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Friday, March 22, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland 2 ❣ Pastel Town Candy Shop

An interesting fact about Tokyo Disneyland before I spam this post with pictures...

Tokyo Disneyland is owned entirely by the Oriental Land Company (OLC). They license the Disney Characters and Themes from The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) and pay them a big fee for it in the process. OLC has a 100% ownership interest in the Tokyo Disney parks, leaving TWDC with 0% ownership. Compare this with the other parks worldwide: the US parks are 100% owned by TWDC, and TWDC has a minority ownership interest in both the Hong Kong and Paris parks. Perhaps more importantly, TWDC manages all of the parks worldwide except for the Tokyo parks: they of course manage the US parks, and they have the management contract to run the Paris and Hong Kong parks even though they have a minority ownership interest. Tokyo is different: those parks are not only owned by but are managed by OLC.
But, that doesn't mean that TWDC "has no say" in the operation of the Tokyo parks. TWDC has a supervisory role in Tokyo. They provide oversight to make sure that everything is up to Disney standards, and provide Imagineering services for all new attractions. But day-to-day management decisions, as well as financial decisions as to where to spend money, are performed by OLC and not Disney. This makes the Tokyo parks unique in the Disney theme park universe. (Source

I not-so-secretly took a picture of these siblings because of the pale faces, black eyebrows and red lips... reminded me of geisha wtf. They noticed me aiming my camera at them because I spent too long zooming in and focusing lol

Felt a little sympathetic for this guy because he was standing there waving and trying to sell the merchandise but everyone just passed by and ignored him...

All pictures taken by Crazenne.
World Bazaar, Tokyo Disneyland
January 2013

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