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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day ❤

Valentine's Day this year was on Thursday, which was also my busiest day of the week. SK and I didn't plan anything to celebrate this festival of love.

I finished my lab work at 5.45PM and had another physics lab to attend at 7PM. On my way heading to Osaka House, I called SK and asked him to meet me there. He said he was in the middle of a game. Around 6.25PM, he called back and said he was on the way (that Japanese cuisine restaurant was near our apartment). Sushi rolls arrived on 6.30PM, at 6.40PM I still hadn't seen him. I started worrying cuz I ordered portion for two and had to leave soon. 

I texted him: You were not "on the way" when you called!!! LIAR!!!

After like 2 minutes he walked in like this

with a bouquet roses in his hands! 

But then I really had to leave already, so I gave him a kiss and asked him to bring the roses back home. lol

He was like "huh whyyy". He totally forgot that I have lab session every Thursday night and he was supposed to have dinner with me at Osaka during my 1-hour break -_-

After I reached home...

Me: Thank you for the flowers ♥ but why did you buy me white ones?!

SK: Why must it be red?

Me: Doesn't have to be red... but do you know what white roses are usually for -_-

SK: No. What

Me: Funeral

SK: Rubbish la who said so! No such thing.

Me: Ohh. Come take picture of me!

And then my camera's battery died... (wtf this has become the most frequently used phrase in my recent posts -_-)

The following pictures were taken by my Galaxy Note's front camera!

Then I checked and found out that white roses are also bridal roses! Hehehehe

It was our second Valentine's Day and also our first Valentine's Day being physically together. 
We have at least 60 more Valentine's Day to go :)

More pictures that were never uploaded onto my personal FB:
(taken during winter break 2011/2012)

Thank you for loving me at my worst
Thank you for comforting me when I need it the most
Thank you for the unlimited support during my tough time
Thank you for influencing me to be more accepting towards people's flaws and mistakes
and making me a stronger, better person

Thank you, I love you 

ps: SK wrote a post about his love for me earlier here :)

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