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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

UW Yule Ball · Moaning Myrtle

"The Yule Ball is of course a chance for us all to - er - let our hair down." —McGonagall
The Yule Ball is a tradition of the Triwizard Tournament. It is a formal dance held on the evening of Yule (the pagan Winter solestice/Christmas celebration) of a tournament year, and is opened by the tournament champions and their partners. At Hogwarts, where the Yule Ball was held in 1994, only students of fourth year or above were permitted to attend, though younger students could also go if an older student invited them to accompany them. The ball begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at midnight.
Source: Harry Potter Wiki

So yep, I attended the 3rd annual UW Yule Ball as Moaning Myrtle. Sadly, most American muggles there didn't really know or care much about Harry Potter. It was just a end-of-the-year ball with some Harry Potter elements here and there. The crew who signed me up for look-alike contest, well, it's normal for me to expect him to know the characters right-- but no, he didn't even know who Moaning Myrtle is -.-" hence it wasn't surprising at all that the crowd ended up dancing to Op op op op instead of some Harry Potter soundtracks. Well, Yule Ball in the movie did play some pop music also la, just that in real life Potterheads  tend to expect "Yule Ball" to be more Harry Potter than a ball should be, I guess.

Anyway, we had Fleur Delacour and Victor Krum for the opening dance! :D

Hahaha that was me screaming at the Sorting Hat because I was pissed at him for not knowing who I was, even after I told my name! Moaning Myrtle was a ghost and she was already sorted into Ravenclaw! Anyway the Sorting Hat did sort me into Ravenclaw after I answered his questions. And of course it was just a normal hat couldn't talk, the talking part was played by a crew hiding behind a curtain. Pity his throat, had to fake a British accent in a low, rough voice (also fake!) the whole night!

And the reason why the organizing committee had to muggle-rify and Americanize this ball was all clear in the way people responded to personality quiz questions asked by the Sorting Hat.

"What would you choose to be your Horcrux?"
"My what?"
"What magical creature do you like the most?"
"Dragon/unicorn/mermaid." (Mermaid is not adorable at all in Harry Potter's magical world)
"Which task in Triwizard Tournament do you think you can win?"

You get the idea. My assumption is, most of the people came just because it's a ball; meaning lots of people wouldn't enjoy the night if it's strictly Harry-Potter-themed? 

But then again, it was really shocking how people would line up early and 500 tickets were gone within 10 minutes. I didn't manage to get a ticket at first. I was dead tired that evening because I stayed up the previous night studying for a midterm, I knew I was gonna crash when I hit the bed so I asked le haboyfriend (he coined this term, go ask him lol) to go grab tickets for both of us. It was 5.00 p.m. when I told him to go line up, the ticket counter would be opening at 5.30pm. He said okay. I shut eyes. When I opened my eyes at 5.45 p.m., THIS WONG SOONG KIT WAS STILL GAMING!!! I yelled at him and he quickly went, but soon he called and said the counter was already closed when he reached the place. We posted on the event page and asked if anyone changed their mind, but there were at least another 10 posts with the same quest, some even offered to pay and nobody with extra tickets replied. (the tickets were free and on first-come-first-get basis, the ball was a charity event)

I was depressed for 2 days. Can you imagine how depressing it was, I already matched my outfit as Moaning Myrtle, and the ticket counter was nearby my apartment, and I was still awake 30 minutes before the counter opened... should have gone myself... so close...

And then I decided to put The Secret in practice. I told my friends I didn't care how, I would make sure I got a ticket for myself. I did rant to Kit but there was a sense of chill-ness/confidence inside me. I didn't really try hard in fact, but Law of Attraction worked AGAIN-- like magic!!!

Someone posted on the event page that she had an extra ticket to give away, and Kit saw that post cuz  he had been checking up on the page every few minutes! (driven by guilt and love) 

Long story short, I got a ticket 30 minutes before the ball started!!! Kit didn't manage to get himself one, but I am still grateful that I got myself at the ball!

moaning myrtle yule ball uw wisconsin-madison
Already bought the scarf a year ago! I have 2 wands too but Moaning Myrtle is a ghost and shouldn't be holding a wand. The pink Nightmare Before Christmas tie was a mismatch but it was the only tie I had!

moaning myrtle yule ball uw wisconsin-madison
Couldn't fit myself in the toilet bowl so I stood at the side. Lololol.

If you have no idea who Moaning Myrtle is, this is how she looks like:
moaning myrtle

So what do you think? Did I pull off her look good enough? :3 The constraints of my hair and Asian face didn't leave me with many options. Moaning Myrtle was the only choice I could think of cuz I really didn't want to go as Cho Chang! Ugh I hate the actress who played Cho... she kissed Daniel Radcliffe when he was my Bieber! And for this reason you won't find any picture of her in this post. (did I tell you I am a little anti people of my own ethnicity?)

butterbeer harry potter
They really served butter beer! But it tasted like they added melted butter-flavored candies in normal beer wtf

I must be too thrilled about going back to Malaysia this winter break I thought the pretzels were mee goreng -_-

moaning myrtle cho chang
Thought I had to spend the whole night without anyone I knew, then I bumped into Winnie and other friends :'D
She was Charlie Chaplin at Freakfest and now this slutty Cho Chang. Tsk tsk.

moaning myrtle cho chang fleur delacour
With Fleur Delacour. So sweet!

moaning myrtle cho chang victor krum
High Cho was high. Tall Victor was tall. Grumpy Myrtle was grumpy. And I donated the dog purse.

moaning myrtle
Left: with Winnie    Right: With another Winnie haha

There was a room for us to draw Christmas cards for orphans. Spotted this not-an-owl bird thing! Hahaha

Winnie and I got called onto stage as both of us made it to the semi-final of look-alike contest! No pictures to prove though, because no friend to take pictures of us -_- and the event photograph did not take any picture of us semi-finalists wtf. 

I was the first semi-finalist the emcee introduced to the crowd, I was confused what I was supposed to do so I just... waved shyly wtf. True to my character...? 

... okay. Maybe not. I should have screamed or something. Never mind.

And the finalists who didn't win are
Can you guess who they dressed as?
(no offense but is it just me or do you guys also notice the extent she could open her mouth?)

patil twins sisters dumbledore yule ball uw
Patil twins and Dumbledore! :)

And the winner of look-alike contest... *drumrolls*

moaning myrtle trelawney cho chang
The moment I saw her at the ball I knew she was gonna win! She must have foreseen herself winning the contest through the crystal egg in her hand ;)

Yep, this mad woman Professor Trelawney, who taught Divination (a fortune-telling class) in Hogwarts! Skeptical Hermione thought the class was bullshit and quit after being insulted by Trelawney, whereas the Patil twins were great supporters of her. She did make some important prophecies about Voldemore though.

After the look-alike contest, Winnie and I found out that our other friends had left without informing us, then we left since there were no one else we knew at the ball. (you can't really make new friends for company at a ball, everyone goes with someone they already knew and they would just stick the whole night. And it was already near 12pm. And finals were coming. Hahaha I sound so Asian) 

Do I want to attend the 4th UW Yule Ball next year then? Yes I think, if my closer friends manage to get tickets and if I am not too packed with exams. Although the ball wasn't as Harry Potter as I would like, it was still a pleasant experience which I wouldn't mind experiencing again, and hell yeah, a ball is a ball! Maybe I will dress glamorous next year, forget about look-alike contest! :D

Check out the Yule Ball scene in the movie!

Ending this post some super cute animated images from :


Crazenne, xoxo

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