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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vitense Golfland

This visit was made on December 31, 2011.

I remember it well because soon after the visit we went to New Year's Eve UV Paint Party at Sotto :D

45 minutes bus ride away from my apartment

One 18 holes indoor miniature golf course

It was $7.75 per person for 18 holes and I was unwilling to pay for it. So I went around taking pictures instead.

Me looking like a wax figure here

The small details

Remote controls for the mini boats

Pirate ferry???

Mini capitol building

Christmas candies next to wsk :)

Note the semi-circle see-saw on the right! It looks fun but I was too old to hop onto it...

Two mad people hahaha

Painted State Street scene!
Capitol building illustrated using UV paint

You return your golf ball here after you finished 18 holes. If your ball goes into the small square in the middle, you get to play another round for free!

Golf supplies on sale

I had a very stupid semi-serious (the extent, not the content) fight with WSK during this visit.

So it was $7.75 per person for one round and I didn't want to pay for it cuz I wasn't really keen and I wanted to cheat.

Me: Eh later after you finished playing don't return the supplies first. Let me play a bit.
SK: -no response-

So wsk finished playing all 18 holes and just when I wanted to get the supplies from him, he returned them to the counter.

Me: WTF??? Didn't I ask you to let me play a bit first??!!
SK: What? Did you?
Me: Yeah I did!!! I told you before you started playing!!!
SK: No you didn't???
Me: I DID!!! Were you listening???
SK: Just now when I paid for mine you said you don't want?!
Me: Yeah because I wanted to share with you!
SK: But the fee was meant for one person only!
Me: How would they know anyway, they were not following us around!
SK: So you want to play is it? I pay for you la you go play now?
Me: But I just wanna play a little and not the whole course that's why I asked you to let me play after you finish! 
SK: How would I know you wanted to play?! 
Me: I TOLD YOU!!! And I was waiting for so long for you to finish and I was happy cuz I thought I got to play already! Then you went and returned them!!! Why do you hurt my feelings like this?!!
SK: Why you blaming me? It's not my fault okay?!

And then the argument went on and on with raised volume and all (I was pms-ing that time). And then I cried and grabbed my coat while telling him "I don't wanna see your face anymore" and ran outside. Dramatic max wtf.

And then I started taking pictures of the two 18 holes outdoor miniature golf course.

What the hell is this? Dinosaur?

After 5 minutes or so he called me.

SK: Where are you???
Me: On the bus. On my way back.
SK: What??!!
Me: *hang up*

After a few seconds I felt bad so I texted him and told him I was outside. He came looking for me. I continued to ignore him and he just followed me around. I forgot whether it was me who apologized first. Somehow we just started talking again.

You know sometimes fights are just because of stupid small things like this. For me it's mostly due to my hormone imbalance and it just gets worse because of this guy who is either too egoistic or too stupid to comfort/ compromise an always-under-stress or  pms-ing girlfriend.


And then we decided to go back inside for late-night snacks.

And you think that no one would play outdoor golf during winter? WRONG!!! Welcome to Wisconsin.

But seriously, how could they tell which balls were the ones they hit???

The post shall end abruptly here.

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  1. Damn, you were so cute and innocent looking back then in the old days. Ha!