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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Animals I've killed before

Obligatory picture because I am cute and lovely and sweet. You're welcome.

This post is just to list down animals I accidentally or intentionally killed before. Here goes.

1) Terrapins

Wow such fancy term! I got the name from this Yahoo answer because I am confused whether they are turtles or tortoises. Found out these semi-aquatic reptiles are called terrapins. Never heard of this term wtf.

I was told that I killed 2 terrapins when i was... 3? :X

I don't have a vivid memory about it but according to mom, they bought me 2 baby terrapins and one day I decided to put them on the table for a race. So they raced toward the edge of the table and fell off and died hahahaha wtf and I was sad. Not sure if I cried, I think I did? because they refused to buy me new baby terrapin

When I was 8, my dad kidnapped a big terrapin (diameter around 6 inches?) when he was driving home. No idea what the terrapin was doing on the roadside, probably migrating to another pond. I played with it for a day by gently knocking on its shell + gently poking its head and limbs when it extended them out hahahaha. We fed it fried rice and some char kuey teow from supper (those years when my family dabao-ed hawker food for supper every night...) That was a true Asian reptile... The next day my dad released it into a pond. Not sure if that's the pond he came from or the pond he was heading to. I am so lame wtf.

Recent years they bought another 2 terrapins. Now left only one. The other one died because the surviving one often climbed onto its back and sat there for hours, I think the poor thing at the bottom makin hari makin kemek and suffered internal injuries which led to its death.

This was one among the two, not sure if it's the one which survives or died. And my Notty was not afraid of it, he was so fluffy his fur was standing like this all the time. Okay lah this one his fur did stand a bit higher.

2) Fishes

("fish" can be singular or plural, if plural it's referring to the same type; "fishes" refers to many types)

We had so many species of fishes before! Goldfish, bloody parrot, flowerhorn, guppy (we once had a pregnant guppy and she gave birth to hundred baby guppies!), tetra, blue discus and lots of cute little fishes. Most of them died naturally.

One time my family filled the aquarium with fishes of different colors and patterns, and my most favorite one was a tiny yellow fish with not vertical but horizontal tiger stripes. I was sitting in front of the aquarium looking at those little creatures swimming, and suddenly I noticed that my favorite fish was gone! It just disappeared like that!!! I asked my family and we couldn't explain why, all other fishes were tiny, it's impossible they ate it! The aquarium had a lid on top so it's also impossible that it jumped out! Where the hell did it go???

In the end it was my dad who found it, guess where it went?

It was so small it got sucked into the water filter system!!!

We got it out and it swam for a few hours and got sucked in again. We took it out again and wrapped the water sucking part with a net thingy. But it died the next day and I was so sad :(

Okay this didn't count because it wasn't me who killed it. But wait I have one more!

We had a flower horn for quite a long time and she was the only fish in the aquarium. (oh wait, there was a garbage eater in the aquarium too... hey you know what we used to keep a garbage eater since he was like 3cm and it grew so big we had to remove him and put him in a pail. He continued to grow until 30cm long and we decided it's a waste to keep him because he ate A LOT of fish food every day so my dad threw him into a river. Or big drain I can't remember. Wait where was I? Oh flower horn... let me start a new paragraph wtf)

I quite liked the flower horn, it was pink and yellow and cute. One day we woke up and found her dead body lying flat on the floor.

She jumped out of the aquarium at night when we were sleeping and tragically exhaled her last breath on the hard, cold, shiny mosaic floor. (we got rid of air pump thingy so we no more covered the aquarium with a lid)

We thought she was out of her mind to jump out of the water at first, but after that someone recalled that it was my father who was out of his mind and did something to her the night before. Apparently my dad was feeling a bit ding dong after dinner, he took a mop and pretended that he was gonna mop the glass of the aquarium (he held the fabric part up and did the mopping action in the air in front of the aquarium). The fish was frightened and swam in all directions because suddenly there was this strange thing with long white pieces shaking vigorously in front of her. My dad did it a few more times and finally left the poor fish in peace after he felt satisfied.

this kind of mop

So we thought the fish must have felt that her life was in danger and she might die of some weird way so she decided to end her life first before anything happened to her.

Okay okay I will tell you how I killed a fish now.

So one time they brought back some small red fish (no "-es" because they were of the same type). I took one out of the aquarium and put her in a small glass of water and put the glass on my desktop table so that I could look at her while I did my project. The glass was very small, the length of the fish was slightly more than the radius so the poor fish had no space to swim it kept going round and round.

Okay wait this reminds me of the small shark (or big fish that looked like baby shark) in Al-Salam, a mamak restaurant near my previous college INTI-IU. It was kept in a pole-shaped aquarium and it kept going round and round in the same direction because the room was small for it to change direction. James asked one of the waiters and the waiter said the shark had been going round and round like that for three years wtf. Okay okay let me go back to my story.

So I was focusing on my project and suddenly my mom asked me, "hoi where is your fish." I pointed at the glass and realized my fish was not in the glass!

"WHERE IS MY FISH???!!!!" 

Then my mom pointed at the floor and I saw the little thing struggling and bouncing. I quickly caught it with my bare hands and put it back in the glass. They were amused and they said I should put it back into the aquarium because the glass was too small for it. I said I would after I finished my project.

To my horror, it disappeared again after a while and this time I could not spot her anywhere!!!!!!!

I questioned my parents many time whether they hid her somewhere but they said no!

And then after half an hour I found her dead at the leg of the table... or under the book rack? :X

Sorry fish! I didn't mean to kill you! o(╥﹏╥)o

I think I killed more than one fish, I forgot how... Maybe like, I poured too much fish food into the aquarium and they died of eating too full. Or I secretly threw in fried rice cluster or some other human food into the aquarium because I thought they would be happy to try different food. But then they died because of the food was oily. Something like that. Can't remember. My brother likes to frighten the fishes by poking chopstick into the water hahahaha wtf. Blame it on my father's gene. Really. I read a genetic study that says children's personality is largely inherited from the father. My father is very giet siao and I top my father. HAHAHAHA.

ps: I thought it would be a short post but it seems it has gone too long and I still have like a few animals on the list :X I guess I will write the rest in the next post. Wait for it.


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  1. You haven't quite killed as many things as me...but you're getting there.

    I've killed: ants, spiders, moths, frogs, birds, squirrels, a cat once (with car by mistake), fish, deer...but no dogs or humans...although the way this world is going...who knows what is next...tee-hee