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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Video] Fooling around in snow ♥

1) Video was actually taken in Bothell, while waiting for the bus to Seattle Downtown.
2) 0.48 showing the snow on my fake lashes
3) 1:40 snow angel failed ><" supposed to fall backward like SK did!
4) 2.30 the snow tasted like... ice in ais kacang or ABC which stands for Air Batu Campur.  
5) 2.45 that was not a snowman because no eyes and nose -_- Will make proper ones soon!
6) 3.20 just to show that i was happily hopping in the snow lol
7) 3.35 trying to be a dragon *megusta.jpg*

I didn't bring waterproof winter coat and boots to Bothell cuz SK told me that it was much warmer here Madison. (refer to comment) And then suddenly snow storm until buses follow snow route and classes cancelled!!! 

I'm not complaining lah I'm happy to have the snow!!! :D



  1. Omg the snow is so thick! What's your exact location? :X It's suppose to be snowing crazily here in Scotland, in 2010 it was -10++ degrees. The when I came here, the lowest was only -3 degrees. :(

    1. Bothell is 1 hour bus ride from Seattle :D and actually now it's like -2 only wtf. Just 2nd day of snow when I took the video!

      I study at U of Wisconsin-Madison and my place is like -15 now. Snow storm. I think the weather is a bit crazy so finger crossed for big snow in Scotland. Haha!