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Sunday, July 8, 2012

My 21st Birthday!

OMG this is my 200th blog post!!!!!!!!

Okay. Back to the topic.

Exactly a month ago was my 21st birthday!!! Yay I'm such an overdue blogger wtf.

First I want to thank Wanyu for the FB messages, audio recording, whatsapp texts, 6 missed international calls and 2 international texts!!! OMG this is what you call BFF okay. 

Also thank you for the FB messages from senior YeeFang (cuz WeiTing told her but didn't wish me lol what), EricSaddam and Taha! And Zijia who posted a FB status to wish me, XiaoPing who tumpang under Zijia's status to wish me, and Shih Ting who purposely wished me one hour  later than she wished her brother my roommate hahaha. And JiMi who wished me face-to-face cuz I told him lol. TENKIU TO THESE 9 and a half PEOPLE. So much 

Other BFFs can go die already. Just because I hide my birthday on FB and disable wall-posting then nobody remembers!!!!!!!!!!!

(actually it's karma cuz I don't keep track with theirs too hahahahahaha wtf)

And last is my boyfriend  Soong Kit arrived in Madison on the morning of my 21st birthday, so of course I took a day off from work to fetch him (by bus)! The sky was so bright that day  

Had small talks with the black woman sitting beside us during the 40-minute bus ride back home. She was talking about the teen parents on the bus, said kids should not raise kids because they don't get to feel the joy for the new-born and kids raised by teen parents will become teen parents so the cycle won't end.

"Yah should always wait till yah're ready... Some people should not have kids. They are not happy."

Dunno what to reply so we just smiled back. She heard SK and I chatting and asked, "(you two) speak English?" 

I said "yup", and she gave us a smile and slight nod of approval. Lol what. I noticed when we Malaysian students hang out and converse in English, people around (Americans and foreign Asians) usually turn and look at us. Dafuq.

"We come from Malaysia."
"I have no idea where it is. Mah geography is bad." 

LOL I don't really expect Americans to know where Malaysia is. Despite having Twin Towers and KL Tower, Americans know Thailand and Singapore but have never heard of Malaysia... shouldn't our corrupt government feel really ashamed and concerned? But I bet they don't give a damn, unless $$$ is involved.

Then some black people came in, sat at the back and started swearing like nobody's business in their conversation. And the black woman shook her head and went, "Mah people just dunno how to behave..."

Before we went off the bus, she told us she works at Babcock Dairy Center and asked us to say hi if we ever drop by. That is our school dairy science building! I am visiting with my friend this Friday :D

SK's flight was a midnight flight and he couldn't sleep well on the narrow plane seat, while I slept late the night before, so we took a pretty long nap till dinner time. That was when Wanyu tried to call me on the phone. When I woke up and saw the missed calls I had a minor heart attack cuz Wanyu's heart is very fragile. Then I saw her text, she guessed it. I was sleeping. Lol best friends know best.

My outfit of the night:

asian in black evening dress
The necklace was bought by SK at Taipei International airport last year.

asian evening dress
Dress: $5 from Ragstock store on State Street
4-inch-tall wedges: $35 from

Decided not to post picture of me with SK cuz he just woke up that time and looked really terrible!!! Photoshop can't save cuz the angle is not right. Sigh.

sushi bento box japanese food
We shared one bento box + one bowl of sweet rice. SK eats very little as a guy, sometimes less than my portion! Ordered my first glass of legal alcohol too (means I did drink before 21 heh, here), but the white wine tasted so-so.

After dinner! God no idea why our mouths looked distorted in the original picture, and the partial shadow on SK's face took me some time to remove. But none compares to editing his hair!!! Goddammit almost broke my hand fixing his hair. He is actually one of the least vain person I know, but I am one of the most vain person I know, so I wouldn't allow myself to post ugly pictures of people I love!

In fact the whole night his hair looked like a bird nest while I was so nicely dressed... with make up and heels. When we were on the bus, the black guy sitting behind us patted on his back and told SK he was really a lucky ass and asked him to cherish me. After we got off the bus I told SK, "you know why he said you're lucky? Cuz I look gorgeous but you don't" lolololol. True what!

But for your entertainment purpose, this was how his fringe look like in the original picture...

I asked him to fix his hair before taking picture. I dunno how he fixed until became like this.

At night we went clubbing at Sotto the LBGT club again, cuz no cover for the whole summer and 1 drink free 1 shot every Friday! Alcohol in USA is dirt cheappppppp

Appletini! Already took the free shot before drinking this. Btw this angle is so not flattering!

drinking green apple martini
Finished a whole glass by my own for the first time and experienced alcohol-high for the first time!

asian drinking appletini club
Mad love this! This angle flatters me best! No need PS!

 Wikipedia said alcohol content by IBA standard is 60%. I was already slightly high when we took this...

The rest that happened in the club that night is not for you to know lololol. But I really love the feeling of getting high on alcohol! I was very happy and relaxed, still 100% conscious of what's happening, but didn't give a fuck what I was doing :D Okay maybe not really till that extent, I just gave less fuck hahahaha. And my balance on the 3-inch heels was still good! Cuz I held on to SK most of the time. Heh.

When the alcohol effect was over, I felt pretty fresh along our walk back home! Much better compared to the after-effect of red-bull mixers (they make you energetic for a while and when the caffeine effect is over, you crash like a zombie). I think I'm quitting them.

2 days later my Malaysian friends held a birthday dinner for June birthday girls!

Look at WSK beside me. Don't you think his neck is pretty flexible. lol

It was a restaurant in a hotel and SK and I ordered this! The picture showed half the portion of an order.  The order costs $30. After dinner, my friends said they would pay for us as birthday treat omg so nice. Had I know it earlier I would order something more expensive cheaper lol.

birthday card
Also got this card made by HanFang and Meiting!

I asked them to pass around the card and write more but there were still empty spaces in the middle.

so nicely designed right!!! love these girls.

They also got me this as birthday present :D

SK dunno what to get me so I just picked a Harry Potter wand and a set of badges for all houses on eBay but the quality sucks! The wand is plastic-made and the badges don't even get the names and colors of houses right -_- so ugly I'm lazy to show you. Maybe I'll take pictures with the wand when Halloween comes.

Thank you in advance if any of you would like to wish me happy belated birthday!



  1. why did you chop his fringe into ^-shaped? no other choice?

    1. -_- you can try edit the original one with other options... if you managed to do it please send to my email

  2. Happy 200th! Nice outfit too. The photo-shopped pic with the vampire teeth and black lips looked scary -- but at least your lips now match your toenails. :p