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Monday, March 4, 2013

I've had enough of snow

Every time when accumulated snow starts melting away, when the roads and paths are no longer covered by a layer of ice, when I thought the barely bearable cold is soon gonna be over, when I stop wearing gloves and face scarf,

SNOW BLIZZARD HITS AGAIN. (recurring every fucking week)

The best part?

Classes are never cancelled. Not even once!!!

Imagine how I have to go up and down Bascom Hill against the wind and snow when the roads and stairs are covered in a thick slippery layer of ice/snow/slush/half-frozen muddy water. 

(I have no idea why the wind always comes from my opposite direction, blowing the snow/slush/icy rain into my face asdfhjlppmula)

For the sake of comparison...

This picture was taken winter 2011/2012 in Seattle. WSK told me his place was warm, so I went without my puffed winter jacket and winter boots. And then the biggest snow storm in Seattle in the last 30 years hit ಠ_ಠ Buy lottery also never so heng wtf.

And this is how I go to school now:

Many times I bumped into friends on but they never greeted me and I don't think they would recognize me even if I greeted them. Unless they recognize my belongings. Anyway I think I look kinda cute in this. Lololol

Ironically, I am gonna post more having-fun-in-snow pictures which I left out when I blogged about my sledding experience. I don't have other pictures ready because I am too busy with studies and wasting time. #what

Rudy releasing white dementor

Dementor attacking me!!! AHHHHHHH

I managed to direct the dementor back to Rudy...

SCORE!!! *successkid.jpg*



the snow was too powdery to be made into snow balls

... about to sneeze?

 "Wingardium leviosa!" 

"Wingardium leviosa sa sa sa sa sa sa!!!!!" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I need to cut down time spent on youtube and instagram. 
Time is better spent on studies and editing pictures+blogging!



  1. Yep, I am now getting tired of the snow too. But at least we didn't get any snow in December this year.

    I'm actually working from home today though. The two women that I work with both came in to work this morning...I think just to make me look bad! :-0

    One women lectured me yesterday that I was working from home today, but I'm driving to the Dells tomorrow for the State Pool Tournament. Hello! The roads should be plowed by tomorrow afternoon! [rant off] :-)

    1. WAIT where are you staying currently?? "Didn't get any snow in December"??? Madison got so much snow in December! Storm Draco rmb? I assume the whole Wisconsin should be more or less the same, no?

  2. I live in Kenosha, but I swear that we hardly got any snow -- maybe only a couple inches once or twice if that.