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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back in Madison!

Ta-daa look at the new header ⇡

⇠ ta-daaa new profile picture

Taken at Tokyo Disneyland during our layover! I was sick like fuck and hadn't gotten good sleep for >50 hours when we reached Japan, but I managed to still look so lovely!

Will do a blog post on this Tokyo Disneyland short trip! 


As the title says... I am already back in Madison! 18 credit hours, only Week 2 of the semester and I am dying fuck this shit I can do it. I was sick for like 10 days (Jan 18–27) and this combination of illness + post-illness + jetlag is killing me... My biological clock is so majestic right now. It's 11.31PM, I just woke up from a 5-hour nap, 2 problem sets due + 1 quiz tomorrow so I have to pull an all-nighter again FML why does this jet lag come back I thought I already fixed it ughhh so annoyinggg

Weather in Madison is... as crazy as ever. Stolen screen-shot from Rudy:

No wonder it was so noisy on Sunday, I thought there were tiny explosions in my heater wtf. All hail hail...

My research proposal seems to be going well because... I have never written one, and my mentor is drafting it for me!!! :D thank you thank you thank you so much!!!

Oh and HILLDALE AWARD. please let me get it please please please


Saturday, January 5, 2013

At Kit's eldest brother's wedding

I was at the haboyfriend's place on Dec 29 – Jan 1 to attend his eldest brother's wedding. It was a lovely stay, it was the 3rd time I met his parents (already met them twice before we started our relationship) as well as the first time being introduced to his siblings and 30+ plus relatives (or more?) who were also staying over at their place. The relatives came from overseas and other states of Malaysia just to attend the wedding.

Soong Kit often told me that he loves hanging around/ being surrounded by all his extended family members. The last time I checked, he listed 16 cousins, 4 aunts, 3 uncles, his 2 parents and 3 siblings as his family members on his Facebook profile. I never understood why he is so close to his relatives, and actually wants to stay close to them. In typical Asian families, especially Chinese (maybe not, it's just what it seems to me because I am more exposed to Chinese families), big extended family = family dramas. And rich families generally have more dramas because of money matters.

But now I understand. Although they do have hidden family dramas too, they are so... eloquent. And educated. They were friendly and warm to me during my entire stay. The elders: wise and loving; the cousins: cool and interesting. (Eh? It rhymes! :D) They are all quite good-looking too! what happened to WSK's genes??? lolololol. It was tiring having to interact with so many people, but it was a pleasant experience. Maybe 4 days were too short for me to see the dark side, but among the 30+ relatives, there were like 2 or 3 elders who were not in good terms with each other, and I didn't notice anything at all if Kit never told me. This is what I call civilized.

I was being a ghost at the background when the ushers got tortured by the bridesmaids. 

Fetching the bride is one of the highlights in Malaysian Chinese wedding. In the morning of the wedding day, the groom and his ushers (troop of brothers) will gather at the groom's house, then drive to the bride's house to fetch her. The bridesmaids will block the gate/door and test the sincerity of the groom and his ushers by making fun of the ushers with a series of challenges and asking for angpaos (=red packets containing money. Yep Chinese people are money-oriented lolol). Usually the groom will be exempted from difficult games, but the ushers have to complete the tasks for the groom. The groom prepares all the angpaos. Total amount of money in each angpao is usually a combination of lucky numbers.

The guys were tortured for 40 minutes; they were asked to dance girly to Nobody But You wearing animal headbands, do slow-motion push-ups, put on red lipsticks then kiss the groom, eat chili and wasabi (!!!), then find the right keys among a big bunch to open the door. Poor Soong Kit, he said his esophagus and stomach were burning for one whole day, and his muscles ached for 3 days because of the push-ups!

after breakfast on the wedding day

getting ready to fetch the bride

Back to the groom's house. I was being a ghost at the background again. Look at my samurai hairstyle.

Watching the tea ceremony. I bun-up to make my hair curly for the dinner at night!


Kit's father talking to us

 At the wedding dinner. Soong Kit was advertising for Colgate.

My  face... (this is already edited... the original one is even chubbier T﹏T)

When we were resting at the hotel after the signing ceremony and before the dinner, Kit's mom was worried if I'd be cold, so she called Kit's aunt and asked her to bring over a shawls for me (the relatives were staying at their place). So loved 

Just an effortless bun-up for a few hours and my hair became ヽ(^Д^)ノ

I bought this dress from Forever 21 for $5. I KNOW RIGHT!!! Shhh don't tell them. 


Didn't know I can do fish face! I must have mermaid blood in my body!!! LOL BYE