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Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer floral wear

Floral print is super popular recently!  I bought this one from Urban Outfitter store NYE Sale, only $5 cat emoticon

summer dress
Changed my shoes to match the floral theme... and I did notice that the mirror is dirty

cute asian girl summer
These were actually self-shot lol. I know my self-trimmed fringe look like dog-bitten fringe. I memang purposely cut them the choppy style because straight bangs look kiddy and boring in black... but seems like choppy fringe doesn't go well with black too :\ 

Now my hair color is brown and problem solved :D

asian cute girl camwhore
The one on the left looks like a mushroom with shade wtf. Double eye-lids in the middle one were natural~ I can create them by folding my eye-lids inward with some sort of forceful blinking! Lololol. I know you can't imagine how so next time I'll take a video and show you all lah! But if you notice, one is deeper than the other and they only last for a few blinks so I still have to rely on fake lashes (stickers don't work for me). When I stick them on correctly I can haz double eye-lid

floral shade shoes heels
Shade: $10 from Old Navy's store
Wedges: Natural Soul by Naturalizer Floral Pink Women's Bigette, $25 from

Both are mad chio okayyyyyyy

Are you joining me in this floral craze? :D



  1. Hmmm -- cute -- everything. ;-) All....except....I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the black toe-nail polish. Think about it, if you smash your toes -- your toe-nails turn black (but hey, if you going for the smashed-toes look -- they look great!) :-)

    1. Wtf hahahaha. My toe nails have been in black for 3 years--never switched to other colors after the first time I tried black! Mainly because of easy maintenance hahaha