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Friday, July 20, 2012

Notty had left us

It has been a week since mom fetched Notty back home. This morning, he finally lost his battle to panleukopenia virus and left us due to serious secondary illness.

I will write a long, long blog post in memory of my dearest babycat when I am less grief stricken. 

Give me time.

Wanted to take a picture of me smiling to videos of Notty and this was what resulted


  1. I'm really sorry about your loss. I know that pets can be just like family members. Take care, and try to cheer up. (If I may recommend alcohol, it may speed the mourning process pr at least make you forget for a while).

    1. Thanks Mike... I ran out of liquor at home, too depressed to go out... beer doesn't help. Hopefully I'll move my ass to get some tomorrow.