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Sunday, September 9, 2012


My post is finally up-to-date for once!

This spontaneous trip happened a week ago. WenLong and Jimi asked us to join them and we said okay. It was supposed to be a Labor Day spree but in the end I only bought a Fossil wallet for SK and didn't buy anything for myself. I am saving up for Black Friday and Thanksgiving sale :D

WSK is officially a student at UW-Madison now!

Mirror-camwhore level: Asian

We stopped at Aurora mall on the way to Chicago. Jimi was wearing his newly bought $180 Oakley polarized shade! At first Jimi was hesitant to buy it, as he lost a $200 Oakley shade before. He kept saying he felt guilty to spend tax payers' money on vanity bla bla bla.

I told him that money is meant to be spent  

Then throughout the trip, he was mumbling about whether to return it. In the end he kept it because it makes him happy and we all told him it is worth the money. This few days our friends were like are you serious $180 it is just a bloody shade but after they put the shade on, they were like omg this is a part of my face and some wore it for a while before they reluctantly returned it to Jimi. See, good brand does mean something okay! lololol.

This picture doesn't do the shade justice! More pictures of it in the next post.

I don't really like Chicago. The city has a hectic heartbeat with skyscrapers, cars and people everywhere.  It feels a lot like Seattle, although Seattle was kinda in a slowed rhythm due to snow storm when I went there. When we walked on the streets in Chicago, there were several stinky air attacks and those were the moments I was really thankful for where I live. Thank you Wisconsin, for the less stressful rhythm, the parties (Chicago is less happening than Madison during the weekend, I have no idea why), the fresh air, the green and the better scenery. Thank you :)

Magical lamp posts which changed colors with the rhythm of music.

I almost spent in Juicy Couture store, especially when I saw those dream bags and fluffy tracksuits ah ah ah ahhhhhh but my rationality stopped me.

The golden rule is to wait for Black Friday Sale

Anyway, I am kinda repelled by Juicy Couture now... When I was in the store, I sprayed some JC fragrance on myself because the air in the store smelled so nice. Little did I know, these stupid JC fragrance gave me massive perfume headache at the end of the night! I knew some perfumes could give me dizzy head, but I never encountered perfume which killed me like this. Usually a good sleep will cure my headache, but the pain was so intense I couldn't even rest in the hotel room, and that was when I realized the headache wasn't because of sleep deprivation (this was the cause of my headaches 90% of the time) but the stupid fragrance!!!

SK bought ibuprofen (US version of panadol) for me, I took 2 pills and threw up and took another 2 pills and threw up again, but the intensity of my headache miraculously reduced by half, so I did some quick research immediately using SK's iPhone (this is how scientific I am) and found out that

Fragrance is one of the most common triggers of migraine. People with strong sense of smell is more vulnerable to concentrated scents which activate the nose's nerve cells and in turn stimulates the nerve system associated with head pain. 

SK jokingly said that maybe my vomit was too smelly it overshadowed the fragrance HAHAHA. I quickly washed off the scent off my hair and wrists, and my headache subsided. The next day we stopped by Aurora again on our way back to Madison, and I went into JC store again to sniff the fragrance. Developed light headache immediately. Hypothesis proven.

Guess what made the Americans crazy?

Garrett popcorn

Overpriced Garrett popcorn, $29 for 1 gallon wtf. Jimi bought 2 tongs, we opened 1 tong in the car. Well it did smell and taste very yummy but I am not a big fan of popcorn so I think it is a bit overrated... Btw it reminded me that Professor Borges' complain about Malaysia's sweet popcorn. American popcorn is salty. Malaysians in the USA tend to prefer caramel-flavored one, which is more sweet than salty.

WenLong dropped us at the Millennium Park while he went to get a hair cut.

wrigley square
Wrigley Square is a public square located in the northwest corner of Millennium Park. It contains the Millennium Monument, a nearly full-sized replica of the semicircle of paired Greek Doric-style columns (called a peristyle) that originally sat in this area of Grant Park between 1917 and 1953. The square also contains a large lawn and a public fountain.

cloud gate chicago bean
Oh hi this is the famous Chicago silver bean which all visitors love to camwhore with. 

Cloud Gate, designed by Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor, made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together. Its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. 

cloud gate chicago bean
SoongKit, cinnamoroll, Jimi and Dre

cloud gate chicago bean
Holla. My reflection is in the middle of this picture.

cloud gate chicago bean
Bought this shirt at Old Navy's kid section heh

cloud gate chicago bean
My photographer is one among the people with least artistic sense I know so there is no way my photos with the bean would look creative... le sigh.

cloud gate chicago bean
But never mind I was happy :)

cloud gate chicago bean
Okay lemme tell you something irrelevant this photo reminds me of... I had sore throat on the second day of the trip because I hit my Eve's Apple on the chair so fucking hard and the pain was so intense my mind went blank for 10 seconds. Don't ask me how it happened I don't even

And before I hit my throat, I was wandering in the corridors, knocking on random doors in a heavy tower (wet by sauna and jacuzzi) because the guys went back room first and I didn't know our room number... I was waiting for SK to realize my disappearance but he was taking a shower. Luckily WenLong realized I wasn't back and opened the room door... by that time I was already fully dressed, cuz I waited too long and decided to grab a dry tower from the room service cart and dry myself in public HAHAHA. No lah nobody was in the corridor that time and I did it really quick. But maybe the hidden cameras did capture me naked. The security guard must be happy HAHAHA.

cloud gate chicago bean
Photo taken by me. See the difference between an artistic and a non-artistic person now? Btw this shows you that the surface of the bean was actually quite gross with all the touching by visitors. Major exchange center of bacteria population.

cloud gate chicago bean
Under the bean. Super crowded! Should have followed Inthuja's suggestion to visit at night.

cloud gate chicago bean
Bean-ception 1

cloud gate chicago bean
Bean-ception 2

The centerpiece of Millennium Park is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, a bandshell designed by Frank Gehry. The pavilion has 4,000 fixed seats, plus additional lawn seating for 7,000; the stage is framed by curving plates of stainless steel, characteristic of Gehry.

Buckingham Fountain is a Chicago landmark in the center of Grant Park. Dedicated in 1927, it is one of the largest fountains in the world. Built in a rococo wedding cake style and inspired by the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles, it is meant to allegorically represent Lake Michigan. It operates from April to October, with regular water shows and evening color-light shows. During the winter, the fountain is decorated with festival lights.

The fountain operates daily 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. from mid-April through mid-October. Water shows occur every hour on-the-hour and last 20 minutes. During shows, the center jet shoots up vertically to 150 feet (46 m) and after dusk, shows are choreographed with lights and music. The last show begins at 10:00 p.m. nightly.

Self-shot while waiting for WenLong to pick us up. This is what you call talent. :P

The next day was first day of school and both SK and I totally forgot that it was a Tuesday... early in the morning, I banged into the lecture room, climbed (literally) to the empty seat in the middle of the back row, sat down, realized that I was in the wrong class, climbed back out (with all the attention on me), checked my class schedule on a kiosk and suddenly realized that I was referring to the Monday schedule FML -______-

Luckily I made it to the right class on time and managed to wake SK up by phone call and save him from skipping his first class! My first week of class was pleasant :)

Yesterday we went to an apple farm to pick apples. And we baked our first apple pie in life :D will be up in the next post!

Thank you God, for everything in my life.



  1. I also don't care much for Chicago ...I think I've only been there 3 times in my life...and 2 of the times were for work!

    I also think that Garrett's popcorn is over-rated...huh...

    You did take some good pics...and thank God you got rid of the black toenail polish...haha

    It's too bad that you puked...but it was Chicago afterall...LOL

    1. This was my first visit to Chicago! People were in disbelief every time I told them I had not yet been there.

      Based on my visits to Seattle and Chicago, I don't think I'd ever like New York.

  2. where did you buy your jeans? :O i love thattt

    1. eBay! Just search 'side bow jeans' something like that!