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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madison Museum of Contemporary Arts

(this visit was made back in December 2011)

Night view of the museum. Again it's located on State Street.

Nowadays arts are often free. Too many artists, too many art pieces, too little appreciation.

Is it just me or this does look cult-ish?

Blurry because I whipped out the camera with the risk of getting caught. 

Second attempt was better.

Well, it's not easy to steal some pictures while watching out for the guards and a rules-abiding partner.

The background is made up by real texture fabrics.

Whoa why did I let myself look so boring that time...?

This was the picture that showed up when we announced our relationship publicly on Facebook :)

At the entrance of second level.

View from the rooftop

Footprints in the snow

Design of neighboring building that can be seen only if you go up to the rooftop of this art museum.

My man looking like a creeper

Souvenir shop downstairs

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