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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smokey Taboo by CocoRosie

I think I have listened to this song for at least 50 times within these 2 days. At certain points I felt like my heart was beating so intensely and my veins were gonna explode. 

If Lykke Li's music is my ear-gasm, CocoRosie is my...


When I first watched this I was like omg CocoRosie is real omg how do real people have voices like that omg the vocals just came out from their mouths I can't even


"A strong, hypnotic number, humming with understated energy and intricate lyrical imagery. The slow-burning, sexy shamanic beat is overseen by Sierra’s soaring operatic notes as they take on a smoke-rising, totem bird grace, the perfect foil to Bianca’s tight, curling rhymes." --Source


They call her smokey taboo
I got your name tattooed
High like a helium balloon
Midnight to noon
I'm a desert child
And mountains make me nauseous

I like to look up wild at an infinite sky
Twinkling with diamonds
It's true I get depressed in fancy hotel rooms
Undressed with nothing to flaunt but my loneliness
Thinking of the night song of your hair
Premature as evening falls it calls to me
Interrupted by the sirens in the street

Cristal heaven, cristal heaven
Cristal heaven, cristal heaven

Somedays you're like an anchor on my heart
They say that stolen water tastes sweet
More like rotten milk and rancid meat to me
I prefers when it is free
Like looking at the stars
Don't need no fancy cars
When we first
Our kisses sparked
Yeah I'm afraid of sharks
But not the dark


"Sierra and Bianca grew up roaming the Southwestern United States and Hawaii, the children of an artist/teacher mother who encouraged them to drop out of school and a father devoted to Native American/­psychedelic shamanism. The pair started the band while living in Paris, la-di-da, and recorded their first album, La Maison de Mon Rêve, in a (presumably claw-foot) bathtub."


Monday, July 23, 2012

When friends visited

Note: I have written this post halfway few days before Notty left us, and since I still need some time before I come up with the long long post in memory of Notty, I decided to finish this up first...

1. When Darren visited

Darren was the first friend of ours who visited Madison! His full name is Darren Shawn Cheah Tek Suen.   His surname is Cheah. IKR. He visited during thanksgiving break last year!

Rudy, Winnie, me

We went to our campus garden and the scene was so depressing because 95% of the plants were dead -_-  And it was raining! But we were lively as always hahaha. Guess what camera Darren used to take this picture? Guess right no prize lol. Confirm you won't guess it. This picture was shot by a DSLR and it was actually this blur, that's why I added filter to it! Darren ah Darren y your hand no steady. Old liao is like that one is it. Okay lah since you're 260 years old already. Lololol.

Btw I lost the rainbow colored umbrella earlier this year... Left it behind at the bus stop, went back to check, already gone. So in order to redeem my loss I bought 2 new umbrellas with ruffles at the edges :D cannot show you now, they are secret weapons for my upcoming photo-shooting! Ngehhhh

See I told you. Tok Cheah Darren Shawn Suen is 260 years old liao! That's why he got to sit in the middle. Must respect the antique.

Suddenly a female ghost possessed my body, went behind Bucky Badger and put my hair in the hole there. Everybody was very scared but Tok Darren was very calm. He said, "Fear not, because I am much older than the ghost."

The ghost left me and I became me again. After that we sent Tok Darren back to Minnesota museum hahahahaha wtf.

2. When Harry visited

Harry Telajan visited during Spring break this year! He is from a Sarawak tribe called Iban. His ancestor used to be cannibals at one point... He said his tribe people have an ancient sword (which the ancestors used to kill people?) and they have traditional practice to keep the sword spirit in rest. Of course now they lead modern lifestyle and are very civilized... (stating this in case you think Sabahans and Sarawakens live on trees or in caves)

Harry, me with potato cigarette, Rudy

Rudy and I walked 20 minutes to the airport to fetch Harry from North Transfer Point because iPhone Google Map app conned us!!! Stupid app. When we arrived at NTP and checked the bus schedule there, we found out that the connecting bus (also the last bus) had already left 5 minutes ago @#$%

Then Rudy and I walked to a nearby McDonalds for supper, and god it was so awesome. We spent less than $5 each and had fillet-o-fish sandwich (they don't call it burger here), fries, apple pie, sundae and large coke!!! See, when things don't happen according to our plans it's not necessarily bad :D if we didn't miss the last bus to the airport, we wouldn't have that cheap and awesome supper :D

Anyway we fetched Harry back to Rudy's place by cab and had a walk on State Street. Harry wasn't prepared for the cold cuz he studied at Arizona! It was a Friday night, and State Street was very happening. When we passed by a drunk girl who was sitting on the ground, hugging the tree and giggling to the crowd on the sidewalk, Harry went "Is this normal???" and his face was priceless. LOL
Then Harry and Rudy walked me home and when they stepped in my place, they were like 

Harry instantly validated my claim that my roommates were the worst roommates to stay with. That time the condition of my apartment was 10 times more horrible than this. Wait. Maybe 20 times. He posted on FB that my apartment was literally a hell to live in, and said he totally didn't expect it to be this bad because the pictures I posted earlier only showed 2D sight but when he stepped into my kitchen, it was 3D sight + smell + sticky floor! Seriously. There was egg yolk stain and flour and whatsoever on the floor, and the stove was completely covered in food stain, mountains of unwashed dishes in the sink, at least 10 trash bags, boxes in the living hall, strings of hair and dirt stain on the bathroom floor etc I don't even want to recall it anymore!!!!!! Thank God it was waaaaaay better now!!!!!!!!!!

This picture is so 1Malaysia! Rudy (Malay), Inthuja (Indian), me & HueyHuey (Chinese) and Harry (native-Iban).

Rudy took the following 2 chio pictures of me! Using iPhone camera!!! 200 points to Rudy.

pretending to be a part of the tree

still pretending to be a part of the tree. hahaha

on Bascom Hill

Went to Campus Candy to give Harry a treat because we have Buy1Free1 coupons. And this was my frozen yogurt which probably consisted of more topping than froyo...

What. We can add any toppings we want okay! The price depends on the weight. That lego brick thing was not edible to me... hard like stone. And I realized that I have made a horrific mistake by adding in the colorful mentos thingy after the mint coatings melted into the froyo... the whole mess tasted like cough medicine so I threw it away. Sigh.

Ceria also came but I didn't take a picture with her before she left to Chicago with Harry...

3. When PinChen visited

To my horror we didn't take pictures together 

Did we??? Couldn't find any on FB. Anyway PinChen doesn't read my blog, so never mind lah no need to write. Haha.

4. When Renu visited

It was right before our final week! Our school is one among the few schools INTIans and JPA scholars attend that practises semester system, so we were the last to have our finals while everybody was already having their summer break! FOL. And we were so disgusted (yes, that's the word) of studying at that time so Renu's visit was a good excuse to take a break!

Rudy, Renu, me and Chris at Maharani Indian cuisine restaurant! The tradition is that we must bring our visitors to this place because they provide lunch buffet every weekday at only $10.95 per person!!!!!!

The atmosphere was super cheerful and hyper!!! We were probably the noisiest table until the awkward dabao incident happened Will blog about it later, that incident deserves a separate post on its own lol. (i can imagine people who know the incident nodding to this statement wtf)

Me holding a dandelion at Lake Mendota. See the pattern now? lol

Chilling on the deck. Renu was all "your campus is so beautiful how do you guys even study in this vacation mood?!" Guess what? You were so fucking right. This is why we suffer! We were like monkeys living in a banana farm but not allowed to touch the bananas. God I am so good with simile wtf.

And this Renuka Manikam opps sorry Manikam is Inthuja's surname Devi was wearing that long-sleeved jacket because she wanted to "cover her tummy" wtf someone please scold her!!! What tummy!!! Tummy my gautama.

The whole point of wearing jumper is to make you look like a 10-year-old girl with puberty chest. Right.

Good attempt Renu, but it's my editing which makes your photography shines bwahahaha

cue "The Road Not Taken"... eh wait look at that Masrudy Omri

I mean seriously look at Rudy. Oh and those things were not dandelions but some random flowers.

I am probably the only sane human who carries an umbrella under the sun in Madison town. I am still doing it. I know you Americans love the sun but hey, I come from an equatorial country and it's not our tradition to BBQ our skin... although sometimes the wind is so fierce I am forced to not use my umbrella, or else I will be blown away like a dandelion wtf. I am not exaggerating. This is our school campus btw, the one which was barren when Darren visited during the winter although Darren is not barren ha-ha-ha I am not high

5. When Kah Wai visited

No picture = no story. Sorry Kah Wai...

Actually we did take one picture lah. But there weren't only me and Kah Wai in the picture... *ahem*

We went to State Street, Sotto, Geology museum and it was pretty enjoyable :) minus the weather. Kah Wai I love you no any less than I love Darren, Harry, PinChen (although I didn't write about his visit) and Renu but you know... *ahem ahem*

(please don't ask me why if you're not smart enough to figure out the meaning behind *ahem*)
Hint: check out the earlier post which I mentioned friends visiting

The DePaul gang also visited but I didn't meet up with them. But it's okay, Chicago is very near so I will surely see them in near future!

Who wants to be the next visitor? :D 

I am an awesome host as long as you don't come when I have tests! Ok lah I will still be awesome even if you drop by when I have tests but less awesome.

Here in Madison we have museumssssssss, zoo, botanical gardensss, Capitol building, State Street, bars and clubs, lakes, Ella's Deli (toy-themed restaurant) etc. to visit :D

Feel free to drop by!!! Right here waiting~


Friday, July 20, 2012

Notty had left us

It has been a week since mom fetched Notty back home. This morning, he finally lost his battle to panleukopenia virus and left us due to serious secondary illness.

I will write a long, long blog post in memory of my dearest babycat when I am less grief stricken. 

Give me time.

Wanted to take a picture of me smiling to videos of Notty and this was what resulted

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dandelion obsession ♥

This is the third upload wtf. The first upload had some problem with copyright infringement cuz I used Lykke Li's song "Dance Dance Dance" at first, even though I didn't use the whole song. Then I discovered Kevin MacLeod royalty free music HERE which can be used as background music on YouTube clips that you want to monetize :D but the second upload which already gained 70 views suddenly decided to fuck up my thumbnail (from me glaring at the dandelion to blurry dandelion scene wtf) so my perfectionism itched and I deleted it and uploaded for the 3rd time. Starts from zero view again. Yay.

UPDATE: Okay fml I shouldn't have deleted the second upload!!! The thumbnail trick doesn't work and the same thing happened again to my 3rd upload!!! YOUTUBE Y U NO LET ME HAVE MY FACE IN THE THUMBNAIL ARGHHHHH

UPDATE 2: Finally YouTube offers custom thumbnail image feature yay :D

dandelion summer

dandelion summer
This was the one in the video, before I blew it. In front of my apartment!

dandelion summer
Perfectly round and fluffy and looks flaky

dandelion summer
Too cute to kill

dandelion summer
opps I messed up her hair

dandelion summer
Found another big one!

dandelion summer
... and another bent one

dandelion summer
... and another almost botak (bald) one

dandelion summer
Dead Bald Society lol

dandelion summer
Couple dandelions & the ghost of a jealous ex-girlfriend. Haha!

I had a lot of fun during early spring when dandelions were everywhere! Instant mood lift when I saw them at the roadside :D and blowing them till botak was my favorite activity after class. I helped them spread the seeds okay! Sadly now my fluffy little ones had all been wiped out by weed :(

Hopefully I can find them again somewhere else before summer ends. I want to bring the seeds back to Malaysia and try plant them in a vase! :D

Shut up.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

I met Lykke Li at a gig???

Memorial Terrace (at Lake Mendota) is very happening during summer. I love hanging out there, just to watch the sunset, the concerts and the happy crowd! Also to watch the wild ducks fly in the sky and swim in the lake and walk on the lake side. Yes ducks fly. "The Ugly Duckling" story is fake lol. And when ducks quack it's sooo amusing omg I love ducks

2 weeks ago (my posts are always overdue. Always.) I went there with Rudy. We both wore blue coincidentally and our specs look alike too! His spec I chose for him wan haha.

#1 An woman sitting beside us offered to take a picture for us. Then a shiny Adam's apple grew out of my neck.
#2 Rudy: "y u no show teeth"
#3 Me: "now why you no show teeth"
#4 Look at the shape of our chins. Twins wtf. BFF giler

The gig that night was awesome! First was Stolen Silver. Both vocals were good!

Before Rudy took this picture, a skinny young guy was standing very still right in front of the stage, staring at Levi Britton (curly hair) through a few songs. A few times when Levi turned to the drummer while rocking (indie-folking?) on his guitar, Rudy and I were like "look look he is sickened by that guy staring at him" lolol. In the end, the guy sat down on the ground after a sudden realization of the awkwardness he caused. Hahaha.

Dan Myers (straight hair) is super talented at musical instruments! He played like 5 or 6 throughout the night, sometimes 3 or 4 in one song. But this band is quite new, still in their first year so the crowd was not as crazy.

Next up was Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. When Ade started singing, her vocal killed me instantly!!! 

This is the type of vocals I would fall in love with!!! Too bad she only sang for the background vocal in the other songs.

The band is in their fifth year now, they were quite famous! Look at the crowd!



I was like asdfgjhkliuwbbiiunw is she Lykke Li she looks exactly like Lykke she sounds like her she even dances like her SHE MUST BE LYKKE but how is it possible what is Lykke doing here??????!!!!! 

And then I was like Rudy faster take pictures of her can I ask her for a photo should I ask her if she is Lykke what if she is but she denies it omg omg omg 


For you all who dunno Lykke Li, she is the singer of Possibility in New Moon soundtrack and my favorite female singer!!! I love every single song of hers to death asdfghjkqtiongvvbzmn

This is how Lykke looks like!!!

She always does her hair in a bun and her eyes are very special!!! Now scroll up again and look at the previous picture!!! How was it possible that the young woman looked so much like her but not her?! RIGHT????!!!! She was of Lykke's height too!!!

Once I got home I went to Lykke's official website and found out that she was not on any tour or job commitment at the moment!!! So it could be her! Then I googled to see if Lykke has a butterfly tattoo on her back. Sadly I couldn't find any info on this :( But I got to know that Lykke has a few small tattoos on her hand, which I didn't know earlier, hence didn't pay attention to that while I was at the gig! Ugh. 

And the difference between BFF and bf...

Me: She is Lykke Li omg she must beeeee
Rudy: She is not Lykke Li okay why would Lykke Li be in a small town like Madison?!

Me: I think I met Lykke Li but Rudy said it's impossible that she is in Madison...
Soong Kit: Maybe it's her? Why didn't you ask? You should have called out "Lykke Li" and see if she turned!

So I concluded that the young woman standing in front of me at the gig was Lykke Li. *hypnotize self*


Friday, July 13, 2012

USA Independence Day

Nothing special. Only attended the outdoor orchestra at Capitol building cuz my roommate Lin asked me to go with her. And the highlight of this post is a cute kid who had an elephant's appetite. No joke. You'll see as you scroll down to the bottom.

I know there were parade or some other fun stuff at other places, but I had zero interest to travel because of the shitty weather. It was like 100 °F which is like 40°C and I almost felt like a dragon breathing fire wtf. Plus, I started my day not very nicely. I walked in the hot air (that was how shitty it was) for 10 minutes to the lab, only to find out that the building was closed and it was a public holiday! Didn't even realize that July 4 was Independence Day till I reached home after another 10 minutes of BBQ-ing self under the sun.

Luckily the temperature was bearable in the evening (compared to the room temperature of my apartment).

wisconsin madison capitol square building
the capitol building

wisconsin madison capitol orchestra independence day
the orchestra

My left eye lid suddenly decided to become double eye lid wtf. Right eye lid only semi-transformed -.=

and her cutesy possessions

wisconsin madison capitol independence day
the crowd 

wisconsin madison capitol independence day
the crowd on the other side

the orchestra playing National anthem. Such a pointless video without my face in it...

And the kid with an elephant's appetite.... *drumroll*


caught you!!! 

We thought he would give the sandwich to his parents after a few bites but wrong!!!!!!!! He held on to it and was also eating popcorns, chips, and tangerine at the same time!!!


almost gone

opps he noticed me

... and he told his dad?

Wanted to snap one last picture of him with the last bite but couldn't. Cuz I was scared they walked over to scold me and then sue me for violating child's privacy or something. Lol.

But seriously where had the food gone to??? He is so tiny!!! What sorcery is this???????!!!!!!!!!!!