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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bersih 3.0

If you have been following my activities on my personal FB account, I'm sure that you notice a lot of pro-Bersih and Anti-Lynas posts from me.

Keep the long story short, I shared because I want people on my friend list to have the awareness about human rights. Not just about the warfare of my country, but about human rights

As a United Nations activist (who once chaired a Model United Nations conference...), it would be a huge shame if I keep quiet and hide from the light just because of this sponsorship I am under... Yes I am not supposed to take part in political activities, and yes I do obey this-- I am not pro or against any political parties. I just want all of us to be aware of the rights we have, and that if we do not speak up to protect our rights, we are fated to face oppression from the authorities who misuse their power which are granted by us, the people who elect them.

Look at those "Third World" countries of which people in deep poverty... The authorities are rich. The governors are rich. The upper class is filthy rich. So ask the question: why are there people starving to death every single second, when the country is not that poor? How come the diseases spread among the people never get to the attention of the public health sector? 

It is not about the lack of food or technology. It is about the lack of knowledge, the lack of courage, the lack of willingness to stand up and fight for what they deserve. It is about power. Power misused and power not put to use. People should never fear the government -I have said this thousands time- the government should fear the people. Look at Egypt. Look at Libya. Look at Yemen. These are the countries we considered less advanced, less literate than Malaysia. Look at their situation now. And ours???

This is a video produced by my friends in Madison, Wisconsin. I regret to say that I didn't join them on that day because of the warning from my sponsor. What they said was simple, but I am truly touched.

"We want our voices to be heard."
"We want Malaysian media to be free of political influence."
"I want all the Malaysians to be able to speak up without having to wear a mask."
"All we want is a clean and fair election."

So simple. Yet so hard to achieve in today's Malaysia... how come?

To all those people who asked me, 
"Why waste time and energy to protest? It's not gonna work."
"You think sharing these posts is gonna make a difference? Are you this naive?"
"Just live life as usual lah. So sibuk for what?"

I know, I know. Individual efforts are insignificant. Doesn't mean individual effort is useless! If you don't stand up now, when things get serious nobody will stand up for you because by then they are all gone. Don't wait until you are buried in the grave you dig for yourself can? Why give up on the rights you deserve?

Do you know that Bersih 3.0 has gone global? Do you know how impact-ful a global event can be?

You know what? Changes will never happen on its own without initiation. What makes you think that a better future for our country will fall from sky if you just sit at home and be ignorant, waiting for other people to fight it for you?

Have you heard about the Starfish Story? Together we can make a huge difference.

Thank you corruption, Malaysians have never been this united. People who contribute their parts, well done. Now just carry on with your passion and see if we can direct Malaysia to a good turning point.

May tomorrow be better :)



  1. Freedom is truly something to fight for. Although, democracy isn't really what you want. For example, the USA was founded as a Republic not a Democracy. Everyone has their rights from God (or their creator, or inherently). A big fallacy is that a democracy where the major decide what you get is good. What if the majority vote to take away your rights? Other than that, keep fighting and protesting for free elections and to establish a Republic! :-)


    1. I don't favor democracy nor republic. I would say the most ideal form of politics is to be led by a truly wise aristocrat. They say let the public decides, but seriously, why should liberty for voting be granted to a country of which the majority is stupid/blinded? Even if the public is smart, you know minorities do not have their rights guaranteed when "majority rules". Till the people are enough civilized and educated, a wise aristocrat is all we need. But then again this is just a Utopian society I see in my head, as wise aristocracy almost does not exist and even if it exists, if people are not smart enough to choose what's good for them (and for the minorities), they would not be smart enough to obey.