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Friday, October 19, 2012

Rewind 2011: Fall Fashion

Lazy photo post again. 

Busy and burned-out undergrad genetics major blogger should quit dreaming about getting more views or gaining popularity in blogosphere okay. Just be a good student and update blog when you're too tired to study but reluctant to sleep... or maybe time would be better spent if I do more practice sets catch some sleep...?

Hey my ambition is to be a successful scientist and UN activist not a top blogger so please work harder towards the major goal okay. But why can't I be everything I want to be...? what about being an author? I pledged that I have to publish some books before entering my late twenties

Anyway... These are some picture I took last year when I was going for a sluttier less juvenile look.

These were taken during my first semester at UW, when I still managed to wake up a bit earlier to put on make-up and style hair to class almost everyday. (out of habit, because I had been attending classes fashionably for a year at INTI-IU)

This was taken even earlier. Japanese style eye make-up on the 1st day of SOAR (orientation), late-August.
I am pretty resistant to cold temperature among international Asians lol. On the right is my friend Catherine.

Catherine in my dream winter boots T_T my size ran out of stock and when they re-stock I already bought many other pairs *cries*

Cheap fluff bought at Walgreen. One day it rained when I wore them out, and they were all soaked in rain water. I was too smart so I dried them in oven. Even smarter when I found a way to hide the burned parts lol. Already threw them away due to worn-off bottom parts.

One of my most favorite dress!!! Pink and fluffy!!! ♥♥♥

This was actually my outfit during 2011 winter break (worn with winter coat, of course) but it's my fall wear this year :)

Meow. Last year I preferred thin but dark eyebrows.

Sexy cat eyes make-up. Haven't done this style for a year already.

This year I am still fashionable lah but no more mojo to wear make-up. With the bangs it seems like I am going through reverse aging. Which is a good thing I suppose...? :D

Will do another fashion post next week because lazy post is so easy to write. lololol. Maybe a rant post too cuz I just encountered the first academic shit in this semester and am dealing with it!!! Shitty class with shitty professor and shitty China classmates. Okay don't think I will write about it lah, not worth my time and no big deal anyway. Not sure which is worse: drop it or suffer through it till the end of the semester... Will see how things go tomorrow. 

Other than this no-credit class, my current performance in other courses is so far so good! Thank you! :D

Good luck to me, and to you in whatever you're doing :)



  1. You're a "killer" with nice (lots of) make-up and....ahem...long(er) hair. :-)

    You apparently have the ability to take-on many different "looks" as well...which is always a good feature...