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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thank you, Notty, and people who love him

Note: If you're not interested in cats/pets' medical problems, just watch the videos and start reading from the paragraph below the 2nd video

Video I took the last month I was in Malaysia, compiled and uploaded 2 days ago.

Notty is now in the vet. He started vomiting 6 days ago, refused to drink and eat, so my family took him to the vet. When my mom was in the vet, she called me on the phone, Notty was crying (you know, that kind of meowing) and my mom was crying too. So you can tell that I was so emotional for the past few days.

I learned from the veterinarian (on phone and via emails) that Notty's condition is quite serious, and the chance of full recovery is 50/50, because they haven't found out the cause of his sickness, and so far they can only monitor his condition by giving him drip and some drugs (anti-diarrhea, anti-vomiting, antibiotics). Tested for FeLV and FIV, turned out negative. Tested for parasites, not the case too. So it might be poisoning, but no idea how Notty could get poisoned when he has never left the house, and there wasn't anything poisonous in our house that Notty could reach... weird.

However on Thursday, my mom decided took Notty home because she heard that rumors about the vet  exaggerating to cheat for money. Plus Notty has been there for 4 days and hadn't gotten better. After Notty was taken home, my dad refused to send Notty to another vet, saying cat has 9 lives and that Notty looks fine.

I was pissed and paranoid (how is blood in stool, vomiting non-stop and not eating+drinking fine??? gerammm) because based from the research I did online, dehydration could cause instant death and the veterinarian told me Notty's kidney and liver were not working very well. I bugged my mom to send him to another vet and it caused some small arguments in my family.... (sigh)

But two good news!!!

One is, Notty was so damn lively after they fetched him home. I asked my family to bring him to the grass and see if he could munch some (cuz cats eat grass and throw up to heal themselves). When Donut and my aunt brought Notty to the grass, he was very excited (he never got to play outside the house), smelled something interesting, and went under the car! Donut and aunt had to drag the rope and his legs to pull him out. Then while walking back home (the grass area is just across the road), a truck passed by and Notty instantly freed himself from Donut's hug and jumped down to chase after the truck wtf.

Like this how to get people to believe that he was sick. Monster cat 

Another good news is, the current vet seems to know how to deal with Notty's condition!!! The veterinarian said it's probably throat ulcers that stopped Notty from eating and drinking, and the rapid vomiting and blood in stool were due to severe gastric, since he hadn't eaten for 4 days!!! Omfg could it be so simple why didn't the first vet thought of this and force-fed Notty!!! Dafuq. Now Notty is taken care of in this vet. Sounds quite positive 

Update: The current vet tested Notty for feline distemper (or panleukopenia, FPV) and the result is positive. I KNEW IT. Before they took Notty out from the first vet I already suspected so and asked the veterinarian about this virus infection in email, she said she hadn't tested for it. Goddamn I guess better than a veterinarian from across the globe -_- but never mind I am still grateful that the first vet took good care of Notty, corrected his dehydration, kept his body temperature optimal and gave him antibiotic. Or else Notty could have died. And I read that if a cat makes through first 48 hours of infection, there is a high chance the cat can have full discovery. So thank you!!! 

How did Notty get infected? Well, my family reported that a stray cat jumped in our house through the window and wandered a bit at the kitchen area. After the stray cat left, Notty went there and sniffed the floor for very long time. Yep this feline parvovirus is this easy to be transmitted.

Initially I planned to write this gratitude post after Notty has fully recovered, but then I thought to myself, "Why wait?" Gratitude speeds up good things to happen! #TheMagic

So here goes, a post dedicated to my babycat Notty McFluffy, all people who have helped taking care of him (plus wishing him good health), and all of you who adores his cuteness :)

First I wanna thank Meng Hon, for picking Notty up from the roadside of an avenue and dropping him in INTI International University hostel area when Notty was still a new-born kitten. I didn't know that until I first uploaded Notty's pictures on FB and Meng Hon told me in the comments. He was worried if Notty didn't know how to watch the car... such a golden heart he had :)

But... what I meant by "dropping Notty' in INTI was literally! Meng Hon thought cats know how to land safely but Notty was only a tiny stupid kitten, he had his back leg hurt possibly due to the "dropping" (more like throwing in fact)... When I first adopted Notty, he couldn't run straight, but was still playful like hell. Super hyperactive like in this video. I am grateful that he can now walk and run straight, pretty agile, although he still made some throat noise when he landed from high places. 

Thank you Meng Hon. If not because of you, Notty might have been run over by a car or still be a stray cat exposed to starvation and infection. Thank you.

Secondly I want to thank my family, for allowing me to keep Notty and taking care of him during my absence at home. Thanks to all my family members for putting up with his sudden love bites, occasional knocking things down and cuteness overdose. Thank you :)

Thank you dad, for buying a cage for Notty, which made mom compromised to keep him in the first place, although Notty never went into the cage and the cage was soon too small for him. Thank you dad for bathing Notty, blow-drying him and cutting his nails every week, as well as clearing his litter box sometimes. Thank you :)

Thank you aunt, for feeding Notty with rinsed left-over (human food is too salty for cats), changing newspapers in his litter boxes, letting him stay at the shop (ground floor of our house) at night and releasing him upstairs every morning. And for training him to respond to the commands "close your eyes" and "shake your tail"!!! No idea how you did that. Thank you :)

Thank you brother Donut, for playing with Notty, putting up with disturbance from Notty when studying, and finger-massaging his head, neck and chin. Notty loves catching the small elastic balls Donut throws at the wall (which bounces back). Another hobby of Notty's is to catch the shaking pen when Donut is writing, or sitting on the book/paper he is reading/writing on lolololol. And Notty would close his eyes in pleasure when Donut massaged him (I did that too when I was at home). Thank you :)

Thank you Grandma, for putting up with Notty although he occasionally ran into your floor and played hide-and-seek hahaha.

Biggest thanks to most beloved mom, for loving Notty as much as I love him. Thank you for sending Notty to vet and visiting him in the vet everyday, and for talking to Notty in usual days hahaha. One time I saw Notty sitting on the edge of kitchen sink and my mom standing in front of him, talking to him with a scissor. She didn't realize I came upstairs.

Mom: "Ah Mao why your whiskers so white. Look like apek."
Mom: "Ah Mao I cut your whiskers okay?"
Mom: "Ah Mao look." *did empty-cutting in the air*
Mom: "Hehehehe Maooooo you scared or not???"
Notty: ......

 OMG CUTEST THING EVER. I was so anused until today. Hahahahaha. Thank you mom!!!

Thirdly I wanna thank the veterinarians for diagnosing the cause of Notty's sickness and taking care of him, to the extent of saving his life. Tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu.

Next I wanna thank SoongKit, for being there with me when I was sad and worried for Notty, and for offering to pay half of his medial expenses. Thank you 

Lastly I wanna thank Notty my most precious ever babycat, for the accompaniment you gave, joy you brought to me and my family, your cuteness which somewhat make many people feel happiness and love, and all the troubles you caused. Thank you because I learn how to love a living creature purely out of love, not because we are of the same species, not because of blood ties, not for any reward. Thank you because thinking of you always cheers me up when I was down. You are the best pet I could never imagine, so lively, mischievous, cute, fluffy, ginger, tabby, and everything. Be strong, be healthy, wait for the day of my return, and don't get depressed again after I leave if I cannot bring you over.

Notty I love you so much I want to cry 

For those who never experience and cannot understand such bond with pets, please go and die open up yourself and try it out. It's one among the best things in the world :)



  1. Love the last sentence to the max! Having pets at home is the most amazing thing ever, it creates the love atmosphere to the house, makes every member in the house feels sooooo ham fuk. 宠物都是天使 <3

    1. I love this comment too for elaborating my point!!! :D

  2. Notty still have a long way to go, glad to know he is alright.

    1. Thank you :) he is still in the vet for medication!

  3. I guess that most pets end-up becoming just like children. I once tried a tank of fish...but after I could barely see the fish in the tank was time for my kids to go. :-) I couldn't flush them, so into our town's lake they went.

    I'm glad that it worked out and naughty Notty survived to live another day....

    1. I don't really regard fishes as pets... We used to have 2 tanks at home but my family had to refill the tanks with new fishes every time the old ones died, the cycle repeated for more than ten years and we had reared more than 10 types of fishes, now we quit and rear 2 tortoises instead. Longer lifespan and more fun!

      Fluffy small animals are different because they roam around in the house and interact with humans... I am so grateful that Notty survived although now I have to get a paid job to pay back my mom his medical expenses. It's a sweet burden nevertheless :)