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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Buffet, cannot tabao meh?

Note: Tabao, Malaysian term for to-go, originated from Mandarin/Cantonese 打包

I mentioned in When Friends Visited that this embarrassing incident deserves its own post, so here it is.

The first time Rudy and I went to lunch buffet at Maharani Indian cuisine restaurant, we took this much food:

Don't judge us. It was near the end of Spring semester, we nearly died from a gangbang by 3rd midterms (in the USA we call all graded tests as "midterms") and decided to reward ourselves a feast at Maharani. We wanted a taste of everything so we grabbed a bit of each. Ended up we took this much, but we were determined to pig out slowly until we finished all food on our table.

After half an hour, all customers had left except us. The restaurant needed to close to clean up and prepare for dinner. A waiter came and gave us two boxes. We tabao all the remaining food and left. Our boxes were too full and could barely close. My gulab jamun (the round thing in the dessert bowl) jumped out from my box when I was crossing the road, bounced down the slope and ended it life under the rolling wheel of a car. Rudy burst out laughing. We slowly dragged our feet towards the bus stop, feeling food bouncing in our stomachs with every step we walked.

"Should just bring our own containers to tabao next time," I said, while waiting for bus.
"Yeah we should. Omg so full," Rudy replied.

When Renu visited, we went to Maharani again.

I asked, "Rudy did you bring containers."
"No I forgot."
"Never mind I brought two."

We took the food and started eating. Our chatters and laughter were so loud I could feel we were the center of attention in the restaurant. After we were done with a few rounds, I brought back another plate full of my favorite food and started transferring those food into my container openly. Rudy did it under the table.

And here was when the embarrassment came in. A male Indian waiter approached.

"Miss, you are not allowed to do this."
"Oh okay."
"Please get the food out of your container."

"Now please carry the plate in your hands and look here," the waiter took out his iPhone. I posed and smiled at the camera. He took my picture and walked away.

Dead silence. Extreme awkwardness.

"... why did you let him take your picture?" someone asked.
"I dunno. What do you think he is gonna do with my picture???"
"Maybe post on their FB page? Or print out as a poster with the caption 'blacklisted' and paste it near the door," Rudy said.
"Omg are you kidding me?!?!?!"
"You posed at the camera some more omg. And why did you do it openly like thatttt" -Rudy.
"I didn't know!"
"You better ask him about the picture. He doesn't have the right to take your picture like that," Renu said.
"Should I?"
"Yeah I think you should," Chris said.

So we waited for the waiter to walk near and stopped him.

"Can I know what you're gonna do with my picture?" I asked.
"Oh oh don't worry, I am not gonna use it. I just need to show to my boss and prove that I did stop you. Because there are hidden cameras around," he pointed at the corners, "I am just an employee. I just need it to prove that I did my duty."
"Oh okay. I thought we can bring food home?"
"Oh you can bring food home if it's dinner or some other time. Not for buffet. "
"Ah we didn't know. The last time we were here, we were given boxes."
"No you cannot bring food home if it's buffet. It's standardized in all restaurants."
"I see. Sorry again."
"It's okay. Don't worry."

We continued eating the dessert in silence. And then Rudy whispered, "I still have my container full of barbecued fish in Renu's bag. I don't wanna bring it out."
"I don't think they will check our bags," I said.
"Yeah I will refuse to let them check mine if they ask," Renu said.
"But I feel guilty because now I know it's not allowed. I wanna pour back out the food."
"Ok la your choice."

We waited until none of the waiters and waitresses were near or looking. Rudy quickly poured the fish back onto the plate.

"Phew. We can leave now."

~Outside the restaurant~

"@#$%&@#$&" -me
"So awkward weyh!!! Awkward gilerrrr" -Renu
"So embarrasinggggggg omggg" -Rudy
"I am banning this restaurant! I am not going back to eat here anymore until Fall semester starts!!!" -me

~After 5 seconds~

Rudy: "Go get it back now."
Renu: "Go get it laaa it's your cardigan weyh"
Chris: "Call your roommate and ask him to get for you? He is still in there eating with his friends."
Me: "Oh yeahhhhh okayyyy"

~On the phone~

Me: "Hey can you help me get my cardigan? I left it at the chair."
ShihYuin: "안녕하세요@#$%"
ShihYuin: "The waiter already passed your cardigan to me. Dunno why he knows that we are friends. I don't wanna be related to you ughhhh"
Me: "Okay thanks!!!"

End of the story.
Lesson: Don't tabao at a buffet. Or at least, don't tabao openly at the buffet.

They still recognize me. 

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