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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Updates and Lab

Yes yes yes my summer break has started a week ago! And I am so grateful for everything! It wasn't an easy semester but I am proud to say that I have worked my ass off so I am happy with it! It feels like a decade lol and I have learned a lot. 

Meaning I am one step closer to success 

Semester break is all about sleeping, sniffing plushies and berguling-guling atas katil 

I went to McArdle Cancer Research Lab from 9am till 5pm for 2 consecutive days last week. Basically just following the members of the team everywhere and watching them for hours. Working in a lab is no joke I tell you. Literally like battlefield! Their hands were never free for more than 15 minutes and even when they were, their eyes were sticking to the computer screen reading some scientific papers wtf. They were so busy they realized they didn't have much time to explain to me what they were doing or teach me more experiment skills so I had days off till Wednesday afternoon! I'm so happyyyyyyy. Do you know how boring it was to just sit at the corner and watch them for hours?! GOD. I dunno how I managed to snooze off with my eyes open. Never been so looking forward to head home.

The whole team is consisted of Asians, all Chinese (from China and Taiwan) except one Thai and one Korean. I am assigned under the two China Chinese. I am grateful that they seem very willing to teach me! The only difficulty I faced was that I couldn't quite get both their English and Mandarin wtf.

Because they spoke with thick accent   hopefully I will get used soon...

And I need to learn fast so that I can have my own project asap. Oh and also to overcome my hemophobia asap because they work with rats and the cell cultures have blood in them. I was okay with it because the blood was very diluted. Please don't ask me the stupid question about how I survive every month without fainting upon looking at my own menstrual blood.

Ok la I tell you. Cuz the color is darker and the smell is quite nice. Woi don't give me that yaoming disgusted face thank you. lololol

They told me to get the licence to handle mice but not sure yet if I need it. I will have to attend some course and training to learn how to punch through their tiny ears for chip, snip their tails, inject chemical into their tummies from mouths, kill them, extract brain cells, extract bone marrow and such. Without the licence I will not be authorized to touch mice because they are very expensive! 

On the first day, I witnessed the injection process and roamed across the mice room when they were busy checking mice for pregnancy and stuff I didn't understand. The smell was HORRIFIC--hundreds of cages in one small confined room! The second day I purposely went one hour late because I knew they would be killing mice and I wanted to skip it. So I still have no idea how they killed the mice. I haven't asked. Will tell you all after I find out.

No pictures of the lab because I was too shy to be snapping pictures around when everybody was so busy doing their work! Must act serious and inquisitive to give good impression. lol

Don't doubt. That size of my eyes is real. No PS except a filter and watermark! 

Other things to do this summer

  • get done with ESL118
  • study Organic Chemistry II (dropped it last semester so gotta retake during Fall. MUST score A)
  • draw a few sets of Lolita dresses + items for Bodyline Design Contest
  • photo-shooting for Bodyline Model Contest (if I win Lolita of the Year I can go to Japan for free omg)
  • watch more movies online for free here and perhaps do a review
  • do some videos. Can i not do Set Fire to the Bread MTV helpppp
  • redeem blog debt (forever saying this)
  • listen to good music I just discovered. Click here if you're interested
  • look for apartment
  • move to new apartment
  • practise S.E.X - Sleep, Eat, Xercise
  • learn swimming
  • tan myself by sunbathing in bikini at the lakeside yay
  • snog boyfriend  10 more days to go and wsk will be here!!!
  • basically just have as much fun as possible woohoooooooo

That strand of hair is consistent in all 3 pictures. lolol

You have no idea how genuinely happy and grateful for everything in my life! Few days ago I wasn't that grateful because of a douche bag. And some other annoying people. But I have made a decision to get rid of them so I is happy again!!! So happy I tear so easily!

Thank you Rhonda Bryne and Universe. Thank you thank you thank you 

Seriously. Don't take things for granted. Take some time everyday to feel grateful for all you have in your life- your health, your family, your friends, your education, your accommodation, your money, your talents, your food, even the air you breath. Gratitude is the key to a magical life full of abundance, because

"Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. "
--Matthew 13:12

Enjoy life!!!



  1. Can I ask what your major in college is? By any chance is it Chemistry? (I'm a Chemist btw) :-)

    1. Genetics! The lab is an oncology lab though

  2. y u smell your own menstrual blood. whaaiii.

    1. eh no I don't have to place my nose near. Ask any girl. The smell is just there lol. But gets stinky if you store the used pads, cuz the blood isn't fresh anymore. Oh wtf did i just type

  3. Genetics hey? That is a really interesting field actually. I wonder why type of job you will get in that field after you graduate? Maybe you can work at 23andMe? :p

    1. Teach or do research? Probably can't go far with just a bachelor degree, I'm planning to go to grad school :)

  4. For the small fee of only $300, you can find out all of your genetic deficiencies... Seems like a company that may make some money....

    Actually, I assumed that grad school would probably be in your future in this field....since teaching or a lab rat would probably be the most likely jobs in the field. BTW....I loved working in the lab...but have since moved on to more lucrative areas....

  5. Lucrative, in that....staying in the lab with an undergraduate degree will inhibit getting promoted to the higher levels that are reserved for people with Ph.D.s

    Therefore, I went into Quality Assurance, Auditing, and the Regulatory side of the business where you can make a lot of money without an advanced degree.