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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland 4 ❣ Rides and Parade

Same scene as my current blog header, except that my eyes looked very tired and my chin looked very long wtf. 
And yes I need this full body shot to be this big because I like la diu.
(grumpy because spring break is over and it means finals are getting near fml)

I was a frog under the well when I visited Tokyo Disneyland— I didn't know at all that the main attractions of all Disney theme parks in the world are the rides!!! I thought the attractions are just the magical scenes, merchandise shops and parade -_-  how ignorant of me...

So I was aimlessly exploring the park when I stumbled upon this building called "Pirates of the Caribbean" and I went in, then I realized inside the building was a boat ride asdfghjklwiyvd

Like this:

Continued to explore and found another ride! Western River Railroad!

(not a very interesting ride so didn't bother to embed video of full ride)

Next was 

Big Mountain Thunder Railroad! 

This is my top favorite among the rides we managed to went on at Tokyo Disneyland (although it wasn't very thrilling compared to a lot other rides I went on later at Walt Disney World and Universal Studio in Florida).

much longer line compared to the previous two

Around 5PM the sun already went down.

We did attempt to snap a decent picture of us with the castle in the background, but failed terribly because it was hard to angle it because it was too dark to tell whether our faces were in the picture wtf

Mark Twain Riverboat

Thought it was quite boring so didn't bother to go on a ride.

Last outdoor ride we went on was

Splash Mountain

The most thrilling part of this ride is the final drop at 8:00!

I looked like I was very scared or about to sneeze wtf.
Kitty looked like The Scream painting or some random alien face lololol

Next was the parade!

Awesome. I thought I can finally embed a video that isn't grabbed from Youtube but truly taken by myself, but to my greatest horror I just found out that I hadn't transferred the parade video to my laptop before I deleted the raw video in my camera to free more space for Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Walt Disney World. Now lemme officially announce that none of the videos embedded in this post belongs to me  ╥﹏╥

And of course, here is a video of the parade I grabbed from YouTube... 

After the parade we went for another 3 indoor rides:

1) Peter Pan's Flight

2) Pooh Hunny Hunt

3) Snow White's Adventure Dark Ride

The park closed at 7PM. When we were leaving, we saw custodians drawing Disney characters on the floor with brooms and water! Something like this:

amazing how you can find everything on YouTube eh?

The park was closing but the shops were still open. Enormous crowd was rushing in and out the shops, almost everyone was snatching merchandise items off the racks like it's some kind of war. It was as crazy as Black Friday sale! We then left to Haneda Airport to catch our flight back to USA.

Rounding up, what I like about my Tokyo Disneyland experience:

1) All cast members welcome the visitors with smiles
2) The Japanese visitors were all so... chirpy, you can tell how passionate and appreciative they are and the atmosphere sips into you almost instantly
3) The merchandise items were very neat and cute
4) The waiting time for each ride was no longer than 30 minutes
5) The streets were so clean, and the visitors do their best to maintain it. I doubt there is actually work for the custodians

My experience in Walt Disney World, Florida was actually not as pleasant. I will do a complete comparison (read: whine) when I blog about it. 

When we were leaving the park, Kitty actually said that we should go back again for holidays if we ever have the chance to. I definitely want to go back again since we only explored less than half of the whole park! Even if I have completed all rides I would still want to go back there for that instant dose of happiness :) next time, Disneysea is a must-visit for sure! (because I want to get ShellieMay wtf)

Just a few hours in a theme park and the country had us completely. *hands down*

No wonder Cheesie and all other bloggers are so crazy about Japan. Now I understand. It is more than just the surface reasons I thought I knew, it feels like there is something extra, something unexplainable that lies within the people, something with the charm that makes you keep wanting to go back once you experience it. 

Japan, my heart is now yours. ಥ_ಥ

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