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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Fashion Blues

Hi here is another lazy fashion post. Full of a shade of blue I

Outfit 1

I matched this blue dress with another colorful scarf before. Check it out HERE if you care ΦωΦ

Whoa whoa whoa my nose bridge is growing taller and sharper  o(≧∇≦)o
Reverse aging visual effect due to the emphasis on my fluffy cheeks??

Nowadays I only put on minimal editing cuz I am getting younger and prettier bwahahahahaha

Don't ask me how I did this sophisticated style. I don't remember and most probably won't be able to replicate it in future lol. It was the result of an hour of random knotting!

Pictures of the 2nd outfit were actually taken earlier during spring when my hair was still black, but cincai la, the temperature during spring and fall is pretty much the same so the outfit is suitable for both! At that moment I hadn't reached the point to care about  "spring fashion should have warmer tone and floral colors" shit.

And now... I start to care slightly more. You know the saying that dressing style of a female will have an abrupt change within every 5 years, I think I am in the transition state and I would love to replace 70% of my ordinary clothing pieces. Get rid of all the boring tees and bring in the real fashion pieces rawr!!! 残念です, poor student like me has no $$$ to do closet renovation ╥﹏╥

Don't even get me started on the other half of my closet back in Malaysia. I am too cheapskate to give them away for free. Must at least earn back some profit even it's minimal. If not from where I get the extra budget to buy new clothes right??? Maybe I will hold an auction on my blog and on eBay first... then sell the unwanted ones to second-hand boutique or donate to Goodwill. Sorry la I will be money-oriented until I am free of debts.

Outfit 2

Should have mosaic-ed the head... kampung stail giler, mcm org darat besar keluar bandar je (¬_¬)ノ
(Lololol. Not gonna provide translation as it's a little derogatory. Sumimasen!)

The blue sweater and black boots are both from Land's End, got them for $8 and $10 respectively during end-of-season clearance sale. Getting branded items at low prices is indeed my talent, thank you very much.



  1. Just a wild guess, but I would have to say that blue is your favorite color?

    Ahhh....the good old days when the long hair was flowing... :-)