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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Allen Centennial Gardens

This was even earlier – August 2011 – first week I arrived here. Went to Steenbock Library to return some books, missed the bus to go home so I went exploring around while waiting for the next bus. Found this campus garden next to the library, what a pleasant surprise!

Okay okay I know you want to see the original picture... Later, later babe.
(else I doubt you will still have good mood to read the rest of this post wtf)

Okay now please look at all these plants you don't care about.

The flowers (?) swirled clockwise.

Campanula. I googled it.

Something wrong with my Xperia X8 phone camera

Art of gardening, anyone?

Oh look colored leaves

Those brown flowers in the frame are not real flowers! Lol busted.

Hehehehehe (thank you if you get me. shhh)

Focus fail.

This is my #1 top favorite picture in this post. #what

Horticulture is not easy okay.


When I revisited this garden a year later, there was a wedding ceremony ready to be held here.

Hi biscuit Hibiscus?

I love this one.

"Hi Alice can you see me?"

Mini loudspeakers

But where is the shadow???

Malaysia boleh wtf

This is my #2 top favorite. My soul giggles when I see this #wtfiswrongwithme

Okay no more flowers to look at.

Remember there is something I promised to show you?

Recap the ps-ed version first...

 Ready for the original picture?

I dunno why I am doing this to myself. You're welcome.

 Anyway, notes to self:

1) You really need bangs unless you are wearing heavy make-up.
2) When no bangs, do not tie hair in ponytail unless you want to look like an egg.
3) When look like an egg, do not wear spec unless you want to look like a nerdy egg.
4) When look like a nerdy egg, do not make duckface unless you want to look like a duck pig.
5) When look like a pig, do not post it online for everyone to see, unless you are a pig with no shame.
6) Humor doesn't really work well to cover up embarrassment you bring to yourself, but never mind, you tried.

I decided to walk home and here is another indoor garden greenhouse on campus.


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