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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland 1 ❣ Disney Characters

So although some complications came in our way before our flight from Malaysia back to USA (I will explain at the end of this post), Kitty and I managed to settle everything and drop by Tokyo Disneyland during our 17-hour layover in Japan!

Before we went there I was told that Tokyo Disneyland is quite meh compared to the one in Florida, I went without much expectation (and not knowing what to expect for too) but KABOOM it was so awesome!!!

Meaning I am gonna hyperventilate to death when I go to the one in Florida 


It means that when you are reading the later parts of this Tokyo Disneyland trip I am probably having fun in Florida Disney World!!!

I'm such a lucky girl ಥ_ಥ im going to hug Kitty and cry in gratitude now brb

(on a side note, yesterday I took a nap and dreamed of Uncle Wong scolding me for spending Kitty's money, i.e. his hard-earn money. But after scolding me he gave us a few millions. Then he went bankrupt shortly after, but somehow I managed to make a few millions using the few millions he gave us so I returned the few millions to him. After I woke up I told Kitty about the dream and he laughed because his father would never go bankrupt just because of the money he spent on me wtf)

When we arrived it was around 2PM.

This was the first Disney character I took picture with, but I didn't even know the existence of this mouse in Disney! Leave me a comment if you know him?

His girlfriend! Have you noticed that they were both quite short?

I didn't who this was until I googled "fairy grandmother" right before I typed this caption lolol. Turned out she was Cinderella's fairy godmother! Why the mask so ugly one wtf

By this time I already put on my blue contacts, although my eyes were so damn tired due to the lack of sleep for 3 consecutive days... Surprisingly the contacts didn't irritate my eyes at all! I even hesitated whether to stick on falsies but the contacts made I look decent enough so I was convinced that make-up was unnecessary. Lol. You gotta embrace vanity when you're on the Land of Vanity okayyy, the Japanese girls were all dolled up (or vixened-up lol) and showing off their Disney belongings, mostly hats and headbands, but what impressed me the most were some with like 10+ pairs of mini Mickey and Minnie mini pinned onto their tote bags (pay attention to my video at the end of this post). Not to mention those who showed off their Duffies! I didn't see any on sale in the shops we visited though, I think I am gonna get one when I visit the one in Florida :D

Snow White!!! She looked like a statue in this picture!!! Perfect complexion and her hair looked like a wig!

With another character I dunno. Arabian tiger king? 

Most pictures in this post were taken by extremely welcoming and friendly Disney staffs! Which I was so grateful of, because Kitty has the worst ever photo taking skills compared to all people I know in my life. Most pictures taken by him have to go through massive editing (cropping, rotating, sharpening etc) and some can't even be saved because he would crop out some part or shake his hands too much or shoot from your fugliest angles. I remember Soo Nee and I asked him to take a picture of us with Suzzallo Library at the background, he ended up capturing the whole library in the picture with our tiny heads as decorations at the bottom right corner of the picture ಠ_ಠ Soo Nee and I looked at each other and concluded that he was hopeless. I had to aim my camera at Soo Nee at the right distance and angle, had Kitty hold the camera exactly where I held it and quickly ran to Soo Nee's side then asked him to press the button wtf.

The Disney staffs were just walking around offering to take pictures for the visitors, with the brightest smiles and best manners! Mad love Japanese! The first picture in this post wouldn't even exist if one of the staffs didn't came up to us. We were just wandering near that spot after taking picture with Pluto, a staff approached us and offered to take a picture of us with that scene as the background. Why so nice ಥ_ಥ

This one I know. The donkey in Winnie The Pooh. His name is Eeyore. I googled. Hehehe.

A Disney staff was giggling when she saw me taking picture of Eeyore's tail hehehe

He wasn't the one in Alice in the Wonderland was he? Another short one I had to bend my knees a little.

We saw Pluto somewhere when we were taking picture with some other characters and when we were done Pluto was gone! Kitty insisted that he wanted a picture with Pluto (he is a dog-lover) so we waited for a while and chased after Pluto when he reappeared. When I first visited Kitty's house, I was surrounded by 5 dogs the moment I went past the gate and 2 of them tried to squeeze their heads from below into my dress ಠ_ಠ Kitty saw and said, "they wanna sniff your pussy HA-HA-HA" wtf

Kitty with another dog Goofy.

There were long queues in front of Mickey and Minnie and I was too impatient to line up.

So I mentioned that there some complications before our flight, and here is a summary. I missed my flight to Tokyo when I flew back to Malaysia (full story here), so Japan Airline thought I didn't fly to Malaysia and cancelled my returning flight to USA without acknowledging me!!! Luckily a few days before our flight, we called JAL for seat arrangement and found out about it. But we had it settled. And then Kitty told me he might be unable to fly with me because his travelling agent fucked up and his passport was still at Canada Embassy in Singapore (he had to attend a United Nations conference in Montreal soon after we fly back to USA). Luckily he had it settled too.

Initially I planned to visit Shibuya 101, Harajuku and Tokyo Disneyland during our layover. I did my research and all, but I caught a flu before the flight. I didn't sleep at all the night before my flight (last minute packing, yay) and couldn't sleep on plane!

So when we touched down at Narita Airport at 7PM I was already a zombie. My plan fucked up because the luggage carrier service couldn't send our luggage to Haneda Airport before the next morning, and our departure time from Haneda to USA was midnight. There was no way we could go sightseeing with 3 big baggages and 3 carry-ons.

It means we had to store our baggages somewhere first. Meaning we wouldn't have enough time to explore all 3 places, which are all located in between Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. I was too sick to make altenative plan, and WSK acted as if he was indifferent about going for sightseeing (he actually did say so). I was so depressed and grumpy as I was so excited about my short Tokyo trip but now I was sick and this guy didn't wanna help me arrange things out and make decisions!!! We sat there at Narita Airport doing absolutely nothing until 9PM and finally bought bus tickets to go to Haneda Airport to see if we store our baggages there and then go sightseeing.

We reached Haneda Airport, found out we could check in our baggages early, so we did. We wanted to have lunch but there wasn't any restaurant at that side of the airport. Ended up we bought food from 7-11. I didn't eat meat (for some reason I have adopted pescetarian diet) and WSK went to buy me beef noodles with a box of chicken slices. Grumpiness +++. Asked him to go buy something else. Then I think we sat there for another 1 hour doing absolutely nothing because I was the only one planning for the sightseeing, he didn't do any research and didn't know what to do when my initial plan fucked up (he actually never plan for any of our trips unless I pushed him really hard). That time I was already too sick to push him that hard and he didn't go figure out what to do next because he was afraid that I wouldn't be happy with his decisions but at that time I seriously wouldn't mind any decision he made as long as I got to go sightseeing!

And then I cried. I didn't care if people were looking, I was physically and mentally too worn out (hey, I was leaving my sweet home and going back to crazy college life and now you wanna tell me I can't have a proper winter break trip which I have anticipated for months?!) and my emotions had been pushed to its limit. I sat on the bench and cried and I was really sad. I think my tears brought out Kit's protective instinct so he put aside his grumpiness and indifference and we talked. I decided that I was too exhausted to go shopping (shopping is very tiring fyi, especially in a shopping heaven like Tokyo) and Kitty wouldn't be engaged if we visit Shibuya 109 (he would just sat down at a corner and play iPhone games while waiting for me to get done with shopping). For Harajuku I had zero idea what we should do there. So final decision, Disneyland!

On the way to Disneyland I was no longer mad at him. We held hands and apologized to each other. When we reached the magic of Disneyland cheered me up completely!

How could I not? The sun was lovely, the music was lovely, the Disney characters were lovely, the staffs were lovely, the people were lovely, the place was lovely, everything was so perfect! I am gonna show you the extremely sweet, bubbly pastel town in Tokyo Disneyland! You'll fall in love with the scenes!!!

Btw, did you spot the girls with many mini Mickey and Minnie plushies pinned to their bags? I saw at least 6 or 7 bags like that!

Map of Tokyo Disneyland, click to enlarge
Guess where I met all the above Disney characters? (Hint: the mickey logo)

For the happening of this trip, Hallelujah, thank you God, thank you Universe, thank you Rhonda Bryne, thank you Law of Attraction and Power of Gratitude. Thank you honey for being there with me, we learn and grow together and make memories. Thank you my mom for the flight ticket, which allowed your daughter to go back home for winter break and explore a small corner of Japan. I can't thank you enough when I thought of how I am only 21 but have explored many places in Malaysia and USA when you have only been to Melaka (where you stayed when you were young) and Johor (where we stay now). My father, my grandma and my aunt never own a passport. My brother will, but for now I am the only member in the family who has the opportunity to go abroad. To pursue my dream. Because of all those years of nurturing you all gave me. Just the thought of it make me teary. I wish I can go home now and give all of you a tight hug.

I can't thank God and everyone enough. Thank you thank you thank you, for pampering me and making my life such a magical journey.

(this is just the first part of Tokyo Disneyland trip, what am I getting so emotional omg)



  1. Come lemme help you. :D

    The two mice are Miss Bianca and Bernard, from "The Rescuers".

    Then the tiger is Prince John from "Robin Hood".

    And it's not a caterpillar from Alice, haha. It's Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio! ;)

    Lastly, how much did it cost for Disneyland? Is it worth it to get the tickets for the rides? :P I'm going to Tokyo for school related thingy but I get to go sightseeing for about 3-4 days so I'm wondering if I should go Disneyland since I'm paying for my own expenses. ^^ Hope you can help me out here ya! :)

    1. 6300円 for 1-day ticket, I'd say it's worth it, but 1 day is barely enough for all rides unless you don't waste time inside souvenir shops and wandering aimlessly like me lol. If you do plan to visit Walt Disney World in Florida or have been to other Disneyland(s) before, than I'd suggest you to go to Tokyo Disneysea instead, it's right beside Tokyo Disneyland but the tickets are sold separately!