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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland 3 ❣ Souvenirs & Scrump!

Soong Kit bought this for himself:

And these for me, partly because he wanted to finish spending the Japanese cash before we left the country:

2300 yen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse key chain with pins on their backs, 2013 edition :) and there are magnet at the sides of their faces they can stick together like in the first picture! I think what is unique about them is that they are brown. Typical black version were on available too, but I definitely like brown ones so much better! Btw I think these are limited edition, I just came back from Walt Disney World in Florida and didn't see anything similar. In fact most of the merchandise in Tokyo Disneyland are limited editions, either seasonal or related to park events. I read on Xiaxue's blog that according to Cheesie, Japanese are so crazy over Disney culture they would visit Disneyland and Disneysea many times a year just to get the limited edition merchandise!

I was torn between this and another Alice key chain with blue ribbon and colorful beads, so I asked Kitty to choose for me. I am so glad that he chose this one, looks so classy and antique :D Actually I was more inclined to buy the other one that time but now I recall, that one seemed a bit kiddie and... cheap? :X Kitty offered to buy both but I didn't want money to be spent on similar items.

SCRUMP!!! big loves❤

So a lot of you don't even know the existence of this Disney character... Well Tokyo Disney makes popular a lot of less known but super adorable Disney characters to cheat the citizen's money ╥﹏╥ First Duffy bears, then ShellieMay, then this Scrump! I was actually looking for Duffy and ShellieMay at first but I didn't encounter any... because I never did my research. I thought they are everywhere since they made up 25% of total Disney merchandise sold in Japan, ended up they are only available in Tokyo Disneysea, not in Tokyo Disneyland -_- (but I managed to get a Duffy bear in Florida!!! :D will talk about it more in Walt Disney World post)

Back to this Scrump. So Scrump is... *drumroll* 

... Lilo's homemade doll haha! She made Scrump herself and often has to give her surgery after she gets torn. Its head is a bit too big for the body so Lilo pretended that bugs laid eggs in Scrump's ears and Scrump is gonna die soon wtf. 

Scrump used to look sad, but began to smile after Lilo threw her on the ground then picked her back up and walked home :)

Apparently Tokyo Disney launched Scrump bear series following the soaring success of Duffy and ShellieMay, because Duffy and ShellieMay became over popular and start losing their popularity. Scrump is popular particularly in Hong Kong, although in Japan it has not created craze close to Duffy's yet.

Kitty and Anna said Scrump's naughty look with the girlish ribbon is a resemblance to me hehehe. When I went through USA customs, Scrump's head was sticking out from my huge tote bag.

                         Customs official: Is that yours? *points at Scrump*
                                            Me : Yeah.
                         Customs official: You go to school here?
                                            Me : Yeah.
                         Customs official: Does she go to school here too?
                                            Me : .........
                         Customs official: *laughs*

One time I came home for lunch and saw this:

                         Me  : What is that under the blanket
                         Kitty: *mumbles* nothing... 
                         Me  : But I see three yellow things extending out 
                         Kitty: *flips over* She is my girlfriend... *hugs* 
                         Me  : Awwww *ruffles hair*

Another time...

                          Me: *whip out phone and snap picture* 
                          Kitty: *opens eyes* 
                          Kitty: Why you take picture of me. Why can't I hug my girlfriend

<Abrupt end>

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  1. That pic of your bf and his "gf" is too funny! (Actually, when I sleep I always hug a I totally understand). LOL