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Friday, August 31, 2012

RainbowColor Lens Review

One week ago was my first anniversary studying in the USA! :D 

In this past one year, I got compliments about my look from strangers (that I am very pretty/beautiful) quite a lot of times. True story lol. Especially during recent months! At first I thought it was because I dyed my hair the end of March, but then when I recall, another peak time when I received compliments from strangers was Dec-Jan (winter break), which was before I dyed my hair.

Then I know why already. It is because of the colored lens...

rainbowcolor lens

Sorry for cropping out le boobs, the focus of these pictures in this post should be le eyes lol wtf. COME ON LOOK AT MY EXOTIC EYES. lololol. Full pictures plus other bikini shots will be up after at least a few months. Told you I am super overdue.

Anyway this post is to reveal the brand of colored lens I am wearing!

rainbowcolor lens

RainbowColor cosmetic lens!

This is a collaboration between GEO lens and Malaysian top blogger, Cheesie! Thank you Cheesie sooooo much this project is superrrrr awesome!

In case you cannot see from the picture above, there is a Buy 3 Free 1 deal which makes 1 pair of colored lens as cheap as RM43.50 ($14), plus the package of a total of RM174.00 qualifies the order for worldwide free shipping from online shopping site, TokyoninkiThe lens is 3 months disposable, meaning I only spent $4.66 per month on this!!!!! Where else can you find other medically certified brand as cheap as this???!!!

For those who asked, this is how I get colored lens supply at an affordable price in the USA :D :D :D

You can find more details from the full blog posts by Cheesie herself HERE and HERE.

rainbowcolor lens cheesie cheeserland
Brochure that comes with the purchase, and the model is Cheesie herself!!! Super cool okay.

I only bought 2 colors though, because my left eye wears power -3.00 and my right eye wears power -2.00, meaning I have to buy 2 pairs of the same color but different powers... I only bought another brand once before I flew over, and 2 pairs of 1 month disposable colored lens cost me RM180 asfdhkjol@#$%wnkl. Buying in the USA is even more expensive because you need a prescription from the doctor! Then I decided that FML, $$$ should come before vanity for a poor scholar like me.
Then this RainbowColor was launched and my life is awesome again rainbowcolor lens

I started wearing RainbowColor since April and I can tell you, the quality is good. I have no idea how, but this brand is more comfy than the expensive brand I tried before. My record was wearing them for 16 hours straight, and only during the 12th hour they started to irritate my eyes... You are not supposed to wear contact lens for more than 8 hours per day, and usually I just wear for 6 hours or less during weekdays. And because I didn't wear them for long time everyday and I took good care of them, I wore my first pair for more than 3 months and 1 week. I checked, it is okay to extend a bit if your lens is not too "worn" but you should not extend for too long. When it starts to irritate your eyes, it's time to change a new pair... but better change before it gets to that point!

Wood Ash

I was wearing this color in the syok-sendiri modeling shots up there. When I made the purchase, I thought I wanted to go for more naturally look so I chose this instead of the more vibrant earth brown. But since I tried Lilac Purple first, Wood Ash is not vibrant enough for me... I think I wanna try Sky Blue and Storm Grey next, if Geo Lens haven't released more colors! They are missing green for now...

The result on me:

rainbowcolor lens
Attempting to do Cheesie's trademark smile hahaha wtf. See how the lens enlarged my iris?

rainbowcolor lens
Taken indoor using Cybershot digicam, with flash

rainbowcolor lens
Taken indoor using phone camera, without flash.

rainbowcolor lens
Taken outdoor using DSLR

Lilac Purple

rainbowcolor lens
Taken indoor without flash. Can't tell the color!

rainbowcolor lens
This and the following two pictures were taken in front of a half-covered window.

rainbowcolor lens

rainbowcolor lens

rainbowcolor lens
Taken in front of fully uncovered window. Act emo. lol

rainbowcolor lens
With flash. I know I look like some creepy doll here! I like it :D

rainbowcolor lens
Taken outdoor with flash. Refer to the previous post if you wanna see boobage and the top of my crappy bangs :X

Thank you Cheesie for this awesome project rainbowcolor lens
Thank me for sharing this with you rainbowcolor lensBUY NAOOOO

Ending this post with a rare blue-green-grey eye color that changes with lighting:

I jelly T_T



  1. Holy shit, the last eye just freaked me out!

  2. WTH...I feel cheated! You mean to tell me those pics from the photoshoot from the first couple pics were done with you in a bikini...and you only posted headshots! LOL. Come on....let's get serious and post the FULL pics...haha. BTW...I like the blue-colored contacts the best (they are the brightest ones!)

    1. LOL be patient! I will try out blue and grey next year :)

  3. Yeah, I do need to be more patient (everyone tells me that). But remember, you used the head-shot from that photo-shoot at least once before this post, with barely your collar-bone at this rate...I'm thinking that after your eyes, we will get pics of only your nose next, then your ears...etc.., etc.... *serenity now* *serenity now* :-)