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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nail Art for Lazy People

If you constantly wear nail polish, you should know how it tends to peel off little by little from the edges of your nails. I hate removing the worn-out polish because I love to apply multiple layers, and thick layer makes removal difficult. Also you can't just fill in the empty parts because it's not gonna sync with the old layer. Hate.

So I finally invented this lazy nail art.

Just pretend that you make it gothic on purpose. Everyday Halloween.

Press on the half-dry layer to smoothen. Or just the texture be like that.

Don't forget to scratch off those on the flesh under running or still water!

Tip: Apply on the edge and on the inside of your nails, then the polish will last longer.

I wonder how many people would actually take my idea though. Ugly and creepy I know, it's meant to be! *defensive* 

Aiya I'm just lazy and I'm not used to have my nails nude since I finished high school. No time to remove and reapply and wait for it to dry. Not rich enough to buy stick-on ones. Cincai lah. 

Want to be bimbotic also can cincai one wtf.

Yes I still insist on calling it nail art. Problem?


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