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Monday, February 27, 2012

STOP LYNAS from UW-Madison

Just a record of what we did lah lazy to write a lot.

Someone posted this link and this link on my FB page, and after reading them I will be frank with you that I don't know the truth. Because this, this and this are more convincing to me. I know it's funny to protest against something before really knowing the truth, but the truth is we will never know the truth. There is no transparency so how can you decide which are true and which are not? Politicians' tactics...

And I know it's ironic that my boyfriend is a political science major...? Okay irrelevant.

Could protests really change much if the authorities decide to go on with it? The power is in their hands because sadly, people in our country fear the government when it's supposed to be the other way round. It's even funnier that most of us don't even bother about the issue when the factory is 0% complete, now that nasi sudah jadi bubur hanya tunggu dihidangkan (pardon my bad Malay) then all of a sudden people feel threatened and organized Green Rally.

If anything bad really happen to our people (here I mean all sort of oppression, not just the Lynas and Thai=bumiputra issue) I would say..... we fucking dig our own grave so don't complain. Let us just crawl into our coffin while crying over our ignorance and cowardice... or migrate wtf.

Okay lah enough say don't wanna talk too much so should stop now. Pictures.

Take 1-Post-exams dead stare #fail

Take 2-Hair flat like dunno what. #fail

Take 3-Okay lah acceptable. Profile picture.

Lincoln statue in front of Bascom Hall 

The poster dropped because my head went down...

okay my head back in place to be poster stand. Haha!

Okay finish.

Thanks to organizer Wei Ting, photographer Shih Yuin, and the rest whose names shall not be mentioned because I'm not sure whether they mind going public.

Thanks again to Wei Ting and Shih Yuin for willing to take off winter coat just to show the green shirt inside when the temperature was around -6 degree Celsius.

To those who clicked "Join" on FB event but did not show up...

And to those who don't give two hoots because your hometown is not in Kuantan, or because you do not want to risk your JPA scholarship and future government job... NEVERMIND. I know right, won't kena me de la got job got house got peace enough already mah... Okay lor, you better put in your maximum effort to pray for the best or else if one day we really have to crawl into that coffin, I will stab you to death kick you in real hard and seal the cover and set it on fire and hear you scream until you become ashes.

Okay lah sorry for the brutality I'm in post-exam self-hating mood.




  1. OMG! what is LYNAS at the first place? lol...i dont even knoe whats going around..haha

    1. View all the links I attached on the first paragraph and you will have a very detailed idea about it!