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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Commentary on SK's 1st blog post

hot asian couple
I know I look very different here... cat eye effect ha. 

I bet most of you who dunno my boyfriend personally are curious about him, and I think that the best way to know people's real selves is through their blogs (of course, only if they run some decent ones), so I have attached the link to SK's blog at the very bottom of my sidebar (not that I don't love him enough, he has only 27 posts so far and rarely writes new one).

Now go and look at what he blogs before you continue.

I know you're lazy to scroll down, just click here.

Don't read beyond the following picture... Go take a look now.

asian couple clubbing
Love my single eye lids cuz single can become double but double cannot become single heh.

I bet you didn't/haven't... right. Haha. 

His blog posts are mainly serious philosophical stuff about life or politics, so if you like my style of blogging you might be bored. But he writes good English (he is English-educated) so it's worth a read.

I wandered to SK's blog even before he got to know me. I already knew his existence during KLIMUN* cuz he was one among the "best delegates gang", but he didn't know I was there cuz I was with another JPA-Banting gang and MIA half of the time for classes. He only realized my existence during INTIMUN** cuz I was the Vice Organizing Chairperson and co-chair of the assembly. According to him, he was attracted to me at first sight cuz I had some kind of mysterious smile and mischievous look in my eyes lol wtf.
*KLIMUN=Kuala Lumpur International Model United Nations
**INTIMUN=INTI International University MUN

And our first conversation started like this,

Me: Hi you're Soong Kit right?
SK: Huh why do everybody here know me?! (cuz we were the secretariat you dumbass)
Me: Ha I read your blog before.
SK: My blog is rubbish...
Me: I like the masturbation post. *wink*
SK: *embarrassed* Huh how did you find out about my blog?
Me: Oh Vivian links yours on her blog.
SK: Oh she did?

So yup... he blogged about masturbation and ticked the "adult content" option, so before this, readers would see the warning page before viewng his blog. I found it annoying and had him remove it removed it for him lol.

For some reason I skipped his first blog post that time, I just read it for the first time yesterday and it cracked me up! I know I should have some sort of sympathy but can't help it. Maybe it's because the content doesn't sync with his serious writing style hahaha.

So I decided to do a commentary on the post! :D

Below is the post. My comments are in purple. 

by Soong Kit

(What an uninteresting look... don't think I would still develop feelings for him if I knew him since young lol)

If u wanna read this, u gotta be prepared to be bored, really bored. (Okay)

Ready? (Yes) 

You sure?? (YESSSS)

Well.... here goes................ 

All i can remember as a kid is quite a lot, but most of it was quite boring. So in a vain attempt to not forget my childhood, i have bloody written this stupid blog, for me, and anyone desperate enough, to read and remember.

(I guess your girlfriend is desperate enough... and her blog readers too. )

My 1st memory, is when i was staying in my cousin's house, when i was really young (infant). I can remember i stayed there with my maid (Siti), and my cousin's grandad (dead now, didn't really get to know him). i played Lego every single day (how boring is that?). (Playing lego is not boring wtf is wrong with you) The reason i was staying there, is because my family went to Australia, and thought it would be a bloody waste to bring me, so they left me there, i'm not sure where my cousin's family was at that time, so i have to go and ask my parents. (Did you?)

(Talking early childhood memories, I could remember a scene when I was just born, still in the hospital, when the nurse fed me with a bottle. Bet this is what smart people have in common lol. )

The second thing i remember, was watching lion king with my cousin and brother (as i said, boring, its for me, not u) but the weird thing about this memory is, i can see us in 3rd person view (is this the right term?) by that i mean i can remember seeing us from the perspective of the roof.... maybe it was a dream, can't bloody make a difference.

(He told me about watching Sonic X (some sort of blue super hero creature cartoon) over and over again cuz it was the only tape his mom bought him. Eh kid you dunno how to turn on a TV is it? And what else could kids in cities do other than watching cartoon. I was raised in a village but parents didn't allow me to join other kids and play in the mud, so my early childhood was mainly about cartoon, lego and paper doll too wtf.)

The next memory, is on one of my birthdays when i was very young (if this is boring, don't say i didn't bloody warn you) all i can remember about it, was that i got a toy soldier "action figure" (that's what the westerners call it) n also that there were A LOT of people there, my grandparents, many cousins, and stuff, sadly, i don't have anymore parties like that.... (so sad) mostly because i'm so bloody annoying (that's what people say), that every one ran away.. and because my birthday is in the middle of the holidays, and everyone goes overseas (but i suspect its because i'm just annoying, n they don't wanna come, said ain't it).

(Eh please lah be grateful can ah, I never even had any birthday party before. But my family used to celebrate my birthday with huge cake and presents every year before my grandpa passed away and it was one of my best childhood memories :') And I think your friends just couldn't attend. Cuz my birthday is always during school break too so I never fucking get friends to celebrate with me...)

One thing i can (boring) remember about my past is, that i was usually alone (boring?), with my maid, or with my comp or some plastersin (is that how u spell it?), you know the dough that you use to make little men, and stuff. (boring ain't it?) This is mainly because my parents were out working (not sure about my mom, she doesn't work...), and doing stuff, my brothers and sister were studying already.... my eldest brother, sometimes plays with me, but is usually not there (sleeping), my second brother, for some reason, hates me (annoying ain't I?), or is just pissed off a lot (no difference now...) so he rarely plays with me, my sister, was always in her room, and i rarely see her.

(Walao eh why did you have to bracket "boring" so many times. Poor youngest kid. Now I think I am really a good sister to Donut, I always spent time to bully him hahahaha wtf.)

All i have were my dogs and maid. I liked to pull the hair of one of my dogs, and she would bite me, and i would cry (even dogs think i am annoying, maybe its a talent?).... (indeed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg why you pulled her hair?? Your mama no teach you don't mess with bitches ke? lololol)  and my maid is more boring than this blog (once, i tried to teach her chess, didn't work). (Your maid has got lots of chores to do, don't bother her with chess lah wtf)

And as i got older, i started going to kindergarten, there are some memories that just stick out, like when i was naughty once in kindergarten, and my teacher forced my to wash off my chop (it was a chop on my hand, i got it because i got all correct for my spelling, i think), and the other thing i remember about kindergarten, was when i once copied maths notes, the other way round, dumb wasn't I? (when i say other way around, i don mean back to front, i mean i wrote the numbers the other way around, not upside down, but side to side.) (that was quite dumb) And also i can remember the song we sang every week (or maybe day, cant remember) we sang the "Auld Lang Syne" or something like that, go google it. (I don't even know how to pronounce "Auld Lang Syne" and I am lazy to google.)

And one of the most embarrassing thing i can remember about the kindergarten, was once, i slept in class ( it think, cant really remember what i did) and i got brought to the headmistress, when i saw the cane she had, i straight away started to cry. Damn that was embarrassing. (I don't see why it was embarrassing... as a kid, you know) Once other thing in kindergarten was at exam time, at that time, i didn't know what an exam was, so i didn't understand why my friends wouldn't tell me the answer to the hard questions.

I have faint memory of play time at that kindergarten, we played with water using water bottles, we played with toys (I liked one robot, but it got missing after i played with it once, couldn't find it...) and sometimes we would play in the playground. But for some reason, they wouldn't let me play in the playground after school, it had something to do with my parents, i think, they had to be there (my parents rarely brought me to school, even when i was in kindergarten, i was brought to school by Mrs Lim, later known as the van aunty, she fetched me to school everyday in primary, i stopped riding her van since secondary because it was in walking distance.)

(Ahhh this I was much luckier. My parents fetched me to school and tuition classes since I was 5 till I finished SPM. In fact my mom went to get a driving license and my parents bought a Kancil just to fetch me :)

Another thing i can remember was once, one of my friends ran, and fell, and lost 2 of her front teeth, but she was still young, and it was baby teeth, so no damage done, it must have hurt though. (Interesting.) Another thing i can remember was fighting with a pair of twins, i can still remember their faces vaguely, but i don't know why we fought. (Because boys are stupid.) One thing i can remember is of one of my friends getting chicken pox, don't know why i remembered that. (What does this have to do with you again?) One more thing i can remember is when one of my classmates had to go barefoot, because someone vomited on her shoes... (Ewww. Could be worse if that someone vomited in her shoes) and also i remember we had a white dude in our class, for a while, then he kinda disappeared, (maybe you annoyed him...) till we met in primary. (but he loves you.) The thing i can remember most is our performance, we practiced a performance when we run around in a circle, waving our arms, and making noise like red Indians(thought you would say "like monkeys" hahaha) and also performing it in some big fancy place. (Circus?)

If you have read till here, you must have problems.

(If so I must have problems for dating you. But now my readers have got problems too... sharing is caring.)

My primary was kinda boring, (again?) i played kites, and once my teacher said i was gay for putting my arm over my friend's shoulder, still don't know why she said it. (Maybe the teacher was part of the reason you turn out gay-sensitive.) And also remembered knowing someone more annoying than me in standard one, he was one of the teachers' son, moved away around standard 2 or 3 for an unknown reason, the teacher didn't move though. (Sounds like you're disappointed...  )I'm lazy to go "and i remember that", and "another thing i remember is", (finally) so I'm going to put them in point form starting from now.

1) In standard one, i was punished for not doing my homework, so i had to go outside and do it, one of my friends from another class walked by, i changed my facial expression so he couldn't recognize me, some kind of dignity i had then........

(I asked him to show me and he protrude his lower lip hahahaha wtf. )

2) Once i didn't do my homework, and the girl (pretty good looking girl to boot) sitting beside me told the teacher, even though i begged her not to tell, what a good looking ass.....

(I hate pretty girls too when I was young. No wait I hate all girls who reported me.)

3) Everyday, i woke up late, went to school, came back, did my homework, and went to sleep, what a depressing n boring childhood.

("what a depressing n boring childhood" HAHAHAHA. What else do kids do?!)

All i can remember at standard 3 was chasing people a lot, and making stupid paper toys, because class was boring. And making weird friends, (why must you insult people kind enough to be your friends??) though i changed class the next year (my classes were 1A, 2A, 3G, 4F, 5F, 6F) i was in Yoke Nam then. Standard 4, 5, 6 were plenty eventful i played Chinese chess, i annoyed, (not surprised) and i learned, normal memories, I'm too lazy to write down here, anyways, no ones probably gonna read all this... (from top to bottom, boring wasn't it?)

(You owe me for making many people read this ;) 

I'll post the rest of my bloody boring and depressing childhood in another post, I'm gonna need a little shut eye.

(Please blog about the second post asap, cuz I don't think your memory can last any longer. Really)

I'm sorry if you don't find this hilarious... But if you like it, you might like his second blog post too. Except it isn't supposed to be funny even in slight bit heh.

More about him in my coming posts. He isn't that boring after all.

asian couple kiss
This guy is priceless. So grateful we fell in love.


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