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Monday, February 13, 2012

Things I have done today

1. Stood in the snow for 1 hour because I forgot my keys
2. Slept through CHEM345 lecture
3. Went to the girls' place to wait till any of my housemate went home
4. Came back home
5. Played Tetris Battle with wsk
6. Swam in the bath tub
7. Made food
8. Ate food
9. Made more food
10. Ate more food
11. Ate fruits
12. Emo'd
13. Defecated some normal poops unlike these green ones
14. Cheered myself up
15. Blogged this

Well done teysinruow. Today is Monday. You have lab note, online quiz and assignments due tomorrow and a ochem quiz on the day after tomorrow. Great potential in procrastination.

I blame Mas and Jen for not wanting to study at the library today.

I think my room is spelled.

Officially enters self-hating mood.




  1. mas? masrudy omri? :O
    since when you call him mas? hihihi

  2. Are you trying to imply your level of productivity is higher when I am around :D