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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Samurai hairstyle wtf

 I have no idea why I did this to my hair

From side I look like I had my hair bitten by a dog. 
Although I can argue that I'm going for samurai hairstyle.

Like this.

 From front I make WSK look like a pedophile

This is if I hide the bitten patches with bob trick.

Looks like keroro?

I know hair grows. I can foresee the patches growing into this:

Great option for Halloween. Fuck my itchy hands.



But luckily my face is pretty enough to counter this LOLOLOLOL. 
I should NEVER EVER cut my own hair into weird shape again I SWEAR!!! As the Japanese saying goes, kami wa onna no inochi desu!!!! (髪は女の命です!!!) = Hair is woman's life!!!!!!!!!!!

And luckily my hair is thick enough, even after I cut short half the original volume of my hair, I still have enough long hair to cover up the sides... it just looks thinner than before. So as long as I use less conditioner, the long part will be less silky smooth and hence puff up! And that shall pass I guess?

So I should be grateful? :D


1 comment:

  1. least I now know how the stress of school, working, and lack of sleep affects you....self-immolation. :p

    Oh least you're still alive. And look on the bright side, you can go trick or treating this year! LOL