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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dinosaurs, fossils and rocks

You won't learn things if life is too sweet. The same applies to my blog wtf. I cannot possibly flaunt boobage or pretend as a cat in all posts. So here is another geek post which is possibly uninteresting to non-geography majors. But my captions are interesting I think.

This was a visit to UW-Madison Geology Museum back in December 2011.

Oh look dinosaur!!!

First time in my life seeing real jurassic skeletons

Keep calm and see dinosaurs ♕


So festive!

"where are our bodies" they asked.

Much more manlier when the red nose is out of sight.

Happy girl and happy dinosaur skull wtf

Happy boyfriend

Male reproductive organ lololol wtf

Archaeologist's workplace pee-ka-boo

Ancient tiger?

Okay can't think of witty caption anymore. I stop here. Enjoy the rest of the post!


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  1. Hey, this is a cool post least for a scientist. Lots of cool "rocks" and stuff. Sure, rocks aren't as neat as boobage...but I did see a few GGG sized rocks in there...LOL