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Sunday, April 14, 2013

DCFOF Cat Shelter =^..^=

(there is a video embedded in this post!)

This visit happened in 2011. I decide to clear my blogging debts by starting with furthest back sets of pictures. Which I already did since the previous post. But the previous post is more self-ish and this one is slightly more nutritious (informative?).

It was about two month after I left home and my babycat Notty. I was getting all cat-sick and I started posting tweets/statuses like

" My life is not complete without a cat ╥﹏╥ "
" Life is incomplete without a kitty ╥﹏╥ "
" I need to snuggle and sniff a cat like RIGHT NAOOO ╥﹏╥ "
" Ah Mao I miss you so much I miss the tenderness of your fur and the passion of your love bites ╥﹏╥ "
" Can I have Notty shipped to me please ╥﹏╥ "

Just so happen one of my roommate Jimi  read my status (forgot which one, but I'm sure the last one of cat-sick series) and told me that he was a volunteer at our neighborhood cat shelter. That he could bring me along if I'd like to. Of course I was like yessssss bringgggg meeeee pleaseeeeee!!! 

(another reason was, I had to write a paper on anthropological aspects of a place in Madison for a class)

So in October, I followed Jimi to Dane County Friends of Ferals! The cat shelter is located at some kind of dessert area:

Jimi typed some code on the electronic lock and the door opened. Each volunteer worker has his/her own code for entrance, if anything wrong happens, DCFOF peeps can check up the code and figure out who should be responsible for the mess.

Thank-you cards from the new owners and pictures of the cats at their new homes

The kitties were classified and placed in 4 different room. The only one we were not allowed to enter was the room for cats with chronic skin diseases or in post-surgery condition.

The exam room is where they vaccinates the cats.

yellow tabby fluffy cat cute cat
Yellow tabby in the exam room

fluffy cat cute cat yellow tabby
This picture had me confused for a while until I spotted the nose. lol

fluffy cat cute cat grey

The medical room is for kitties who need medical care or are on special diets.

cat shelter
These cage have bigger room than those in the intake room! Unfair.

cat shelter
Notes from other volunteers. The way they personalize each cat was so cute!!! Read more here.

fluffy cute black white cat

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute black white
Jimi said I could let tame ones out so I did

She was a big cat!

This was how big she was! I was camwhoring with cat when Jimi was working at the back lol

The smell of the food already got the cats crazy when Jimi was still dividing the proportions! Our job that day was to distribute food to the cats, replace their drinking water and clean their litter boxes.

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey
Roxy, very affectionate and cuddly ♥

You must be amazed how I still remember her name right? Because I just visited DCFOF site and she is  March Cat of the Month! She just got adopted! :D Happy for her because adult cats usually have a lower chance of being adopted and hence have a longer stay at the shelter. Note that this picture was in October 2011 and she only gets adopted last month, March 2013! Her new owner named her Sylvie.

The intake room is for healthy, ready-to-be-adopted kitties!

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey tabby
I think the culprit was me because I let her out although the description did warn that she was "sweet but flips flops". And then she refused to go back to the cage and poor Jimi had to trap her with a box!

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute long tail
Very long tail

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey
This looked like her but this was not her. This was another cat called Polly. Her sibling? Can't remember.

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey tabby
Okay actually I am not quite sure whether the one I was holding was Polly or the Prison Break one

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute evil
She was plotting to kill me wtf

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute siblings twins tabby grey
This pair was for sure siblings. Why so many black/grey tabby cats! I want ginger ones :(

But hey Notty bit me all the time too and I loved it

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute
Kittens! Siamese and tabby mix?

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute tabby grey evil siblings
They were plotting to kill us too wtf

I ignored Jimi's warning that the kittens were still quite feral and took them out :P

Petrified kitten. She was like shivering in fear when I held her :(

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey
You totally see this coming don't you? One kitten escaped from my hug! Luckily Jimi wasn't around to scold me...

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute grey
I was not as patient or gentle like Jimi. I just quickly grabbed her and threw her back into the cage before she created more mess :/

Bad kitty flipped the litter box >:(

Some Egyptian cat. I was like "ughh you look weird" and Jimi was like "hey don't say that to her face! You'll hurt her feelings!" and I was like =.=

The central services room with washer and dryer, double laundry tub and shelving for towels.

That's all and
ending this post with picture of a cat who probably looks more attractive than you:

cat kitten kitty fluffy cute pretty eyes gorgeous elegant

I know right.


  1. How could you go there and NOT take one home? I like the Egyptian one -- it's face almost looks human. :-0

    1. No pets are allowed in my apartment ╥﹏╥

    2. and I don't get why you would like a cat that looks like a human...

  2. I like cats that look human and I like normal, pop-rock music too...what can I say, I'm a freak... :-p