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Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Photoshoot 3] SENSATION



Model fixing the photographer's bangs while another model captured this moment wtf

Experimental shots of miserable Miss Crazenne and cheerful Miss Weiting.

Weiting and ShihYuin are both two batchs elder than me. I know
ShihYuin's existence since I was in primary school (because he is my
classmate/good friend's brother), then I got to know him in person in
secondary school when I started getting involved with debate. After he
graduated from secondary school he went to INTI International University
for AUP. I got to know Weiting online as ShihYuin's coursemate and three
of us quickly became close friends via blogging (we all wrote fine Chinese 
literature pieces very actively back then) and MSN chat. I talked to Weiting
once in the phone when some chaos happened between the three of us.

I got into INTI-IU in 2009 right after they both transferred to University of 
Wisconsin-Madison. Two years later I ended up attending the same 
school, and that was how I finally met Weiting in person for the first time!

Last year both of them graduated and were going back to Malaysia. They both
took summer classes and I stayed on campus the whole summer too to start
research training in lab. So we decided to do something memorable together
before we parted and hence this photo-shooting took place on July 20, 2012.

Initially we wanted to shoot during sunrise but we missed it due to our "Malaysian
timing" attitude ._. I stayed awake the whole night and started doing my hair and
make-up at 4am, then walked to Weiting's apartment with ShihYuin around 5 am.
Then Weiting cooked us pasta for breakfast, I had a whole plate of spaghetti plus
a cup of Milo, which put my effort of skipping supper to a total waste because I 
always bloat crazily after meal! I had to suck in my belly during the shooting and
later edit away the shadows... (don't tell me to work for a smaller waist to counter
that ಠ_ಠ despite wearing 25" jeans I am still a human with rib cage and organs) 

Initially I was supposed to wear the monokini, but Weiting was too shy to pose
in bikini top so I suggested that we exchange outfits. When we reached Lake
Mendota it was already 7 something. Good that there was barely anyone else
on campus in the early morning during summer. Soon Weiting was getting used
 to exposing her body and after we were done at 11, we all thought that we
should not have exchanged outfits since Weiting wasn't confident about her
thighs whereas I wasn't happy with my bloated tummy -_- Anyway I fixed
(almost) everything using mtxx so image issue is not a big problem here!

Lastly I have to mention Yutaki James again. Yutaki is a very talented photo
blogger, his self-styled, self-shot and self-edited photobooks are all masterpieces! 
His work inspired me a lot on how to process and organize photoshoot posts,
I look up to his dedication and hope to learn more from his future productions.

Oh by the way, happy 22nd birthday to me