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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Fashion Blues

Hi here is another lazy fashion post. Full of a shade of blue I

Outfit 1

I matched this blue dress with another colorful scarf before. Check it out HERE if you care ΦωΦ

Whoa whoa whoa my nose bridge is growing taller and sharper  o(≧∇≦)o
Reverse aging visual effect due to the emphasis on my fluffy cheeks??

Nowadays I only put on minimal editing cuz I am getting younger and prettier bwahahahahaha

Don't ask me how I did this sophisticated style. I don't remember and most probably won't be able to replicate it in future lol. It was the result of an hour of random knotting!

Pictures of the 2nd outfit were actually taken earlier during spring when my hair was still black, but cincai la, the temperature during spring and fall is pretty much the same so the outfit is suitable for both! At that moment I hadn't reached the point to care about  "spring fashion should have warmer tone and floral colors" shit.

And now... I start to care slightly more. You know the saying that dressing style of a female will have an abrupt change within every 5 years, I think I am in the transition state and I would love to replace 70% of my ordinary clothing pieces. Get rid of all the boring tees and bring in the real fashion pieces rawr!!! 残念です, poor student like me has no $$$ to do closet renovation ╥﹏╥

Don't even get me started on the other half of my closet back in Malaysia. I am too cheapskate to give them away for free. Must at least earn back some profit even it's minimal. If not from where I get the extra budget to buy new clothes right??? Maybe I will hold an auction on my blog and on eBay first... then sell the unwanted ones to second-hand boutique or donate to Goodwill. Sorry la I will be money-oriented until I am free of debts.

Outfit 2

Should have mosaic-ed the head... kampung stail giler, mcm org darat besar keluar bandar je (¬_¬)ノ
(Lololol. Not gonna provide translation as it's a little derogatory. Sumimasen!)

The blue sweater and black boots are both from Land's End, got them for $8 and $10 respectively during end-of-season clearance sale. Getting branded items at low prices is indeed my talent, thank you very much.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Rewind 2011: Fall Fashion

Lazy photo post again. 

Busy and burned-out undergrad genetics major blogger should quit dreaming about getting more views or gaining popularity in blogosphere okay. Just be a good student and update blog when you're too tired to study but reluctant to sleep... or maybe time would be better spent if I do more practice sets catch some sleep...?

Hey my ambition is to be a successful scientist and UN activist not a top blogger so please work harder towards the major goal okay. But why can't I be everything I want to be...? what about being an author? I pledged that I have to publish some books before entering my late twenties

Anyway... These are some picture I took last year when I was going for a sluttier less juvenile look.

These were taken during my first semester at UW, when I still managed to wake up a bit earlier to put on make-up and style hair to class almost everyday. (out of habit, because I had been attending classes fashionably for a year at INTI-IU)

This was taken even earlier. Japanese style eye make-up on the 1st day of SOAR (orientation), late-August.
I am pretty resistant to cold temperature among international Asians lol. On the right is my friend Catherine.

Catherine in my dream winter boots T_T my size ran out of stock and when they re-stock I already bought many other pairs *cries*

Cheap fluff bought at Walgreen. One day it rained when I wore them out, and they were all soaked in rain water. I was too smart so I dried them in oven. Even smarter when I found a way to hide the burned parts lol. Already threw them away due to worn-off bottom parts.

One of my most favorite dress!!! Pink and fluffy!!! ♥♥♥

This was actually my outfit during 2011 winter break (worn with winter coat, of course) but it's my fall wear this year :)

Meow. Last year I preferred thin but dark eyebrows.

Sexy cat eyes make-up. Haven't done this style for a year already.

This year I am still fashionable lah but no more mojo to wear make-up. With the bangs it seems like I am going through reverse aging. Which is a good thing I suppose...? :D

Will do another fashion post next week because lazy post is so easy to write. lololol. Maybe a rant post too cuz I just encountered the first academic shit in this semester and am dealing with it!!! Shitty class with shitty professor and shitty China classmates. Okay don't think I will write about it lah, not worth my time and no big deal anyway. Not sure which is worse: drop it or suffer through it till the end of the semester... Will see how things go tomorrow. 

Other than this no-credit class, my current performance in other courses is so far so good! Thank you! :D

Good luck to me, and to you in whatever you're doing :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Samurai hairstyle wtf

 I have no idea why I did this to my hair

From side I look like I had my hair bitten by a dog. 
Although I can argue that I'm going for samurai hairstyle.

Like this.

 From front I make WSK look like a pedophile

This is if I hide the bitten patches with bob trick.

Looks like keroro?

I know hair grows. I can foresee the patches growing into this:

Great option for Halloween. Fuck my itchy hands.



But luckily my face is pretty enough to counter this LOLOLOLOL. 
I should NEVER EVER cut my own hair into weird shape again I SWEAR!!! As the Japanese saying goes, kami wa onna no inochi desu!!!! (髪は女の命です!!!) = Hair is woman's life!!!!!!!!!!!

And luckily my hair is thick enough, even after I cut short half the original volume of my hair, I still have enough long hair to cover up the sides... it just looks thinner than before. So as long as I use less conditioner, the long part will be less silky smooth and hence puff up! And that shall pass I guess?

So I should be grateful? :D


Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Picking at Eplegaarden

... which is an old-fashioned rural orchard in Madison that possibly hosts ghosts and trolls. (their website said so)

All pictures were stolen from Chris and Rudy's FB albums cuz my camera was dead that day.

Hi it was the first week of the semester, which was 10 weeks ago from 5 weeks ahead from now.

Hi we were the "Best Pie Ever" team and we pledged to make the best pie ever.

We were talking about something and I suddenly called WSK by his nickname in League of Legend very loud (because I just found out about it the previous night and I kept teasing him) and everyone around turned and looked at me with horrified eyes. 

Kylie: EH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU everyone is looking!!!
Me: Whaaaaaat. It's not my fault that his nickname is LANJIAO. *doe-eyed* 

LOLOLOL WTF. You're welcome to call him Lanjiao wuahahahahaha

Hi this bus was an apple school bus.

Hi this was one of the event organizers, Dawn and she is also Malaysian students coordinator.

Hi meet fluffy head red-eyed fly, typical chinese eyes and my-beard-resembles-african-hair.

Spot the tree with many tiny flying cats (owls) on it! Bet you can't. Cuz it's on WSK's shirt hahaha wtf.

One small bag could hold up to 26 apples! Had to pay for the bag of course.

They say I can be anything. So I picked up antlers and became a reindeer.


All I did was picking up ultra red apples on the ground and eating the non-rotten parts. LOL

Attempt 1 to pick BIG RED APPLES on top of the tree. Because climbing the trees was forbidden!

Attempt 2. Note the tree at the back with BIG RED APPLES on top!

Could barely reach any though, still not tall enough -__-
My-beard-resembles-african-hair said this was a historical shot that we can show our grandchildren next time lololol.


Authentic country music!

emo apple
Emo apple is emo. 

Tasteless Scotland apples awaiting to be sliced and baked! The species is specially used for pie-making.

Unbaked pie. Under the crust were apple slices, 1 whole cup of sugar, butter and cinnamon!

TADAH!!! Excuse my expression hahahaha.

We shouted that at least 5 times while eating the pie. LOL