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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I met Lykke Li at a gig???

Memorial Terrace (at Lake Mendota) is very happening during summer. I love hanging out there, just to watch the sunset, the concerts and the happy crowd! Also to watch the wild ducks fly in the sky and swim in the lake and walk on the lake side. Yes ducks fly. "The Ugly Duckling" story is fake lol. And when ducks quack it's sooo amusing omg I love ducks

2 weeks ago (my posts are always overdue. Always.) I went there with Rudy. We both wore blue coincidentally and our specs look alike too! His spec I chose for him wan haha.

#1 An woman sitting beside us offered to take a picture for us. Then a shiny Adam's apple grew out of my neck.
#2 Rudy: "y u no show teeth"
#3 Me: "now why you no show teeth"
#4 Look at the shape of our chins. Twins wtf. BFF giler

The gig that night was awesome! First was Stolen Silver. Both vocals were good!

Before Rudy took this picture, a skinny young guy was standing very still right in front of the stage, staring at Levi Britton (curly hair) through a few songs. A few times when Levi turned to the drummer while rocking (indie-folking?) on his guitar, Rudy and I were like "look look he is sickened by that guy staring at him" lolol. In the end, the guy sat down on the ground after a sudden realization of the awkwardness he caused. Hahaha.

Dan Myers (straight hair) is super talented at musical instruments! He played like 5 or 6 throughout the night, sometimes 3 or 4 in one song. But this band is quite new, still in their first year so the crowd was not as crazy.

Next up was Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. When Ade started singing, her vocal killed me instantly!!! 

This is the type of vocals I would fall in love with!!! Too bad she only sang for the background vocal in the other songs.

The band is in their fifth year now, they were quite famous! Look at the crowd!



I was like asdfgjhkliuwbbiiunw is she Lykke Li she looks exactly like Lykke she sounds like her she even dances like her SHE MUST BE LYKKE but how is it possible what is Lykke doing here??????!!!!! 

And then I was like Rudy faster take pictures of her can I ask her for a photo should I ask her if she is Lykke what if she is but she denies it omg omg omg 


For you all who dunno Lykke Li, she is the singer of Possibility in New Moon soundtrack and my favorite female singer!!! I love every single song of hers to death asdfghjkqtiongvvbzmn

This is how Lykke looks like!!!

She always does her hair in a bun and her eyes are very special!!! Now scroll up again and look at the previous picture!!! How was it possible that the young woman looked so much like her but not her?! RIGHT????!!!! She was of Lykke's height too!!!

Once I got home I went to Lykke's official website and found out that she was not on any tour or job commitment at the moment!!! So it could be her! Then I googled to see if Lykke has a butterfly tattoo on her back. Sadly I couldn't find any info on this :( But I got to know that Lykke has a few small tattoos on her hand, which I didn't know earlier, hence didn't pay attention to that while I was at the gig! Ugh. 

And the difference between BFF and bf...

Me: She is Lykke Li omg she must beeeee
Rudy: She is not Lykke Li okay why would Lykke Li be in a small town like Madison?!

Me: I think I met Lykke Li but Rudy said it's impossible that she is in Madison...
Soong Kit: Maybe it's her? Why didn't you ask? You should have called out "Lykke Li" and see if she turned!

So I concluded that the young woman standing in front of me at the gig was Lykke Li. *hypnotize self*



  1. You really does look like her....even the nose, eyebrows, & hair. But after careful evaulation...of her ears....I'm afraid to say...I don't think it's her. Don't be was a close one...really. :-)