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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fatigue, again

I am now down as fuck. And I am listening to The Xx. Fits my Sunday night blues so perfectly.

I have classes and lab work from 8.50AM till 6.00PM Monday to Friday, extra lab session from 7-10PM on Thursday night, ~5 homework sets + 3 lab reports + 3 quizzes every week. When I get home and get done with dinner, all I wanted is to die on bed. Sometimes I finish my homework before I crash, sometimes I crash and wake up in between 4-6AM to do my homework. I am taking 4 subjects this semester, the course materials are still handle-able thus far, but everyday I am overwhelmed with guilt that I don't even have time/energy to catch-up with/revise the already-covered syllabi.

I shouldn't be feeling this way, I should be motivated to study mainly by thirst for knowledge and not by guilt/moral/responsibilities, but...

Maybe a one-month winter break is just not long enough?

Now I feel like maybe I need a one-year break after getting my BS, I am not sure if jumping straight into another 4-5 years of commitment for a higher degree right after I ended one is gonna be right/good.

But I have no choice.

Hey, cheer up and be grateful.

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