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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back in Madison!

Ta-daa look at the new header ⇡

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Taken at Tokyo Disneyland during our layover! I was sick like fuck and hadn't gotten good sleep for >50 hours when we reached Japan, but I managed to still look so lovely!

Will do a blog post on this Tokyo Disneyland short trip! 


As the title says... I am already back in Madison! 18 credit hours, only Week 2 of the semester and I am dying fuck this shit I can do it. I was sick for like 10 days (Jan 18–27) and this combination of illness + post-illness + jetlag is killing me... My biological clock is so majestic right now. It's 11.31PM, I just woke up from a 5-hour nap, 2 problem sets due + 1 quiz tomorrow so I have to pull an all-nighter again FML why does this jet lag come back I thought I already fixed it ughhh so annoyinggg

Weather in Madison is... as crazy as ever. Stolen screen-shot from Rudy:

No wonder it was so noisy on Sunday, I thought there were tiny explosions in my heater wtf. All hail hail...

My research proposal seems to be going well because... I have never written one, and my mentor is drafting it for me!!! :D thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Oh and HILLDALE AWARD. please let me get it please please please



  1. Glad that you made it back safe and sound. Wow, that is the biggest hail that I've seen in WI. Good thing it stayed over by you and it didn't make it's way to lovely Kenosha. haha

    1. Actually I didn't know if it was that big... the picture is from Google Image hahahaha

  2. Man! You tricked me with that hail photo!

    1. Opps! Sorry for not clarifying under the picture!