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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday Weekend

I had a blast in Chicago! Real food, fun companions, shopping...

Friday night, at a karaoke VIP room

Because they were commenting on my jacket, and later I found more leopard prints stuff in Kylie's room

The guys were staying at a 4-star hotel owned by Hilton, and this Kylie was all jakun over the couch in the elevator she die die wanna take picture... It was kinda awkward cuz their room was at the 1st floor and we had to have this picture taken within seconds, before the elevator reached the lobby... (or else try to imagine how all those rich people would stare at us when the door opened ⊙_⊙)

Had dim sum feast at a Hong Kong restaurant! (Phoenix) Collage done by Kylie.

Saturday noon at Chinatown. My hair had its own will that day and it was not up to me where my bangs should part...

Original price: $170. Got it for $45. Best haul of the day from Aurora Premium Outlet

Dinner at Penang restaurant! The jacket is another haul from Aurora, got it mainly for peace of mind ಠ_ಠ 
(so that I didn't have to hear any more remarks on my leopard print fleece jacket)

Collage by Kylie again. All the yummy yummy Malaysian cuisine we don't mind going broke for ಥ 

Well... unexpected things happened at the end of the day, but adding extra branches to what has already been put to an end would be the last thing all involved parties want, so since I truly, deeply care for all of them, all I can only tell you is: we all learned some lessons and have become better people :)