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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter at Bothell

Here is a cheat post to fulfill my resolution of having at least 8 posts per month... 
(date changed to February hahaha)


On-campus apartments area

This young man popped into the scene from nowhere. So surreal

Snow, see you soon.
(trust me, Madison's weather is crazy)


Religion, Ethics and FB fights

by Political Ironing on February 22, 2012 (Source: stumbleupon)

The areyoufuckingkiddingme rage comic/meme/rage comic meme looks like this:

Pardon the ribbon.

(trying not be too provocative because WSK has sympathy for his FB friends with inferiority complex who get easily upset when I prove that their argument is lacking.....)

Wait wait wait..... Faith doesn't make you a Christian, only following ALL the biblical teachings does?

So I suppose, if one claims that he/she follows Christ, but fails abiding to the biblical teaching most of the time (i know Christians are also human and we shall not expect perfection from them, but here I'm saying MOST OF THE TIME, like what I mentioned, back-stabbing and stuff which you have big control not to), can we say that he/she follows the Christ?

I guess NO right? 

Hence only those who succeed in "following Christ" most of the time are considered Christians?

Now back to the question, what makes you a Christian? Faith, attempt to "follow Christ", or success in following most biblical teachings most of the time?

This is worth thinking about...

Note that I compare "standing in the garage" to "attending church"... My point is, attending church is not equal to having faith in Christ or following the biblical teachings!

Until this point I still look up to Ryan, but seems like Kelvin's last comment is Ryan's last straw...

-more random comments followed, but basically the debate has ended-

Just posting that in case WSK delete the post some time later but I don't he will because this contains points, unlike the previous fight about whether there are extremely poor Africans running around naked wtf.

Since I mention it, this was how it went:
(merely based on memory, and I exaggerate the tone)

Post content by WSK:
Something about if the world population is less there would be less misery

but it's hard when there are poor africans running around naked
(my point is these extremely poor people are uneducated and will not stop reproducing)

His sensitive African friend with inferiority complex or bad reading skill: 
Wow wow we africans do not run around naked you Asians are the ones who run around naked bla bla

haha i knew some random african will come argue and the fact is i saw a lot of the former but not even a single of the latter on the internet
(note how i did specify *I* saw on the *internet*)

Too long just call him "that guy":
I dare you to come to Africa and see the truth we do not run around naked and Africa is not like what you see on the TV, magazine, newspaper etc. I advise you to open your eyes bla bla

chill bro, i have a lot of african friends, i do know that not ALL parts of African is like that, it's just a stereotyping joke, i'm just stating the FACT about what I saw on the internet about poverty. Anyway read my words the way you want, but my advice is you should learn to take a joke less seriously
(and also it's a FACT in real not just on the internet, i dunno why he is so pissed when i didn't even say that ALL Africans run around naked or that HE runs around naked. The point is poverty not Africans. How the fuck did the argument arise?! Okay maybe it's my fault i didn't specify extremely poor Africans in the first comment)

That guy:
oh just a joke so why did you get insulted when i said Asians? i hope i enlighten your ignorant lost soul bla bla
(exact quoting, he really typed that)

Well I didn't get insulted, did I??? thank you for the enlightenment though

That guy:
Oh if you didn't why you defend/clarify? bla bla bla bla (same accusation, just expressed in different words)

And then WSK interrupted and said it's "two people misunderstanding each other and spamming my wall" and deleted the post. The end.

But no it wasn't "two people misunderstanding each other". I am the one being misunderstood. I am the one whose words got twisted and misinterpreted. If his interpretation of my words is justifiable just leave the post there for everyone to see lah why delete??? Should teach him how to read properly okay. I was being so nice trying to enlighten him to learn to take joke weyh... And that wasn't even really a stereotyping joke but a solid fact. Geddit? FACT.

Anyway it doesn't surprise me that there are people on FB who love picking up fights and make terrible arguments and their last tactic is to threaten/curse/launch personal attack like this couple who attacked my mother and my future children bacause they were losing the argument. Also from WSK's FB wall.

And I am also a provocative bitch who loves picking up/starting fights on FB. Especially when it's related to religion.

Beware of me because I love posting FB fights on my blog. LOL.


Monday, February 27, 2012

STOP LYNAS from UW-Madison

Just a record of what we did lah lazy to write a lot.

Someone posted this link and this link on my FB page, and after reading them I will be frank with you that I don't know the truth. Because this, this and this are more convincing to me. I know it's funny to protest against something before really knowing the truth, but the truth is we will never know the truth. There is no transparency so how can you decide which are true and which are not? Politicians' tactics...

And I know it's ironic that my boyfriend is a political science major...? Okay irrelevant.

Could protests really change much if the authorities decide to go on with it? The power is in their hands because sadly, people in our country fear the government when it's supposed to be the other way round. It's even funnier that most of us don't even bother about the issue when the factory is 0% complete, now that nasi sudah jadi bubur hanya tunggu dihidangkan (pardon my bad Malay) then all of a sudden people feel threatened and organized Green Rally.

If anything bad really happen to our people (here I mean all sort of oppression, not just the Lynas and Thai=bumiputra issue) I would say..... we fucking dig our own grave so don't complain. Let us just crawl into our coffin while crying over our ignorance and cowardice... or migrate wtf.

Okay lah enough say don't wanna talk too much so should stop now. Pictures.

Take 1-Post-exams dead stare #fail

Take 2-Hair flat like dunno what. #fail

Take 3-Okay lah acceptable. Profile picture.

Lincoln statue in front of Bascom Hall 

The poster dropped because my head went down...

okay my head back in place to be poster stand. Haha!

Okay finish.

Thanks to organizer Wei Ting, photographer Shih Yuin, and the rest whose names shall not be mentioned because I'm not sure whether they mind going public.

Thanks again to Wei Ting and Shih Yuin for willing to take off winter coat just to show the green shirt inside when the temperature was around -6 degree Celsius.

To those who clicked "Join" on FB event but did not show up...

And to those who don't give two hoots because your hometown is not in Kuantan, or because you do not want to risk your JPA scholarship and future government job... NEVERMIND. I know right, won't kena me de la got job got house got peace enough already mah... Okay lor, you better put in your maximum effort to pray for the best or else if one day we really have to crawl into that coffin, I will stab you to death kick you in real hard and seal the cover and set it on fire and hear you scream until you become ashes.

Okay lah sorry for the brutality I'm in post-exam self-hating mood.



2012 Valentine's gift: Winter boots

because I lack a pair of practical winter boots. 

I have two pairs, cheap but fashionable but the brown ones have terrible grip and have made me almost slip for N times when I walked on slippery icy road. You think snow days very fun har? Very romantic har? NO.  It is only romantic and beautiful on the first day; after the first day the snow gets muddy and dirty and disgusting and if the accumulated snow/ice on road is not cleared and you don't have a pair of good boots you are fucking fucked!

My another pair of pink boots have slightly better grip but not waterproof fml. I wore it to Bothell cuz I was told that there would only be very little snow if any but fml suddenly snowstorm!!!  And my pink boots just soaked up water from melted snow/ice on the road like crazy. Will rant more when I write Washington trip posts.

I know I did a terrible job cutting my bangs but I don't care okay. Shaddap. lol

Forgot where in Malaysia I bought the dress. The Levi's jeans was bought from Amazon.

Nope shhhh shaddup. I purposely cut like that cannot?

The belt belonged to my mom but since she doesn't use belt much it has become mine.

Also forgot where I bought the pin.

Waterproof + super warm + good grip + stylish + free!!! Love them max ♥♥♥

I think the original price is $100+. Mine was bought with a discount

Super comfortable and warm ♥

Tomorrow I will cincai blog about Stop Lynas protest I joined. Must blog before February ends because I promise myself to have at least 8 posts per month! But will only cincai post cuz no time to blog nicely and also cannot be too loud when my future still lies in the hand of government wtf.

Kthxbai. 4am and I'm still in the library. Gonna walk home now. Fucking far and cold please pray for me.

Ok no need lah because when you read this I have already reached home lah. Tata.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Suzzallo Library, the "Harry Potter Library"

What's wrong with me almost all my tweets are related to library and even this post wtf.

U-Dub = UW = University of Washington
U-Dublew = UW = University of Wisconsin

Hence, UDubSeattle = University of Washington-Seattle, the main campus among universities of Washington.

And their Suzzallo Library is nicknamed "Harry Potter library".

A monument of whom I didn't bother to care, located in front of the library.

Reunion with SooNee after one year she left me!

You might wanna read this and all my old Port Dickson posts if you're interested to know her more (if you do I bet it's because of her super cute doint-doint cheeks lololol).

My eyes were very chinese that day. 
Because my eye shape is such versatile.

Okay no more picture. I only took 3 outside since the library was closed that day.

I know what you're thinking, because I thought the same too.

"Where the hell do they see its resemblance to Harry Potter library?????????"
So I googled it and found out that...

The interior looks like THIS:

AVADA KEDAVRA @#$%!!!!!!!!!

But it was a heavy snow day and it was a Saturday night so cannot blame the library.

I could have visited again/earlier if I knew the resemblance is on the inside, so the correct meme should be...

And I know he will answer me "because I didn't know either!" -_- 

Because WSK is from UDubBothell and he never bothered to visit the tourism attractions in Seattle wtf.

If, only if I knew earlier I would have brought my Harry Potter outfit (yes I bought Hogwarts scarf and hat and I have a winter coat which looks like a robe) and visited during the open hours and taken tons of magical pictures in the study room...

The best part is I most probably won't visit Seattle anymore if WSK manages to transfer to my university.
This is how much ignorance costs.

Meanwhile, the revelation of the absolute truth:

Taken by paparazzi RudyO.  Fail because the difference is not obvious :P

I tell you I super regret for not recording his emotional moment when Bon Iver won the grammys. He did manage to refrain himself from jumping/falling off the chair but he was throbbing his head up and down and softly yelling "omg omg omg"  and tearing and fanning his eyes using his hands and tweeting and telling me that he was the happiest person on earth wtf. Using my side sight I could tell that the librarian in charge was staring at this crazy fan boy but I was too embarrassed to even turn and look whether he was looking.

What the bonny bear.

Btw i replied to Cheesie's tweet about dunno how to pack for 3-week winter and realized it sounded stupid so i deleted it but Cheesie still saw the tweet and replied me this omg #embarrassed #fangirlism

Warning to self: Just be an anonymous loyal reader from now on and stop attention-seekingly tagging Xiaxue all the time...

But you know what my first enthusiasm to blog about travelling (okay not considered travelling, just visiting places) is seeded by Nicolekiss; my blatant style is under Xiaxue's influence; my meme/comic rage attachments in blog posts is under Cheesie's influence and I believe that the ending-ridiculous-sentence-with-wtf style in blogosphere originated from Audrey wtf.

And yes I do wish to be famous in blogosphere but stop accusing me of blogging for fame/views. This is not the reason I blog. Come on lah my blog views haven't even exceeded 40000 okay and my narcissistic FB page has only 103 likes, of which 80% comes from my friends. You think I am Masrudy Omri kah? 80+ followers and someone even emailed him after he closed down his old blog. (purposely wanna kacau him since he kacau me a lot) I blog because simply because I enjoy blogging!

And I secretly dislike Adele even before Xiaxue blogged about her. Bye.