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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

LGBT Fruit Festival @ Plan B

Hi I am not dead. Neither has my semester started. Neither have SK and I been visiting places everyday.

I recently moved to another apartment and I have never expected to have to take so long to settle down!!! It has been 10 days since SK and I moved in and yet I haven't done unpacking ashjhkjklqeoyt never mind. Let me keep all these in another post when my apartment is finally presentable. 

Back to this event we attended 2 months ago.

We joined the festival around 12pm, which means that we missed the NAKED bike ride that morning T_T

Soon after we arrived, the Drag Bingo started! 

(Quotes below are extracted from an anthropology senior distinction thesis titled Man, Wife and Bingo Verifying Diva: What Drag Bingo Can Do For You and Me)

Basically, Drag Bingo is held by HIV/AIDS fundraising organization which brings together people of the community of different gender and sexual orientations.

"Drag Bingo shows how the gay and drag social scenes are being pulled up from underground– in bars and nightclubs— and made public and legitimate, a change from previous decades. The main social outlets to be openly gay or to experience drag were concentrated in places that were seen as unsafe, dirty, and sexually promiscuous. But Drag Bingo is a place to experience drag in a legitimized and safe setting. As an environment where you can bring your kids or your grandma, it is inviting to people who may have never seen a drag show before but want to. Drag Bingo is also a place where people can seek acceptance within a like-minded community, because at Drag Bingo it is okay to be normative. While celebrating gender and sexual difference, Drag Bingo is not exclusive or counter-heterosexual."

This anthropology paper I quoted from is worth a read, the writer explained the deeper context of this phenomenon very well. I am so glad I did some research while writing this post, or else I wouldn't even come across the term 'drag bingo'... I thought it was just a Bingo game put together with drag shows. Heh.

Btw, if you wanna know more about the US version of Bingo, read THIS (how the game goes) and THIS (bingo patterns).

drag queen bingo lgbt

Love watching these cross-dressed sisters! They walked around to offer assistance to the players, e.g. passing out bingo fliers and bingo markers, repeating the numbers called etc. I regret not asking for a picture with them...

On the contrary, one of my housemates left before the game started because she was nauseated by the scene  o_O and soon, another 2 housemates left too because they thought the festival was just a LGBT gathering for bingo. SK stayed because I insisted to stay, and I was glad we did because the experience was awesome :)

drag queen bingo lgbt

The hosts announced the rules to the bingo virgins before the game started. When certain numbers got called, the crowd had to respond with the actions assigned.
B-7: stomp feet like a 7-year-old
G-54: make a disco call that sounds like Oy! Oy!
O-69: stand up, wiggle arms flailing in the air and yell Woooooo!
I guess this rules vary. In this festival, they just stomped palms on table when B-7 was called. There were a few more special numbers, but I forgot... didn't pay attention since I wasn't playing the game. LOL.

But I do remember that the term 'premature bingo' muahahaha. (mistaken bingo)

drag queen bingo lgbt

drag queen bingo lgbt

"Each round of bingo is interspersed with a performance by one of the BVDs (Bingo Verifying Divas). The divas have each practiced a song, which they lip-sync when it is their turn to perform. They also walk and dance up and down the stage in the center aisle of the room. Their art is an illusion, a masking of one body by creating another more feminine one."

In other words, these divas were males. Or I should say, they were born males. (cuz I am not sure if they were cross-dresser/ transvestite/ transgender/ co-gender/ hermaphrodite... damn I should have attended event like this before I wrote my anthropology paper ughhh)

drag queen bingo lgbt

He/she was the only one who took off the wig! Halfway performing, he walked to the pool, fell backward into the water and stood up wet as shown in the 4th picture! The awesome part was that he did not need help or struggle much to get up on those heels O.O they wore heels better than I do wtf.

fruit fest lgbt plan b
That was a golf ball hahahaha

fruit fest lgbt plan b
 Maybe I can set up my own stall too heh

Why are kids of races other than Asians so adorable whyyyyyyy

Ughh weird face and weird hair but meh, my fabulous outfit got me some compliments lol

fruit fest lgbt plan b
Don't blame me for cropping off his face okay SK is almost 6-feet-tall and my arm is short

fruit fest lgbt plan b
Better shot by SK's longer arm. He didn't notice my lens were purple till I told him wtf. 
(On a side note, I'm gonna do a RainbowColor lens review in the next post)

Super comfy 4-inch-tall wedges, the same pair I wore on my 21st birthday

huge big dog

huge big dog

huge big dog
The owner said this dog is a people magnet. Indeed! 

huge big dog
The sisters loved him too!

huge big dog
Another dog!

fruit fest lgbt plan b
Turtle guy heh

fruit fest lgbt plan b drag queens
They wanted to see him fall into the water!

SK gave a try but he threw too hard, the golf ball flew across the door into the camp and landed (bounced?) on the table while people sitting at the table screamed for their lives HAHAHAHA wtf.

Was he trying to do Not-Bad meme face to the turtle guy? HAHAHA

“I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” --President Obama Barack, May 9, 2012, in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC News

fruit fest lgbt plan b balloon art
Balloon art

fruit fest lgbt plan b balloon art
More balloon art

fruit fest lgbt plan b
The champion of  Star Fruit Idol 2012 (they had the finale on spot)

fruit fest lgbt plan b
Star Fruit 1st runner-up

fruit fest lgbt plan b drag queens
More queens

fruit fest lgbt plan b
The emcee in black officially came out as a gay man on stage near the end of the festival. Bravo!

And then my camera's battery died and I was reluctant to use phone camera so I didn't take picture when Cazwell performed.

fruit fest lgbt plan b cazwell
"... an American rapper and songwriter. His work focuses on gay and bisexual urban themes and content, and his music and videos are frequently played on Logo, a US cable channel geared towards the LGBT community."
Source: Wikipedia

Cazwell gave a awesome short speech which went something like this: "You guys are awesome! Be yourself and be proud of who you are!!! [Insert pride speech]... And YOU straight people, KEEP REPRODUCING and make more AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE US!!!"

I was like OKAYYYY :D :D :D

fruit fest lgbt plan b girls in coma
 Girls in Coma, a rock band of 3 girls. Super love the vocal but only managed to find one song of theirs on Spotify :(

fruit fest lgbt plan b punk crazy hair
When you're happy and you know it clap your hair... *hair claps*

fruit fest lgbt plan b
The emcee performed a Lady Gaga's song! Look alike right!

fruit fest lgbt plan b lady gaga drag queen
I'm gonna post this picture on FB and caption it "I just watched GAGA!!!" and see if people actually believe me. lol.

I have a similar outfit!!!

Taken by ShihYuin Chew. Will be up in the future [Photo Album] post ;)

The Fruit Fest event photographer took a picture of SoongKit and I when we were leaving :D sadly they haven't uploaded the 2012 gallery onto their website or FB page. I have checked 3 times. Ngehhhh.

I am at my workplace now and I am gonna rush home (waiting for my boss to disappear from sight, she is sitting behind me talking to my mentor now lol) to clear up the mess before my open house party this Saturday! Omg first time throwing a party by my own.

K bye.



  1. You looked very pretty in your "rainbow" dress, which happened to be perfect for the occassion.

    I don't think that is my type of event, but it's nice to know that you are an open, free, and unfettered type of person.

    (and it's good to know that you don't need golf-balls in your dress) :-0

    1. IKR. My gay roommate told me that my outfit was more gay than all gay people there. Which I agree. LOL!

  2. Has anyone told you you look like Gong Li? :P

    1. Every now and then people will say I look like some celebrities -_- Last time was Gui Lun Mei. Then Xu Jiao. The rest I forgot. LOL