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Saturday, June 1, 2013

I am a 28E, for real.

I wanted to write a post on this since last year. Recently I uploaded pictures taken during my Miami → Bahamas cruise trip onto FB and instagram, and I am getting annoyed by people's interest about my boobies size (why is it that guys don't have to face open judgment about their dick sizes? so unfair). Also I am very concerned about some of my female friends who wear the wrong bras and hence have their boobies shape misformed. Plus I just found out that this topic has been covered numerous times on different websites and I can easily find references. So I have decided...

I am going to explain/prove my size, once and for all!

And I am going to flaunt my boobage first as an encouragement for you to go through the overwhelming educational information that follows. lololol

Taken in August, 2012. Unwired bikini top.

Taken last week. Unwired tankini on the left, wired and padded bikini top on the right.

I know what is on your mind. My boobies do look big for Asians (excluding Japanese AV stars wtf), but 28E

E as in ELEPHANT?! Really???

"But E cup should look way bigger than this!!!"   ← if this is what you're thinking...

... then it's time to have your knowledge checked. Don't panic, I will guide you through. (lol)

First let me show you the correct ways of measurement.

STEP 1: Measure your band size

1) Wear a non-padded bra.
– do not wear a heavily padded bra, the measurement will read bigger than your actual size!
– if you do not have a non-padded bra, choose one with the least padding.
– measuring without a bra on is fine too as long as your boobs are not saggy.
2) Run a tape measure around your body underneath your breasts.
– make sure the tape measure is horizontal. (parallel to the ground)
– hold the tape fairly snug. (just touching your skin, not sinking into your skin!)
– your arms should be down.
3) Read the measurement in inches (round up decimal).
even number: this is almost always your band size.
odd number: try out both the sizes below and above your measurement (eg. 32 and 34 for 33)

STEP 2: Measure your cup size

1) Run a tape measure around the fullest part of your breasts (nipples level).
– again, make sure the tape is horizontal and fairly snug, and arms down
2) Read the measurement in inches (round up decimal).
– whether odd or even number, keep it as it is. This number is your bust size.
3) Your cup size = bust size – band size
– 0" = AA cup; 1" = A cup; 2" = B cup; 3" = C cup; 4" = D cup; 5" = E cup etc.

Now comes the tricky part.

Are bras with sizing 28E available on market???

Yes, markets in Japan, England, and some Europe countries do sell bras with such sizing! But sadly it's not produced in US market, not even by Victoria's Secret!

So, what size should I wear, if my size is not found in local market???

Alternate your band size! If you go up one band size, you need to go down one cup size! vice versa.

For example, I need to increase my band size to 32 (smallest size sold by Victoria's Secret). 32 is 2 sizes larger than my actual band size 28, meaning I need to go down to C cup, which is 2 sizes smaller than my actual cup size E.

What many people do not realize is that cup sizes are in proportion to the band size, so a D cup, for example, is not the same size in every bra. A 32D is the same size as a 34C or 36B, but on a smaller frame. A 28F is actually five cup sizes smaller than a 38F, so it's not as big as it sounds! If you're fairly slim, then you may well need a large cup size even though your bust doesn't look any bigger than average. -Wikihow

In short, cup size is relative to band size.

Hard to imagine? I will show you some examples.

Can you tell the sizes? The striped one is unwired and non-padded. The other two are wired and padded.

Did you guess it right?


bra size

So when we compare two bra size...
for the same alphabet, the numbers determine the size. (34C is bigger than 32C)
for the same number, the alphabets determine the size. (32C is bigger than 32B)
If both the numbers and the alphabets are different, do some calculations.

My preference should be: 28E > 30D > 32C > 34B > 36A, depending on bra types and brands. The best to do is to choose bras with cup size that is closest to your actual cup size to prevent distortion of your boobies shape!!!

Now, how do you tell if a bra suits you? 

STEP 1: Wear a bra correctly

bra fitting guide measure size

A) Lengthen the shoulder strap before you try on a bra. After you put it on, the shoulder strap should be adjusted to the shortest length it can go without cutting into your skin/ leaving marks. 

B) Lean your body forward (bow 45°), then slip your hand inside the bra and push your fat tissues from the sides of the bra towards the front (into the cups). Make sure you do this everytime you put on a bra, or else your boobs will stretch to the sides with time!!!

C) The underwire (or bottom line of an unwired bra) should fall exactly under your breasts and lay flat against your rib cage. Again, the wire should not sink into your skin so deeply that it hurts your rib cage or makes you suffocate.

D) Clasp the bra using the most outwards eyes (i.e. the loosest adjustment). The more inwards eyes (tighter adjustment) is only to be used when your bra band loses its elasticity with time. The band should be parallel to the ground. Adjust your shoulder straps accordingly.

STEP 2: Check the band size

bra fitting guide measure size

1) As mentioned before, the band should be horizontal, i.e. parallel to the ground (see yellow line). If the band is riding up (like what happen to me in this photo), you should choose a bra with smaller band size, unless it is already the smallest size available. This is why if you should not simply size up your band and size down your cup while choosing a bra! The support should come primarily from the band, not from the shoulder straps!!!

2) You should be able to slip 2 fingers inside your band against your spine. Or else the band is too tight for you.

3) If you can wear a new bra comfortably with the tightest adjustment, and with the loosest adjustment you can slip in a fist under the band, the band size is too big for you.

STEP 3: Check the cup size

bra fitting guide measure size

A) The correct cup size should be completely filled out with no wrinkling of the fabric or space in the cups. However, any spillage or "double boob" as shown in the illustration means the cup size is too small, even in low cut or push-up bras.

B) Check at the sides under your arms to make sure the underwire is sitting on your ribs, not on soft breast tissue. If you are wearing a cup too small, the underwire will be pressing into the sides of your breasts, your fat tissues at the sides can be cut off from your breasts and slowly migrate outwards to form minor boobs under your armpits!!!

STEP 4: See how it looks like under a fitted shirt

Of course, the right bra is the one which gives your breast shape/size the best enhancement. Here are some examples from me:

bra fitting guide measure size

In fact the 34A bra might not be a good reference because it is non-wired and non-padded... I bought it to wear on plane rides and at home. 34C for this design was available in store but it's almost like a sport bra due to its no-wire feature, when I tried it on it pushed my breasts inwards and made me flat-chested. So I bought the 34A one instead (actually if you refer to the earlier photos, you might think this 34A one has the biggest cup size among the 3).

Anyway the front views do tell you which sizing gives me the best breast shape! The side views are not as helpful because I was a bit hunchbacked for 32C photo. Should be perkier if I stood straight.

I want to address the issue of 34B bra giving me the perkiest look at the side. This is because when the base of the cup is smaller but you tried pushing in all the fat tissues into the cup, the fat tissues will be squeezed to the front (can't spill out the sides due to the underwire) , giving the 'sharp' look. But it was uncomfortable as the underwire cut off my fatty tissues on the sides instead of laying on my rib cage. Note that there was some fat tissues squeezed out near my armpit. Under white T-shirt, the diameter of my breasts while wearing this 34B bra (front view) appeared much smaller than when I wear 32C (can't tell from this photo because of the differences in how I angled and distanced my body from the camera).

You can find out more about which bra types suit you most here.

So... yeah. I am 28E now, and I only found out last semester when I bought my first Victoria's Secret bra.

If you compare to my photos here and realized that my boobs back then do look smaller than they are now, it's because I took F Cup Cookies for 3 months and the growth is permanent! :D (but I was already at least a 28C+/D- back then, genetics factor)

In fact I would like to continue and grow my boobies up to F cup... but then I will have to replace all my newly-bought VS bras again :X so E is enough la for now. Ya ya ya I am obsessed with boobs what is your problem. Bye.

Oh wait. You should watch this video. Basically a recap of what I have written up there, with demonstration.

So you feel cheated because you wasted time reading my longass blog post when you can just learn everything you need to know from this video? I understand.

UPDATE (7/13/2017): My bust size has increased to 35" and my band size remains 28", which means my current size is 28G... O.O Sounds ludicrous, I know! It could be the result of 2 years hitting the gym regularly (chest press) and/or continuous use of hormonal birth control. 32DD from Victoria Secret fits best now!

07/05/17 at Noah's Ark Waterpark


  1. What is your secret behind this 28E boobs?

    1. You clearly did not read carefully enough. There is no secret, I did explain.

  2. and here i was thinking all girls knew the common fact that measuring 28 inches does NOT in fact = 28 band size.

    1. It does. I think you mean measuring 28 inches does not always mean you wear a 28 band size, and this is because NOT MARKETS IN EVERYWHERE HAVE ENOUGH CUSTOMERS THAT MEASURE 28 INCHES. Fyi UK and Japan sells 28 band size bras.

  3. I've been doing a lot of research, I have a 23 inch band size (yes I am healthy and eat tons)and a 32-33 (I've read it's good to lean forward a little on some sites which just confuses me more because it makes me go up an inch). The 23 inch rib cage just makes nothing fit right. I've yet to get an accurate size to work off of, I've gotten so many mixed results from asking people, calculators, and trying to do it myself. I currently have 30DD,32D,and 32DD. I fill out the 30DD and the 32D really well, the 32DD is a bit big but I feel it's more of a band problem than a cup issue. I've been considering trying a 28E or F. I'm so happy I found this post! I'm sorry to ogle you, but my chest looks about the same size as yours. This has really helped me think that maybe I'm in the right area for my size. I'm also sorry for ranting (but it's frustrating).

    1. I know! Sometimes when I tell people I am 28E they squint their eyes. And they won't be bothered to read this post to know that I'm not bluffing. So frustrating.

      I feel like 28 is still too loose for you though. Maybe you can consider having the band length altered? Or just sew on another set of hook/eye. Wearing a bra that doesn't fit well is really catastrophic... I feel your pain!

  4. I've altered them before by taking the hooks out and moving them further back but if you do it too much it just turns out all wonky. I've also had to take length out of the straps, and I still need to tighten them all the way. I've also found that when buying bras I have to buy something with a little bit of push up or it doesn't fit right, I think it's my shape. I've tried to figure that out with a chart showing different shapes. I even had somebody else look at me to see what they thought. It's just as confusing as trying to figure out your size. I wish there was some kind of boob scanner that could tell you everything you want to know. I say we invent one!

    1. Hmm. Have you tried Rixie Clip? It's a clip-on bra band tightener so that you don't have to remove the original hooks:

      For the strap problem, try Bra Strap Holder? It will turn bras into racerback though. Something like this:

      I know the kind of chart you're talking about! I guess you can tell only after you try on a bra. Damn.

    2. Try Comexim :) They will certainly make a 24 band (will be 50 band in Polish sizing).
      I know I'm 3 years too late, but hopefully you get this!
      Your index size is 24:8 or 24:9 with the measurements you put in. This would make you a UK 24FF or 24G. In Comexim sizing this should put you around 50HH or 50J.
      Refer to or for any additional info on Comexim :)

    3. I'm also a 24 band (just a cup size smaller than you!), and I can only get bras from Ewa Michalak or Comexim, which are Polish brands. Unfortunately, Ewa Michalak's wires are way too wide for me, even in their plunge style, so I'm going for the Comexim equivalent. As for Rixie Clips, they're really no match for getting your band altered, since that pull will definitely distort your cups.

  5. I've heard of the Rixie Clip, I might get one. Right now though I just want to get some money so I can get some 28 band bras, they are all so expensive. I have the strap holders, and almost all my bras I wear racerback. Thanks for answering me by the way!

  6. So, like, I have to take my bust measurement and subtract my band measurement? 35"-29", no adding or subtracting anything else? Does that mean that most people who wear, like a 34/32 are actually smaller in the band and bigger in the cup (Asians i mean or smaller caucasians)

    1. Yep, just bust measurement minus band measurement.
      (what else can/should you add/subtract anyway?!)

      I would suppose so as shown by the statistics.

  7. I'm a 28E too... Mine's a little bigger though because I measured myself coming up with band:28 Bust:34 and equals to 6 meaning E.... I hate it to be honest because I cant find the right size! I live in Canada and when I try to find the small band size its only A's to B's cups... AUUUUUGH! I'll I could go for is genie bras which i'm a large. if I wear demi's my nipple to my whole boob spills out of the cup. I have a small frame but a BIG cup size... I know like you said it doesn't look that big but it FEELS BIG!

  8. Story of my life. I'm a 32C and 105lb but people think that you have to be huge to have Cs or Ds. People even women are sadly under educated when it comes to bra sizes and fits

  9. woah, we have the exact same measurements!! I'm also 28 inches on my underbody and 33 across my bust, except I wear 30D's and find them the most comfortable hahaha

  10. Hello, your post is very interesting. My band also is 28 and my bust 34, but in Italy the right size is almost impossible to find.
    Each brand have different size and mostly cup a or b, sometimes i wear 32b, 32c, 34a and 34c...
    i'd like to find right size bra.

    1. You can order your bras online through Brastop (which have cheap deals, and are UK based), or you can go for polish brands like Ewa Michalak (where 28 bands are stocked regularly, and not as custom bras) or Comexim, which also has 28 bands as their smallest non custom bands.

  11. I am the exact same size. I'm a 28E if not a 28F. But I wear 32DDD bras since my size is impossible to find! #relatable