in Malaysia during winter break and I was sick like hell so I was lying on my bed looking at the curtain and I thought to myself heck I have a nice and cute pastel curtain I have to make use of it. And then there was a transparent plastic bag containing some crazy hair laying in the storeroom which so happened to be my brother's wig and he is not gay or a drag he was playing a mafia role in his school's play. And then there was also this cat ear headband my Kitty got when he helped his brother get through the wedding's gate crushing game. And then there was this Levi's nerdy spec I newly bought so I was like okayyyyyy i am gonna make a videooooooo. But the flu virus was making my brain very fluffy so I gave up trying out some vlogging shits and decided to just turn my head back and forth displaying how to combine different props on my head.

And then now my Kitty has gone to Brazil and I don't have anyone at home to practice cat language with me so I was like meoooow I am gonna edit the video and do some purring. And then Rudy was on the way coming to my apartment and I texted him heyyy don't be shocked when you open the door because I have turned into something you like and he was like wtf boobs ke. And then when he opened the door his jaw dropped seeing my surreal whiskers and I was like hey mrrreooooow which means SURPRISEEEE or WELCOMEEEE. And then I was like hey I am gonna go out wearing this face and he was like NOOO YOU WALK ALONE. So I was like okayguy.jpg and went to wash off my drawn-on whiskers and black nose and eyeliners. Enjoy.

And then I also took some pictures with my colored circle lens off because cats have small irises.



  1. OMG, that was really funny listening to you meow like a cat. It sounded like a REAL kidding.

    You do realize that you apparently can't wink without closing BOTH eyes!

    Funny stuff...and a little on the kinky side (not that there is anything wrong with that!) LOL

    1. Hahaha I can but it requires a tiny bit more muscle strength which will make visible my double-layered eye bags. lol