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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Modern Gypsy Style

2 weeks ago I changed my Twitter and Youtube Channel's background! :D

Update: Busy busy! Didn't study the previous 2 weeks so have to catch up with the syllabus. 5 courses this semester weyh although only 12 credit hours. Later have to go to the library again with Mas (haha) for  session belajar sambil berangan-angan nak jadi TA sambil gossip pasal tepi kain orang lain. Today Hui Jen is not joining us. I dunno why I am reporting this to you but never mind let's move on to see my outfit.

Actually I'm not sure whether this style is considered Gypsy-ish but whatever la.

Oh look I have bangs again!

hello table cloth and flat face

My face is not PS-ed. Colored lens and nose bridge make-up ftw

Bought at Urban Outfitter store on State Street for $5 during NYE Mad Sale

Bought in Malaysia I forgot where

Gift from SK. Bought at Taipei International Airport. $5 or so

SK wanted to buy couple bracelets but wrongly bought this necklace.

Bought from Famous Footwear website during Labor Day Sale. $40



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