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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First Sledding Experience

(Video at the bottom!)

Snowstorm Draco has turned our campus into Narnia!

Taken on my way to work

Outside of McArdle Lab. Parts of Wisconsin dig out of 20 inches of snow. 

This slippery ice-snow layer on the ground made walking SO DIFFICULT

This was even more challenging. Layer of frozen mud water. Walking on this is like ice-skating.

Doesn't change my liking for winter though :)

Taken on Bascom Hill

Bascom Hill covered in white

The UW annual traditional massive snowball fight I missed:

[ December 20, 2012 - Many UW-Madison students got a pass on final exams Thursday, accompanied by the chance to revive a traditional battle on Bascom Hill as a winter storm blanketed the campus with snow perfect for packing and pelting opponents. Between 500 and 600 students turned out for the snowball fight between the Lakeshore dorms and the Southeast dorms, according to UW Police, who said the Lakeshore residents won the battle.
Source: Wisconsin State Journal ]

I finished my last paper on Wednesday morning and the snowball fight was on Thursday 1pm but I didn't know about it! Was there one last year?! Nobody told me about this "unspoken" tradition! Next year, babe, next year :)

Don't you think UW-Madison campus looks a little Europe-ish here? :D

Staircases buried in newly-formed snow slide

But never mind we made up after Rudy's last paper was over :D Cat-eye effect in the top left picture was original (not edited), cosmetic lens made my true eye size and eye shape stand out :D

I took a picture of Rudy's weird posture without him noticing and he took revenge hahaha

Kit kept attempting to sled on Bascom Hill's almost-flat slope and had me try it.

Then Rudy couldn't stand Kit's desperation + kesian-ness and brought us to the slope beside Elizabeth Waters Residential Hall (bottom right pic) to have a proper sledding experience!

The reasons why I was being a coward...

Kit: *at somewhere far from us, getting himself to the top of the slope with the assistance of a climbing rope someone tied to a tree*
Me: Oi look at that guy *points at Kit*
Rudy: ... he must be imagining himself conquering Himalayas.
Me: Eh I also wanna sled from up there leh but I very scared la... what if I can't brake and go all the way down??
Rudy: Then you sled across the trees and into Lake Mendota.
Rudy: Oh yeah hor you can't swim right?


Kit: Aiyo why you so scared? Won't get hurt one lah.
Me: How do you know there are some rocks underneath the snow?
Kit: Where got rocks? Snow only lahhhh


Rudy: *throws something white and round at me out of a sudden*
Me: OUCH!!!!!!!!!
Rudy: So pain meh?
Me: *groan and rub knee* THAT'S A ROCK YOU IDIOT!
Rudy: Huh really ah?
Rudy: Batu ke? I thought it's a snow ball--
Me: Snow ball where got so compact and hard and heavy one!!! IT'S A ROCK LA!!!
*Kit approached*
Me: *shout at Kit* Who says no rock! Rudy just threw one at me! 


  1. A nice WI winter of fun. Nice pics of the snow and scenery.

    I've been mainly indoors with a 22 yo gf. That was fun too, but didn't last long. I bit of an age gap...hehe.

    1. You should go to Singapore nightclubs, beautiful young ladies will throw themselves at loaded white expats like you- no worries for age gap, they are generally quite boring and shallow, but hey, fun with them will definitely lasts longer, cuz they will still reek of desperation with every sms they send even after you don't see them for a month! ;)

  2. Yeah, as much as young, hot, Asian girls seem appealing...the desperation and shallowness doesn't sound all that great actually. I think that I'm going to shoot for an older one next time -- I'm thinking 23? haha

    1. No all of them are desperate and shallow, if you hold up to your standard, you can find some "deep" and interesting ones :)