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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spare me a break

See the reflection of the fluorescence lamps up there? This is a picture taken around 6am when I was staying up in the library to study like 2 weeks ago.

Never in my life have I studied as hard as I was after I came to this school. I don't want to brag about how hardcore I torture myself with studies. But seriously, it's not even 2 weeks after my last paper, I am enjoying my holidays, having sufficient sleep, having the fun I have missed out the last few months and I fucking deserve to have at least a few completely free of academics stuff and this dude told me,

"Go and study... you should at least study a bit lah..." 




And there was also another dude, who went

"How's your grades? Tell me your grade lah! I can tell you mine. Never mind lemme me check it myself" and went onto my laptop trying to log in my student account.


I can't believe I am saying this but really, whatever grades I got, as long as I passed I'd be happy because I have been working my ass off through this academic crisis I faced. I am okay if people ask about my results. But when I refuse to answer you, it means I want to keep it to my self, so be more considerate, especially if you're the type who don't have to study much but still get flying grades (I used to belong to this group of people, I think I am just taking a little longer to adapt).

Anyway the break has been lovely so far 
I will keep up the gratefulness! Will be going to lab again later this afternoon. Goodnight :)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

World's Largest Brat Fest

I was there and I didn't know it was the World's Largest Brat Fest! My roommate Zhou Lin asked me to go with her. Her friends are all back in China for the summer and most of my Malaysian friends are out of town too. Loserish to say, we haven't made American friends close enough to hang out with. Anyway most American students are also back to their hometown or on vacation. 

And this Zhou Lin is very geng. We went by bus but she didn't know which bus stop we should get off!!! I had no idea why I trusted this girl who asked me and other roommates so many noob questions when she first arrived. For example,

"Err can you tell me how to operate the washing machine?" (more than 5 times)
"What fruits should I get from the fresh market? What veges are better?"
"What if I enroll for 7.45am class and fail to wake up? Will I oversleep???"
"Why do you eat/cook this? This food is not good for health right?"
"Should I drink coffee? Can I?"


Anyway I got over the annoyance pretty fast as she became more adapted and asked less questions. She is a nice person. And a nice person is not hard to like :)

So. I asked her to ask the bus driver but she said she didn't even know the name of the street. She said she would know when she saw the signboard. I was chill cuz at worst we could just stay on the bus and go back home to check again.

Then we got off the bus and she said it was the right bus stop. Then she told me she didn't know the name of the place and how to get there. Lawl. I was still chill cuz we could just go and ask people.

Then she said she didn't even know the name of this festival asdffghllicanbwiwcbn


Luckily we managed to figure out on our own cuz the place was just across the street and I asked her whether it was at Alliance Energy Center and she went "ahhhhh yessss that's the place" and I was like "we are really lucky" and she agreed lol.

No picture of her cuz she refused to take picture with me or let me take her picture.

So here are pictures of me again.

with the gigantic double scoop blue moon flavored ice-cream on top of waffle cone.

Ahhh missing the point. Cuz as I said I didn't know the significance of this Brat Fest and wasn't planning to blog about it. But this is an annual event so I can link you some pictures of past years from their site.

wisconsin madison brat fest
This is the main point of the festival!!! I had it and it was so yummm

wisconsin madison brat fest
Beer and grilled corn! Thanks for [Mike]'s reminder in the comment

wisconsin madison brat fest
The volunteers. There were some celebrity cashiers too (governors?) but I dunno them.

wisconsin madison brat fest
The grilling area. What were they doing with the thing in the air

wisconsin madison brat fest

wisconsin madison brat fest
this is like one tenth of the crowd?

wisconsin madison brat fest

Omg why are Caucasian kids so cute whyyyyy. I hated kids before I came to USA and then I realized it was because Asian kids are so ugly and annoying my god. American kids are so adorable, they are just beautiful and well-behaved! In case you think it's the fair skin and sharp features, no I don't think so cuz I find Mexican and African kids cute too! I have seen a few on bus and I literally just couldn't take my eyes off the kids. When the parents weren't looking I did funny faces to make the kids laugh, which had never happened when I was back in Malaysia. I don't think I would want my own kids unless I can genetically modify their features because wsk has very typical Asian face ughhh. Adoption would be perfect! Can get kids of different ethnicity like Angelina Jolie lolol.

wisconsin madison brat fest

They had firework at Sunday night but I didn't go due to the lack of companions. There were also a few stages around the place where local bands performed. When I was sitting down enjoying my ice-cream, some high school students were performing acapella Lion King songs in prom attire. I felt bad for all the performers cuz people were not really paying attention to their performance but rather on food and family or friends. The weather was crazy, 30+ degrees Celcius!

Last info about Brat Fest you should know, this Wiscondin-Madison tradition started in 1983 and had been the World Record holder for brat-selling. Here is a video of the event in 2009:

Ok the end on the festival. Now I want to rant about the weather.

Probably because of the heat, I kept biting on the inner of my mouth and the spots hurt like a bitch! That used to happen a lot when I was in Malaysia. Wonder how I lived the my first 20 years. I prefer winter. Cuz when it gets colder you can always put on more clothes, but when it gets hot, even if you go naked you will still feel hot! And there is no air-conditioner in my apartment. So far my small plastic fan suffices, though I have to put it right beside me, awake or asleep. But when I go outside the sun is ahhhhhhhhhh

And nobody here holds an umbrella because we only get sunlight for a few months and they love getting tanned! I tried to hold one but the wind kept distorting the shape of my umbrella so I gave up. Sometimes the wind was crazy it wouldn't let me go where I wanted to go and I almost fell down at its peak strength. Finally my dad's "you so thin when wind blows you must hug pole" joke makes sense. No wonder he kept repeating the joke last time. My dad is a psychic.


Summer Updates and Lab

Yes yes yes my summer break has started a week ago! And I am so grateful for everything! It wasn't an easy semester but I am proud to say that I have worked my ass off so I am happy with it! It feels like a decade lol and I have learned a lot. 

Meaning I am one step closer to success 

Semester break is all about sleeping, sniffing plushies and berguling-guling atas katil 

I went to McArdle Cancer Research Lab from 9am till 5pm for 2 consecutive days last week. Basically just following the members of the team everywhere and watching them for hours. Working in a lab is no joke I tell you. Literally like battlefield! Their hands were never free for more than 15 minutes and even when they were, their eyes were sticking to the computer screen reading some scientific papers wtf. They were so busy they realized they didn't have much time to explain to me what they were doing or teach me more experiment skills so I had days off till Wednesday afternoon! I'm so happyyyyyyy. Do you know how boring it was to just sit at the corner and watch them for hours?! GOD. I dunno how I managed to snooze off with my eyes open. Never been so looking forward to head home.

The whole team is consisted of Asians, all Chinese (from China and Taiwan) except one Thai and one Korean. I am assigned under the two China Chinese. I am grateful that they seem very willing to teach me! The only difficulty I faced was that I couldn't quite get both their English and Mandarin wtf.

Because they spoke with thick accent   hopefully I will get used soon...

And I need to learn fast so that I can have my own project asap. Oh and also to overcome my hemophobia asap because they work with rats and the cell cultures have blood in them. I was okay with it because the blood was very diluted. Please don't ask me the stupid question about how I survive every month without fainting upon looking at my own menstrual blood.

Ok la I tell you. Cuz the color is darker and the smell is quite nice. Woi don't give me that yaoming disgusted face thank you. lololol

They told me to get the licence to handle mice but not sure yet if I need it. I will have to attend some course and training to learn how to punch through their tiny ears for chip, snip their tails, inject chemical into their tummies from mouths, kill them, extract brain cells, extract bone marrow and such. Without the licence I will not be authorized to touch mice because they are very expensive! 

On the first day, I witnessed the injection process and roamed across the mice room when they were busy checking mice for pregnancy and stuff I didn't understand. The smell was HORRIFIC--hundreds of cages in one small confined room! The second day I purposely went one hour late because I knew they would be killing mice and I wanted to skip it. So I still have no idea how they killed the mice. I haven't asked. Will tell you all after I find out.

No pictures of the lab because I was too shy to be snapping pictures around when everybody was so busy doing their work! Must act serious and inquisitive to give good impression. lol

Don't doubt. That size of my eyes is real. No PS except a filter and watermark! 

Other things to do this summer

  • get done with ESL118
  • study Organic Chemistry II (dropped it last semester so gotta retake during Fall. MUST score A)
  • draw a few sets of Lolita dresses + items for Bodyline Design Contest
  • photo-shooting for Bodyline Model Contest (if I win Lolita of the Year I can go to Japan for free omg)
  • watch more movies online for free here and perhaps do a review
  • do some videos. Can i not do Set Fire to the Bread MTV helpppp
  • redeem blog debt (forever saying this)
  • listen to good music I just discovered. Click here if you're interested
  • look for apartment
  • move to new apartment
  • practise S.E.X - Sleep, Eat, Xercise
  • learn swimming
  • tan myself by sunbathing in bikini at the lakeside yay
  • snog boyfriend  10 more days to go and wsk will be here!!!
  • basically just have as much fun as possible woohoooooooo

That strand of hair is consistent in all 3 pictures. lolol

You have no idea how genuinely happy and grateful for everything in my life! Few days ago I wasn't that grateful because of a douche bag. And some other annoying people. But I have made a decision to get rid of them so I is happy again!!! So happy I tear so easily!

Thank you Rhonda Bryne and Universe. Thank you thank you thank you 

Seriously. Don't take things for granted. Take some time everyday to feel grateful for all you have in your life- your health, your family, your friends, your education, your accommodation, your money, your talents, your food, even the air you breath. Gratitude is the key to a magical life full of abundance, because

"Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. "
--Matthew 13:12

Enjoy life!!!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Colorful Glass Gem Corn

Have you come across the colorful Glass Gem Corn on Facebook or anywhere on the internet?

glass gem corn

So beautiful it doesn't even look real glass gem corn

Perhaps you are having the same though as I had when I first came across this: Is this GM (genetically modified) corn?

glass gem corn

Like many heirloom treasures, Glass Gem corn has a name, a place, and a story. Its origin traces back to Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer living in Oklahoma. Barnes had an uncanny knack for corn breeding. More specifically, he excelled at selecting and saving seed from those cobs that exhibited vivid, translucent colors. Exactly how long Barnes worked on Glass Gem—how many successive seasons he carefully chose, saved, and replanted these special seeds—is unknown. But after many years, his painstaking efforts created a wondrous corn cultivar that has now captivated thousands of people around the world. 

glass gem corn

According to the site I cited above, the seeds were sold out and people have to register to be placed in the waiting list. 

Another question: Is Glass Gem Corn edible?

Glass Gem is a flint corn used for making flour or as a popping corn. Unlike sweet corn, it is not edible right off the cob. However, it was likely bred as an ornamental variety—for obvious reasons. Many of these exquisite ears are simply too beautiful to eat.  

Source: The Story of Glass Gem Corn: Beauty, History and Hope

glass gem corn

Maybe geneticists can work on making them edible. Oh hi, I am a genetic major