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Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Valentine's gift: Winter boots

because I lack a pair of practical winter boots. 

I have two pairs, cheap but fashionable but the brown ones have terrible grip and have made me almost slip for N times when I walked on slippery icy road. You think snow days very fun har? Very romantic har? NO.  It is only romantic and beautiful on the first day; after the first day the snow gets muddy and dirty and disgusting and if the accumulated snow/ice on road is not cleared and you don't have a pair of good boots you are fucking fucked!

My another pair of pink boots have slightly better grip but not waterproof fml. I wore it to Bothell cuz I was told that there would only be very little snow if any but fml suddenly snowstorm!!!  And my pink boots just soaked up water from melted snow/ice on the road like crazy. Will rant more when I write Washington trip posts.

I know I did a terrible job cutting my bangs but I don't care okay. Shaddap. lol

Forgot where in Malaysia I bought the dress. The Levi's jeans was bought from Amazon.

Nope shhhh shaddup. I purposely cut like that cannot?

The belt belonged to my mom but since she doesn't use belt much it has become mine.

Also forgot where I bought the pin.

Waterproof + super warm + good grip + stylish + free!!! Love them max ♥♥♥

I think the original price is $100+. Mine was bought with a discount

Super comfortable and warm ♥

Tomorrow I will cincai blog about Stop Lynas protest I joined. Must blog before February ends because I promise myself to have at least 8 posts per month! But will only cincai post cuz no time to blog nicely and also cannot be too loud when my future still lies in the hand of government wtf.

Kthxbai. 4am and I'm still in the library. Gonna walk home now. Fucking far and cold please pray for me.

Ok no need lah because when you read this I have already reached home lah. Tata.


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