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Friday, July 13, 2012

USA Independence Day

Nothing special. Only attended the outdoor orchestra at Capitol building cuz my roommate Lin asked me to go with her. And the highlight of this post is a cute kid who had an elephant's appetite. No joke. You'll see as you scroll down to the bottom.

I know there were parade or some other fun stuff at other places, but I had zero interest to travel because of the shitty weather. It was like 100 °F which is like 40°C and I almost felt like a dragon breathing fire wtf. Plus, I started my day not very nicely. I walked in the hot air (that was how shitty it was) for 10 minutes to the lab, only to find out that the building was closed and it was a public holiday! Didn't even realize that July 4 was Independence Day till I reached home after another 10 minutes of BBQ-ing self under the sun.

Luckily the temperature was bearable in the evening (compared to the room temperature of my apartment).

wisconsin madison capitol square building
the capitol building

wisconsin madison capitol orchestra independence day
the orchestra

My left eye lid suddenly decided to become double eye lid wtf. Right eye lid only semi-transformed -.=

and her cutesy possessions

wisconsin madison capitol independence day
the crowd 

wisconsin madison capitol independence day
the crowd on the other side

the orchestra playing National anthem. Such a pointless video without my face in it...

And the kid with an elephant's appetite.... *drumroll*


caught you!!! 

We thought he would give the sandwich to his parents after a few bites but wrong!!!!!!!! He held on to it and was also eating popcorns, chips, and tangerine at the same time!!!


almost gone

opps he noticed me

... and he told his dad?

Wanted to snap one last picture of him with the last bite but couldn't. Cuz I was scared they walked over to scold me and then sue me for violating child's privacy or something. Lol.

But seriously where had the food gone to??? He is so tiny!!! What sorcery is this???????!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I think that I'd be more interested in watching you scarf down some food -- but I guess the anonymous kid will have to do....haha.

    Isn't it like HOT in Malaysia? 100 deg F should be like nothing to you. After all, when the temp goes up, just shed more clothes (and then take pics) LOL.

    1. The thing is, in Malaysia I don't walk around during daytime, I will be hiding in air-conditioned room or travel in air-conditioned car and even if we have to walk outdoors, we carry umbrellas!

      I prefer winter, when it's cold you can wear more, but when it's hot there is a limitation how much you can strip :X

  2. Don't look down at skinny people, I have a quite big appetite too! Haha

    1. Actually me too, bigger than SK's and Rudy's haha!

  3. So have you ever went to a fireworks show in the USA for July 4th? I haven't seen one for a long time, but I must admit, some of the very large shows can be impressive...

    1. You should do some posts on the different dates that you've been on and funny or weird things that happened on the dates -- that would be fun... But if you're not "interested"....I understand. :p haha