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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wallet lost and found in Seattle

Note: This post is super long-winded.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have read about my live tweets about this incident. But I tell you. You have no idea how much troubles I went through during those 4 days!

Thank God I got it back finally!

So the story began like this. SK and I went to Seattle Aquarium last Sunday. Then we walked to the first Starbucks store. Then we had a quick stroll around Pike Place and decided to go back for a proper visit later on because the stalls were already closed. Then walked to Uwajimaya. Then walked to bus stop near the King Street Station. Then took the bus and came back to Bothell.

I just checked Google Map, the walking distance from the first Starbucks store to Uwajimaya is fucking 1.5 hour wtf no wonder I felt forever walking! conned by WSK to walk so far >:(

We reached home. We slept. We woke up the next day.

Then I took my camera out from the pocket of my winter coat and I realized...


I put my wallet and camera in the same pocket how come my camera was still there and my wallet wasn't?! How come?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(at that point i somehow felt lucky that I lost my wallet and not my camera because there were tons of nude pictures lol joke snow videos and stupid fish videos inside which I'd be super depressed if I lost them)

Searched every corner of the room thrice. Wallet not found.

Searched the snow-covered ground outside twice. Wallet not found.

I clearly remembered that I used my wallet right before we left Urghdunnosiami Uwajimaya so possibilities were that my wallet was

(A) given to the cashier???
(B) dropped while walking to the bus stop
(C) dropped at the bus stop
(D) dropped on the bus seat
(E) dropped while walking back to SK's apartment
(F) borrowed by immoral magician

Called Uwajimaya and my wallet was not there. Possibility A crossed out. If it was (B), (C) or (E), there was nothing much i could do except waiting for people/police to contact me. If (F) was the case I could only wait till the stupid magician was done with his show!!!!!!!! So the big mission was to find out about (D)!!!

It was Martin Luther Day. Public holiday. Made hundreds phone calls to the bus station but nobody picked up. Decided to wait till the next day.

People kept telling me that I should cancel all my credit/debit cards right away but I refused. I insisted that my wallet would come back to me like several times before. So instead of terminating the card service, I transferred all money from access account to saving account so that nobody could fucking clear up my access account...

We continued calling right after we woke up the next day but still nobody picked up! Called for hours and the stupid line just transferred us back and forth from index to Lost and Found Department and we listened to the pre-recorded voice for thousands times fuck fuck fuck. Pek cek gila so we took 1-hour bus ride to their lost and found department at downtown Seattle.

We reached the building 5 minutes before the office hour was over and the people said Metro Bus office had moved to another dunno what building at dunno where!!!!!!!

And then we dashed around like blind bats and still had not a single fucking idea where the office moved to! Searched on Google Map like siao but couldn't find the place! Some more the office hour was already over!!!

SK asked me what I wanted to do. I said go to the police department. We went.


Again SK asked me what I wanted to do and gave options like Go home? Go makan? Go jalan? I didn't respond cuz the only on my mind was wallet wallet where is my wallet is my wallet really gone oh wallet my wallet where the hell did I dropped my wallet!!! 

I started crying.

Imagine lah. I traveled so far and walked so far and the weather was fucking cold and the icy wind slapped my face and the snow landed on my head and I was standing on the street in a foreign state in a foreign country and my wallet was gone!!! Although my debit card can only withdraw $3 but the value of print card + Starbucks card  + campus credit + cash + Walmart gift card = almost $100. Tragedy max okay???


Fuck rationality and maturity and independence and shit. I was overwhelmed by guilt and sadness okay. I didn't even care about my princessy look that night (yes I had that pink ribbon like in this snow video) or whether my falsies would drop, I just sat on the roadside and sobbed like a sad kitten :'(

A kind-hearted young lady passed by and asked if I was okay. I nodded.

But continued sobbing after she walked away.

I think SK was like pushed down the cliff so he called the Metro Transit office again, for one last time, and  instead of the Lost and Found department, this time he pressed the number to transfer to a random tour-related department. Surprisingly someone picked up and SK went "I know this is not the Lost and Found department but I have tried calling.... WHAT?! This IS the Lost and Found Department?!!! Oh I'm looking for a white leather wallet lost on 522 route on Sunday night... The owner? The first name is Sin Ruow and the last name is Tey.... "

"YOU FOUND IT?!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!"

And I went

Thank you Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Siva, Zeus and the person who picked up my wallet!!! Although I don't like what you put me through but thank you :'D

Probably because they just moved the office so their sub-lines got messed up. Haiya should have thought of calling another department while we were at home. But whatever! Most importantly I found my wallet!

To celebrate the relief, SK suggested that we jalan and dine at the first restaurant we saw.

And then I had the most luxurious private dinner I ever had in my life T_T so contented 
(I specify 'private' because I have had more luxurious dinners at United Nations events and at rich cousins' weddings. #notshowingoff #nothingtobeproudof)

The next day we took 1-hour bus ride again and reached the right building at 2.30pm. Normal office hour is until 5pm but the office was closed at 2pm that day because of snow storm @#$%^&*

But still happy lah cuz we visited Pike Place Market :D so happy to take picture in front of the colorful Gum Wall, one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in the world :D :D :D

(as usual, here is my standard line: I will blog about all tourism spots mentioned in this post, be very very very patient...)

The next next day I finally got my wallet back.

Lesson: Never trust open pockets!!! Always check before you leave a place!!!

-The End-



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    1. I didn't do anything leh, the feature suddenly appears!