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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Renuka's 2nd visit!

Renuka visited us again during her Thanksgiving break. She was wearing Indian traditional clothes under her outer coat because we attended Diwali event held by our school's Malaysian Students Association that morning.

our kolam

The event was a total disappointment-- wait no, disappointment is an understatement.

Here is a summary of what happened:

Yes it was that bad I didn't even hesitate before posting this on the their FB event wall. In fact I was already being nice not mentioning 

1) how misleading and dry the video about Indian marriage was
I appreciate that they made an effort to shoot a supposedly hilarious "typical Bollywood production" to introduce Indian traditional arranged marriage, but the story line was not really informative nor educational. The plot was such that a young Indian guy had a crush on a girl he bumped into by chance for a few times, but he did not take further action to get to know the girl. Then his parents thought it's time for him to get married and without his consent, they visited a few houses to look for a suitable candidate and finally found a wife for him. He agreed to get married before he even knew whom he was marrying. On the wedding night, he uncovered the bride's veil and was surprised it was the girl he had a crush on. The end. Firstly I am not sure if this story is an accurate portrayal of Indian arranged marriage, secondly there wasn't any "typical Bollywood production elements" in the video-- no running on a field, no hiding behind a coconut tree, no crowd dancing. Couldn't even recall if there was a typical Indian head-shake. Thirdly the plot was so dry. Those who knew the acting crews had some laughs watching the video, but Rudy, Renu, an American my other friend brought to this event and I were like the entire time. Even though Rudy and I do know the acting crews. Anyway, this is subjective so I didn't bring this up.

2) fucking long gap between activities
The committee purposely did it so because the food was not arriving yet. Nothing was going on, everyone  just sat back and wait. Some probably didn't mind 'cuz they can chit-chat but the gap was really tooooo long, Rudy and I went just for the food and to watch our friends perform, not to socialize with all Malaysians in the room, so we were damn bored and impatient waiting for time to pass.

3) how the committee treated the performers
The committee did not have enough volunteers to perform, so they asked help from Inthuja and the girls, saying that they would provide choreography. They didn't, and the girls came out with the dance on their own. The committee watched them rehearsed the night before the event, hence they should have known how much space the girls need for the performance. However, the event was held in a room, put aside not having a proper stage, when Inthu told the committee that the front area was too small for the dance, the committee was annoyed. They could have just asked people to shift back the seats a little, but what they did was, "this is all you can get. Just go with what you've got."

Needless to say, Inthu was unhappy and she swore that it would be the last time she helped them.

Once we realized we were biting into bleeding chicken, we couldn't stand it anymore and left. To give you an idea how bloody pissed (lol) we were, well, we swore  our way to Steepery, and were still swearing after we washed off the horrible taste left in our mouths with bubble tea. Money gone. Three hours wasted. So. fucking. depressing.

Anyway, we soon had a switch of mood when we started camwhoring in front of the capitol :D 

It was intended for Rudy's graded portfolio but it was not easy to get good shots cuz Rudy couldn't pose model-ishly and naturally -_- Managed to capture a few decent shots though, click here to see the one Rudy chose for his website :) he built the whole site from scratch on his own! *applause*

Renu, in contrast, is a modeling material :D

Rudy asked me to replicate previous shots for Renu but with him in the pictures. How so hard okay

Don't you think the photographer is the most good-looking among the three hahahahahaha wtf

Tell you what, Americans public suck big time at taking picture!!! We asked for a picture of 3 of us with Capitol building at the back, my god, it took us 5 attempts to get a decent one. The first four were so ridiculous. I should have kept them and show you here, but I was irritated and deleted them on spot. One was blurred (shaky hands), one was slanted (no sense of water level), one couldn't even see our face (the pedestrian stood so freaking far away, my god, what is the point of the picture if cannot see our faces clearly???!!!), and another one cut off the top of Capitol building =.=

And finally got this decent one at our 5th try.

Don't tease when you see Asians taking pictures of their meals, or walking around with a bulky bigass DSLR camera. We certainly take better pictures! Even self-shots are decent!

Self shot! The background was overexposed but hey, at least you can see our faces clearly and the top of Capitol building was not cut off!

this sums up what we think about MSA diwali event. Lolololol. 


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