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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holiday Fantasy in Lights 2011

"A Madison holiday tradition, the Holiday Fantasy in Lights is a free public light display in Olin-Turville park. The lights are in a variety of interesting shapes ranging from Santa Claus Golfing to the Tunnel of Lights. Many people make it an annual tradition to drive through the large lighted Christmas displays each year. The display goes up in mid-November and runs until early January."

Holiday Fantasy in Lights

Kitty and I went there for a walk-through instead :)

I actually took videos of these fantastic displays, but it was so long ago I couldn't find the videos anymore... I think I have accidentally deleted all :(
I wish I could show you how fantastic it was. These scenes were not static like what you see here in my pictures... The lights blinked, faded out, changed colors, changed patterns etc, creating illusions as if the characters were moving and dancing!

Holiday Fantasy in Lights

Holiday Fantasy in Lights
mini Capitol building and... something.

Wisconsin Madison Capitol
the real Capitol building

Holiday Fantasy in Lights
Booths at the exit, distributing free candies and Christmas cards

Holiday Fantasy in Lights

I know, but this is the only picture of us...
It was so cold I almost cried. I didn't have a proper pair of winter boots that time, my toes were literally purple when we got home. I couldn't feel my feet at all. I groaned almost instantly as I put my almost-frozen feet in warm water bath... the kind of sharp pain that ran through every single nerve in my toes and spread throughout my whole feet was similar to the burning sensation when I accidentally spilled a pot of boiling water onto my feet (yeah, that happened, when I was turning 14)... After about 5 minutes I could feel my toes again, and the purple slowly faded away.

Holiday Fantasy in Lights

On our way out to catch a bus. Eerie scene.

Christmas lights decoration
Someone's house

Christmas lights decoration
The penguin would slowly disappear into the igloo and slowly reappear

Christmas lights decoration
This depiction was actually untrue to what told in the bible about the arrival of three wise men, go figure yourself :)


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  1. You know, with summer almost ready to start, the last thing that I expected to see was a post on winter holiday lights! But I bet that it was cool to see them at the time. :p

    You made a cute bunny btw. (I'm still waiting to see the modeling pics in the bikini....but maybe it will be time for those when winter is ready to start) hehe